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Am I retaining water?

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Cashew Caramel - Sweet reward. Lemon - The taste of Summer. Apricot - Full of Fruit, Refreshing Taste. Joanne this certainly sounds like it might be water retention, but you should also consult your doctor in case there is a hormonal condition or other explanation. Water weight does not respond to a normal low-calorie diet, but neither does weight gain caused by hormonal conditions like an underactive thyroid, so you should get this checked.

I seem to be having real issues with weight and water, over the past year I have gained about 16lb, I try eating very healthily and slowly I loose a couple of pounds it took me 3 weeks to loose 5 but one weekend of relaxing but not going over calories and the 5lb us back??? How can I put 5lb of weight on in 1 weekend.

This makes me think that all I loose and gain on the scales is fluid! I have noticed I often weigh heavier in the morning rather that the usual lighter plus I have an under active thyroid which I am on treatment for and all blood results are showing as normal. Alex, it is not possible to pt on 5 lbs of fat in two days, so this does sound like water retention.

To overcome this condition you need to find out as much as you can about it and this website will help you. I exercise intensely for an hour or more a day. A few weeks ago, a blood test showed low kidney function. The doctor and I realised it was the increased amount of water I had been drinking. Now the past few days I have gained about four kilograms, and when I press my fingers into my legs, it dimples and the dimples stay there for over ten seconds.

I know its fluid retention. Should I go back to the doctor and have my kidney function checked again, or is there another answer? Sarah, water does not cause low kidney function, though if your kidneys are already under-functioning, drinking increased fluid can start to cause swelling. Eating healthy is always good, but you may need to carry out the self-tests in the Waterfall Diet book to help you pinpoint any foods which you think are healthy but which may be causing you to retain water.

These foods vary from person to person. I have water retention on both hands for more than two months now. I have seen my primary care physician and he thought I have peripheral neuropathy. I have a carpal tunnel syndrome but does not need immediate surgery. Nida, have you looked at what you eat? Have you read the nutrition advice on this site? Carpal tunnel syndrome happen when the nerves are irritated from repetitive movements like typing but nutritional deficiencies can make it much worse.

If you eat a lot of sweet or deep-fried food, sweet drinks or alcohol, you can get vitamin and mineral deficiencies that affect your nervous system and cause water retention. In a matter of a month i went from 12st to just over 20 stone i look very puffy and fluid started on the end of my legs that caused ulcers. Recently i fractured 3 discs and have lower back spasms,and i have fibromyalgia for a long time i cannot move about sitting,standing too long is very painful.

Now my legs from my thighs down to my ankles are swollen and painful. Ann, immobility does tend to cause water retention, as the lymphatic system cannot drain fluid away when you are lying or sitting still. It is the same problem that people get when they have to sit still for hours on long-distance flights. Try to at least wiggle your ankles and toes if you can.

Fibromyalgia can sometimes be treated by diet, and many people have found my waterfall diet book helpful for this. You will find details of how to get it on this website. I have had a pinch nerve in my hip and have not been able to sleep in my bed. Now my feet are swelling. I try putting them up but that pulls the nerve. Then I got cellulitis. Melody, this sounds like a problem for a chiropractor. I recommend that you look for one as soon as possible. I have been in recovery from anorexia for 11 months now.

Although fluid retention was always an issue, recently it has become simply ridiculous. I cannot get rid of it day or night. Whatever I drink stays with me. I am weight-restored however my weight has gone up in a large leap and most of this is believed by my nutritionist to be water retention.

My diet is calories of good food, i. I have very very few preservatives and little salt. I do 1 hour of walking at 4mph a day and a dance class 4 times a week. I am just 18 so this should be enough to produce good muscle tone however all I have is a massive ball in my stomach, puffy ankles and eyes and at the top of my thighs, also saggy knees. Is it also possible for water retention to have a very soft appearance on top of a hard ball?

Amy, first of all, well done for getting weight-restored. That is a fantastic achievement. It looks like your digestion and metabolism have been affected by your past poor nutrition. I am not allowed to attempt any diagnosis as I have never met you, but you may find some clues in my waterfall diet book. It is not a calorie-controlled diet, it is just a test to identify causes of water retention. In particular I find that recovering anorexics seem to need cod liver oil, and you may benefit from taking bromelain supplements with your meals to help restore your ability to digest protein.

If one thing I must admit to be doing wrong is that I am addicted to sugar-free gum and WAS severely addicted to diet soda but I am recovering now. Mariam, water retention is very common in anorexia and bulimia, due to severe protein deficiency. You are right to be wary of the health effects of large amounts of artificial sweeteners so it is good that you are cutting down on these. Do you know what I can do about this? I just want to look and feel like me again?

Yes, it is true that cellulite can be a form of water retention, where water gets trapped with fatty tissue. Bloating can be a sign that your digestive system is inflamed. There are numerous possible causes. If it was a simple matter, your doctor would be able to help you, but usually it is not. The best thing is for you to study this website, especially the healthy eating information.

Alternatively you could consult a naturopath. I am feeling very bloated and swollen all the time I have gained quite a lot of weight in a short space of time I am having difficulty passing urine. I have been diagnosed with stage three kidney disease. I have always thought my feet being swollen but about three months ago my legs started to hurt. I have not been able to stop drinking my mouth always feels dry and lips chapped.

I am using the restroom thee to five times a day. I also have type 2 diabetes. I am wondering what are the odds that kidneys are the cause of the water retention?

I had pounds of swelling so doc. Then, I started to swell up again so doc. In a few days, I swelled up 12 lbs.

I stayed off for 2 months and the edema would not come off. Not only did it NOT help take off any of the edema, but when I stopped in 4 day, I swelled up another 5 pounds more. Stayed off again 8 weeks, tried lasix again and same thing as it was no help and once I stopped, swelled up anothe 2 pounds. I am so frustrated and after being off of lasix for so long, not 1 pound would come off and only going back on made it worse.

Dawn it is very frustrating for you, but you should be aware that in cases like this water pills only make water retention worse in the long term. Sadly, doctors do not have any other treatments to offer for idiopathic edema edema of unknown cause. It is time to learn about your own metabolism and what causes water retention so that you can start to fix what is wrong with your diet that might be causing your problems. Bassant, I would recommend consulting a naturopathic nutritional therapist for this problem.

Idiopathic oedema is the name given to water retention that is not caused by an identifiable disease. I am a 42yo male with a history of ulcerative colitis since I was 20yo. I am currently in remission, but due to drug allergies, exacerbations can be controlled only by cortizone over long periods of time.

I always put a lot of weight with cortizone. I was lbs when I started treatment and bloated up to lbs, while being on a strict diet no salt.

Everyday my ankles are swollen, and even the softest of socks will leave marks on my calves. My heart function is normal and my hormone levels cortizol, thyroid, blood sugar are normal too.

I think I could benefit from the Waterfall Diet. I am a 43 year old male and I retain a lot of water. Mainly in my upper stomach. It makes me look like I am pregnant. I do not urinate very often.

I take water pills to help it. My wife is worried that I have kidney disease. I do not have lower back pain or some of the other symptoms of kidney disease. I feel it is because I do not drink much water because it really only gets bad when I drink or eat a lot of salty food.

Robbie you need to get checked by a doctor. If salty food makes you worse, avoid it. Read the health advice on this site. If you are diagnosed with idiopathic water retention you need to read the waterfall diet book.

Linda, thank you Much for your Advice, can psychiatry Medication May you retain water? Candy, there are several types of medication that can cause water retention. If you are on psychiatric medication is is especially important to avoid junk food. So many mental health problems are caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies. I gained 20lbs almost overnight.

I contracted HSV2 which caused meningitis. I literally gained 20lbs in a couple of days. I went from to I thought that was once I took medication and my body recovered from meningitis that I would drop the water weight. Unfortunately, that did not happen and I actually kept gaining. I have always been skinny, and there is no obesity in my family.

I limit my water and salt intake. There is always a direct correlation between my swelling and lack of urination. I actually have gone a couple of days without urinating. I have been thoroughly checked out by a urologist, nephrologist, and cardiologist. My heart, kidneys, lungs, and bladder are healthy. The swelling causes me extreme fatigue and pain in my legs to the point that I can no longer work.

Whenever I have a herpes outbreak, I swell more. I have also experienced this with other illnesses. I want my life back! Helen, you have come to the right place to hopefully make some progress with your water retention. I have been under considerable amount of stress over the last 4 weeks. Then for the last three days I have woken up with swollen hands, feet, ankles and calves. I lead an active lifestyle exercising 5 days a week and eat a clean diet with the exception of the last 4 weeks when meals have been irregular and include more fast food than typical.

Could the water retention be caused by stress? Are there any options to relieve the water retention while maintaining the stress level that I have? Linda, I started retaining water in my legs about 7 months ago.

I went to my primary doctor and told her about it and she put me on a water pill once a day. My legs continue to stay swollen along with my hands and stomach. I feel I eat a pretty healthy diet.

Love my veggies and fruit. Mary, when you read my book on water retention, what chapters did you feel applied to you? This is how you can do your own investigation of your problem. I had the lap band procedure done. I lost a lot of weight. I was done to 98 pounds. The doctor opened my band a little bit so I could put on a little weight. I still did not eat much. I ballooned 35 lbs. I was put on the Lasix and that helped a little. I have gone under many studies and blood work and everything comes back normal.

My doctor has no clue what is wrong with me. I keep retaining water and still gaining weigh. It is now 8 months since this started and I am up 90 lbs. Josie, unfortunately Lasix is not a long-term solution. Have you carried out the self-tests described in the waterfall diet book? This will tell you if you are eating something or taking a medication that may be causing your water retention.

You also need to read the health advice on this site. I am 29 with a low hemoglobin. I have been getting blood transfusions every three weeks for the past year and half. When I started transfusions I gained 15 pounds within 2 months and my urine output decreased significantly. The weight seems to be in my thighs, abdomen, and a little in my ankles and face.

Is your book helpful for this kind of situation? Possibly you are sensitive to something added to the transfusion fluid. Or it may be a coincidence and unrelated to the transfusions. My book may give you some clues and ideas to try out on an experimental basis.

I have been suffering from chronic diarrhea that comes and goes. It started with a food-borne illness several years ago. My doctor calls it IBS.

Recently, it was particularly bad… just watery stools several times a day. No blood, no pain or feelings of sickness. I took it for 6 days, and at the end of the last day, I noticed my feet and ankles retaining water. I stopped taking it 3 days ago, and the symptoms have not subsided. Can you give me any advice or encouragement? I would suggest that you read as much about its ingredients and their potential effects as you can, and you may find a clue.

The diarrhoea may also play a part in this. It is hard to tell without working with you over a period of months. Water retention in late pregnancy is very common. Check this site for foods to avoid or cut down. Lying on her left side will help as it takes the weight of the baby off the major blood vessels. The pain you refer to is due to pressure as the water collects. This link may also be helpful http: Why do I seem to retain more fluid as I age?

I have high blood pressure and coronary heart disease; however both are under control, and I take medications for both. I seem to retain fluid mostly in my stomach and abdomen. Mary, in my experience the causes of ill-health usually lie in what we eat. If you are not eating right, then you are more likely to develop high blood pressure and water retention.

While there my legs filled with fluid and I developed a rash. I have gone to my general doctor and we have gone off meds, on meds, changed my diet to no avail. My labs are all normal. I have remained physical active throughout the last 6 months due to my job, despite feeling awful.

Do you have any suggestions on which direction we should go? Shannon, I really feel for you — this must be so frustrating, but it is extremely good news that the water retention is gradually disappearing.

I think that if you are really eating what is right for you, then you would not have a blood pressure problem at all, so you have some way to go as regards diet. If you were to consult me professionally I would put you on a one-week experimental diet to see how your body responds to it.

It is highly targeted for water retention problems and because it aims to get results within just a week, it is pretty tough, but if you respond well to it, you will at least know that your problem can be helped by what you eat. Another thought is that the original rash and swelling may have been due to an infection which is still affecting your system.

Perhaps consult a herbal medicine expert to see if there is something you can take that targets hidden parasites in your blood, for example. I have been suffering with swollen ankles and legs for almost a year now. Doctor tried me on different water pills but nothing worked. I went for an EKG all is well with the heart. Christine, there are at least seven different causes of idiopathic water retention water retention of unknown cause.

See the rest of this site for more information. Wishing you all the best. HI Good day, I struggle from water retention and I notice it because of my rings that do not want to go on my fingers any more. I do however struggle a little bit with indigestion and I drink coffee twice per day. Lindy, one of the causes of indigestion is drinking too much liquid with meals.

Carry a bottle of water around with you and drink it throughout the day. If you are already eating a healthy diet, there are possibly some foods that you are sensitive to. My books can help you find your safe foods and also help you to increase the foods that help to prevent water retention. However only your doctor can tell you if your kidneys are under-functioning. I have water rentention in my lower back, my massage therapist said it will be due to stress and anxiety. This makes sense to me because I have had the water retention mostly since childbirth 4 years ago.

I also have a hard lump inside the water retention, which is concerning me. Alicia, massage is good for water retention but can only improve it if your lymphatic system is the cause. Please do take the nutrition advice given here.

Any kind of abnormal hard lump needs to be checked out by a doctor. I have ben told by health professions,that the swelling in my lower leggs,is due to dehydration. Two accupuncterists said its kidney problems. Two times while haveing a physical,I was told that my kidney function was normal. After the kidney test results were in. And one of the accupuncturists said another indicator of kidney problems,was cracks on my toung,top of the toung.

Occording to chinese medicine. What do you think of this.? Randy, dehydration is certainly notorious for causing water retention, as it makes the body hold on to water, but there are probably some other factors involved in your case. If the energy flow is not good, this could be an indicator that the organ in question may develop functional problems at some later stage. In the oriental system, cracks on the tongue reflect the state of energy in the body.

Randy, please check out the page on this site which looks at the causes of swollen legs. You need to follow the nutritional advice given on this site and in my books. This will help you to correct any wrong eating habits that may be contributing to your swelling.

Hi I have always wanted to know why I build up water all over my body during the day. I also do not wee the amount of water I have drunk, unless I lie down for at least half an hour, then I wee constantly especially if I lie on my left side?! When I do lie down I loose lots of water and feel really slim like I did when I wake up in the morning. I drink at least 2 litres a day and hate salt so I never add them to my foods.

When I am on my period I literally gain 6lbs! Jasmin, you must report this to your doctor. It sounds like something may be pressing on your pelvic veins. Lying on your left side helps to relieve this pressure, which is why the problem then seems to resolve. It is very important to tell your doctor about this. Linda, I noticed that for the past week that my ankles and knees and one day hands were puffy by the end of the day.

I gained about 10 lbs in 3 months and throughout the day my weight fluctuates around 3 lbs. I drink between bottles of water on most days. Do you have any advice for me? Miranda, my advice is to give your doctor this information. Your doctor will check your heart and tell you whether your kidneys are ok. If he says your problem is idiopathic oedema edema , or water retention of unknown cause, then I would advise that you read the book recommended on this site.

It helps you to identify some of the potential causes of your swollen ankles and knees. These causes vary from person to person. You should also make sure you get enough exercise even if just walking a mile a day to keep your blood circulation healthy as you have a job that requires sitting down all day. I live in a tropical climate 6 months of the year and have noticed that my urine is dark and does not smell nice.

I presume this is dehydration? My face is also swelling and puffy for no reason i. I am also suffering from a swollen distended stomach that so many people think I am pregnant!

Denise it is important to drink more water when the weather is hot. You should consult a doctor about your swollen tummy before assuming it is water retention. My diet is pretty good…. What am I missing? Gerardine, I wish I could give you the answers you are looking for, but I would have to sit down with you to analyse your full diet and health history.

I hope you understand. Please try to take the time to read my books and I hope they will help you to find the answer for your water retention. Hi Linda, I am 35 years old and I have had a water retention mostly in one leg since I was 17 years old.

My left leg is visibly swollen 27 days of the month and it is worse during the summer. I drink plenty of water and I am really good at watching what I eat. Nadezda, I hope you have had the right kinds of tests. To have swelling in only one leg suggests some kind of partial blockage to the blood circulation for that leg.

You are doing very well to watch your salt intake, avoid sodas and taking care with what you eat. All this will help to avoid some of the common causes of water retention. Hi I have been a mild bulimic for a yr throwing up my dinner. A week after I stopped, my body started adding weight and water retention in my thighs and but which came and went. After a year clean d water retention turned to swelling and if I do cardio I swell more and gain a kg in a week and I don t think it s water as d weight won t go down when I stop exercising.

No diet works anymore to lose weight. I ve done so many tests showing everything normal. Is this experience connected to bulimia? I m so down…. Bernadette, water retention as a result of bulimia is very common.

The metabolism is damaged by starvation and purging, and you need to allow your body time to heal, while ensuring that you maintain healthy eating habits and not over-exercising. I have been experimenting water retention for around months now.

But it is strange because it only happens on the weekends. During the school time it seems like from monday to driday everything is okay and then, on saturday i gain like 5 kg suddenly!

It is killing me mentally, plus i feel very uncomfortable, heavy and my body hurts. Basically i get water retention on my face, legs, butt, stomach, back and hands. I have a healthy vegan diet all my blood tests are okay and good habits, but i can not find a reason why this happens, and my doctor can not either. Is it possible that it is caused by some nervious system or hormonal system disorder? I am 17, by the way.

Nor, you should try to think what is different when you are at home. Is your tap water contaminated? Is there mould in your home? Are you active or do you sit around too much? Water retention has many different potential causes. I have a terrible problem in particular with water retention in my thigh area. My thighs for instance this morning measure 1 inch more than they did yesterday. This goes up and down all the time.

I have been on Spironolactone for PCOS for quite a while now which I believe to be a diuretic so I am unsure as to why I am retaining so much fluid in the leg area. My ankles are fine as is most of the rest of my body.

PCOS is a sign of metabolic imbalance in your body. Medications in the long term have a tendency to cause further metabolic imbalances. I would recommend that you carry out the testing outlined in my waterfall diet publications. This provides the answer for most people but if not, a naturopathic nutritionist will often be able to help PCOS which as a side benefit should help correct the imbalances that may be causing your water retention. I have been on 50 mg of spirolactone twice a day and 20 mg of lasix 3 times a day for about 6 months for my leg, ankle , and feet swelling.

I have stage 2 liver scerosis. My doctor took me off the spirolactone for about a week because it was causing my breasts to hurt, and while off of it I gained 10 lbs.

I am back on my lasix and spirolactone. Should I drink more water? What should I do? Tim, a liver condition such as this can cause serious water retention. Hi Linda, my name is katrina. My 54 year old sister has consistent swelling on her entire left side.

This has been occuring for a good portion of and still exist. I am so worried, searching the internet for answers. Do you have any idea of what the problem is? Katrina, it may be that the doctors have not yet done the right kind of test.

If the swelling is only on one side it suggests some kind of problem with the circulation or the lymphatic system. I am 43 year old female and have 20 plus pounds of water weight or more. My kidneys have shut down in the past twice for unknown reasons. I eat pretty healthy and drink lots of water. I am taking cranberry supplements and going to try dandelion root supplements as they worked great in the past.

I also discovered that a systemic body wide yeast infection can cause terrible water retention. Treating the yeast infection drastically helps reduce water retention. Hi Linda, my Cranial Sacral Therapist has just told me I am retaining about 10 lbs of water, mostly in my gut.

He nor my acupuncturist feel it is my heart as in congestive heart failure. I also lost my business 2 yrs ago and have been sitting most of the day which is the opposite of what I had been. Prior to the loss of my business I was on my feet most all day always moving.

This is where the sitting and just watching TV began or being on the internet. I am better about being up now, but retaining this water is bothersome as I know it can eventually cause heart problems.

Thank you for any help you can offer. Sherry I am very sorry to hear of your losses. The water retention is your body telling you that it is not getting what it needs. It sounds like counselling would be a good thing for you, to help motivate you to take care of your health and get more exercise. Hi Linda, I have just read you website and it sound bril.

I am 64yrs old for probably 30yrs of that since I have had my last child I have very swollen ankles and my knees are hugh and my legs and arm are very sore to touch, I have my heart checked and it was ok and my kidney function is perfect.

Nobody seems to be able to tell me what is wrong with me. I am overweight but even when I lost three stone 10yrs ago I still was sore to touch everywhere. I would love to have a good shape leg again, and not be sore to touch. I do have high blood pressure now but even when I hadent my legs and ankles were always big swollen and sore to touch. Maybe you can help Thanking you so much.

I went back on them, but my blood pressure became too low. I took half of one each day, then half every other day and am now going several days in between. How in the world can I get off of these things and get my normal legs and feet back? Now, of course, I wish I had never started taking them in the first place! Cheryl, that is fortunately what this website is all about. Please read the sections on improving your diet and on the dangers of long-term diuretics.