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Reptiles and amphibians collected in the Port Harcourt area of Nigeria. The ecological impact of man on the south Florida herpetofauna. University of Michigan species account. Back to Nonnative Reptiles. Freshwater catfish have many external taste buds on their barbels, so they use their sense of taste more than their sight to find prey.

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Offer your ball python food every 10 to 14 days until it is interested in eating again, as the snake will eventually resume feeding normally. Feed adult ball pythons every 1 to 2 weeks and younger ball pythons weekly as they need this energy to grow. Do not be alarmed if a well-started ball python goes off feed during the cooler, drier times of the year, as this is common in captivity. Snakes generally do not eat while they are in the shed cycle. Always have fresh, clean water available for your ball python.

Check the water daily. The size of the water dish is up to you. If it is large enough for the ball python to crawl in to and soak, sooner or later your snake will make the most of the opportunity — ball pythons seem to enjoy a nice soak from time to time. Ensure that the water bowl is not too deep for juvenile animals — 1 inch or so will suffice. Snakes of many species will defecate in their water bowls from time to time, so be prepared to clean and disinfect the water bowl. The water bowl should be cleaned and disinfected on a weekly basis.

Having a spare water bowl for such occasions can be handy, so that one may be used while the other is being cleaned. Ball pythons are generally shy and will spend much of their time hiding.

Your ball python may initially see you as a threat and it must learn who you are. The goal is to establish trust between you and your snake. Once a ball python realizes that you will not hurt it they often seem to enjoy being handled. Some ball pythons may try to hide when handled and occasionally there are ones that may even bite due to excessive fear.

These ball pythons may require a bit more time to settle in and establish trust. If a snake looks like it is going to strike, it is best to not handle it. Relax when holding your animal — sit down and give the animal a chance to settle. Some snakes may not eat for several hours or longer after being handled, so avoid handling if you plan to feed.

After a snake has eaten it may be a good idea to limit the handling because it may be uncomfortable for the animal. Kevin McCurley is the source for Ball Python care and information. Visit his website at NewEnglandReptile. You are currently logged in as. Blood and Short-tailed Python Care Sheet The best blood and short-tailed python care and information.

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