Vanilla Whey Protein Isolate 12-oz Bag


I was already in pretty good shape so I had less to lose. Thanks again Jay for the great products. The flavor is great, and unlike some other protein drinks that I've seen, it has all natural and very few ingredients and no sugar. It's so refreshing and I know it is doing me a world of good! Whey protein isolate, which is used exclusively in Jay Robb Whey Protein, is created by cross-flow microfiltering liquid whey through a special ceramic membrane to create the highest grade of whey protein possible. I feel like I am really drinking the Arby's Jamocha shake.

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Shake it up and your good to go. It took me a while to find a protein powder that was natural and tasted good. Thanks for such a great product. Just received a sample package from the Jay Robb company. Clean protein shakes and protein bars galore. My fav flavor of Jay Robb Protein I have a JR Protein Drink every night! Jay Robb makes 'em better than anyone on the planet! One easy way to boost hair growth: I like Jay Robb chocolate whey. As far as I'm concerned, this stuff can't be beat!

The flavor is great, and unlike some other protein drinks that I've seen, it has all natural and very few ingredients and no sugar. I really don't like to eat things that have a bunch of ingredients that I can't even pronounce! Jay Robb has the best protein powders. The vanilla and orange are my faves but I like the strawberry mixed with some light orange juice, it makes for a satisfying shake. Trying to motivate myself to drink one a day as a meal replacement and this is definitely one I could use to replace a meal.

Good product, like the convenience of single-serving packets. No need to hassle with measuring out for a serving. Has a good taste to it. Although more expensive than most, this is hands-down the best protein powder I've ever tasted! And, it has a short ingredients list translation: I love that it is sweetened with stevia.

The powder mixes easily with a spoon, although small lumps stay behind. I prefer to use a small shaker bottle or blender - it blends quickly and leaves no lumps this way. And did I mention that this tastes great?!? Mix it with water, and you have a creamy, sweet treat that you'd swear was bad for you. It's even better blended with milk I use almond milk , yogurt, or in a smoothie. I've tried both the vanilla and chocolate flavors, and I highly recommend both!

This tastes so good, and is so great as a base to all kinds of different shakes. I like throwing frozen fruit into mine with a little raw almond butter This protein is the best on the market! It is delicious and does not need anything added to it. First off, if you don't care about the quality or your health, don't bother spending the extra money on this product.

Not all whey proteins are created equal, and this one has the added bonus of not containing rBGH or any hormones used to induce cow's milk quantity. The cows are free of impurities, and grass fed. Equally as important is the lack of artificial flavors or refined sweeteners. Jay Robb uses sweeteners derived from plant sources that don't spike blood sugar the way sugar or cane juice does, and has no health side effects like the artificial sweeteners.

And what's more, it tastes great! Granted, I haven't tried it on its own, I always mix it in to a smoothie.

I use 6 ice cubes, 1 banana, 1 scoop powder, 2 large T peanut butter and vanilla rice milk enough to make the right consistency. I've tried it with other powders and I can taste the texture and often a chalky flavor. This is by far the best. I've used the vanilla powder in a similar recipe with frozen fruit instead of peanut butter. I can't get enough! I'm not a sugar user though, so I could see how someone could think it's not sweet enough as it's not overpowering. I add honey when I want more of a dessert-like drink.

I tried a small package and it tasted great! And I really don't like chocolate that much. I'm ordering the larger size. This protein powder is definitely the best I've ever had and I've had them all. I like it best with non-fat milk and it works as a meal replacement. My husband has very sensitive digestion and he can have it daily. This is the best chocolate protein I have ever tasted.

Of all the Jay Robb flavors, this is my favorite. Being a weight loss patient, I have to have a good protein source. I've tried so many protein drinks and honestly thought I was doomed to have to "grin and bear it. No chalky protein drink after taste, no artificial sugars and mixes well.

I haven't tried the Strawberry, simply because I have a sensitivity to strawberries. Just got mine yesterday and I must say that it met my expectations. The best protein powder that I have tasted so far. It mixes really well with pretty much everything. Unsweetened chocolate almond milk, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, coconut water, frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, bananas I love this product.

It mixes very well and has a very good taste. I bought this because it does not have artificial sweetener in it, but uses stevia.

I have serious reactions to artificial sweeteners which cause memory loss for me. I am chemical sensitive, which is probably why I react so severely to artificial sweeteners. I am also hypoglycemic and this helps stabilize by blood sugar. I have been using this for a couple of weeks as a breakfast substitute, mixing it with low fat milk and a banana and eating a healthy lunch and dinner. I have been losing about two pounds a week, which is what I want.

This drink keeps me satisfied until lunch and I have not been doing any mid-morning snacking. I don't seem to be craving sweets throughout the day, which has always been a problem for me. I have tried the Pina Colada flavor which is wonderful. I love this stuff! I have a smoothie every morning with milk, frozen strawberries and the whey protein. It is the best tasting protein powder I've ever tasted and trust me, I've tasted my fair share of them. To be honest, I've fallen in love with the chocolate flavor and I haven't even tried any of his other flavors yet.

Jay Robb is the best tasting Whey Protein powder that I've had. It blends well and is perfect for shakes using skim milk or water. Try combining with a frozen banana, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and a handful of ice cubes. I've searched high and low for a quality protein drink that does not have Aspartame or Sucralose anywhere in the ingredients.

Jay Rob's is just that, and better. After reading the other reviews on Amazon, I was skeptical at first. How different can this really be from other protein drinks on the market? But I decided to give it a chance, and I am very, very happy with my decision. You know the disgusting aftertaste that sucralose and aspartame ridden products leave in your mouth? None of that here. Mix in some berries and peanut butter with ice and honey, and you have in my opinion, the best protein drink on the market.

This is so good! I tried a small package and liked it so now buy it in large quantities. Breakfast is now a chocolate-raspberry smoothie: Yummy and fast -- sometimes I drink it in the car on the way to work! Delicious, dissolves easily, blends well with water, milk, and juice.

Smoothies in the morning - Perfect!!! This, by far, is the best protein powder I have tasted. I tend to love protein shakes and I always go back to this brand. Also, love the orange This is by far the best protein powder on the market.

My wife lost 18 pounds and I lost 6 pounds in 4 weeks. I was already in pretty good shape so I had less to lose. This protein powder has very low carbs and sugar content so it was perfect for our diet. I have been making protein powder smoothies for my lunch for about 12 years and the Jay Robb is by far the best I've tried. Little more expensive but cost is definitely worth it.

My husband and I both love this protein shake-- it tastes great and is a nice little afternoon pick-me-up for me because it is so full of protein. I blend it with water and ice and it gets me through the afternoon hungry time for only calories; he uses it more as a weight GAIN shake by blending it with ice cream and milk.

This is the first product I've found that I can stomach. I use the chocolate, and it doesn't make me nauseated, which is a big this for a novice. It's really helping me lose weight. I love Jay Robb's protein powders. I can assure you these are high quality, consistent products. I use a shot of whipped cream instead of the heavy cream since I usually have that on hand for my son's pancakes. I feel like I am really drinking the Arby's Jamocha shake. I like that Jay Robb uses stevia to sweeten the powder and not the Splenda we see everywhere.

Great taste, good blending. I have tried many brands in the past and all hurt my stomach so I assumed I was allergic to the whey. It must have been all the junk in the other brands. I tried Jay Robb and have no problems. I have been having it 1 or 2 times a day and am very impressed. The Tropical Dreamsicle is the best tasting whey I have ever had. I heard about whey-based protein powder for the first time in my liver transplant support group several years ago.

For those of us with very limited liver function, animal protein is difficult to process. For years my albumin level had been far below normal range, so it was important to supplement with some kind of protein.

Just by chance, I picked up Jay Robb whey-based protein powder at a natural food store, and within 3 months of taking it twice a day, I had increased my albumin count by 2! Now I always have a fruit shake made with the powder and sip from it all day long. I mix it with orange juice, some vanilla yogurt, fresh minced ginger, and flaked coconut. It's so refreshing and I know it is doing me a world of good! I get nervous if my supply gets low, which is why I am now buying directly from the source.

Thank you for making this wonderful product! The following item has been added to your shopping cart:. Is your whey protein imported from China? How is your whey isolate protein powder created?

Is your whey protein organic? How much sodium is in your Whey Protein? Is your protein powder pasteurized? Customers who bought this item also bought …. Chocolate Whey Protein Isolate oz Bag. Strawberry Whey Protein Isolate oz Bag. Unflavored Whey Protein Isolate oz Bag. Protein Shaker Bottle 20 oz. The university's scientists concluded that the majority of this was due to fat loss. In the US, Special K cereal currently comes in fourteen different varieties: Ingredients in Special K include: Vitamins and minerals include vitamin C ascorbic acid , vitamin E alpha tocopherol acetate , niacinamide, reduced iron, vitamin B 6 pyridoxine hydrochloride , vitamin B 1 thiamin hydrochloride , vitamin A palmitate , vitamin B 2 riboflavin , folic acid , and vitamin B In the US, Special K provides meal replacements in two different forms, protein meal bars and protein shakes.

There are eight varieties of Special K Protein Shakes: Kellogg's Special K snacks are marketed as low-fat alternatives to regular snacks. There are five varieties of Special K Breakfast Shakes: There are two varieties of Special K Cereal Bars: Red Berries, and Chocolatey Pretzel.

There are five varieties of Special K Cracker Chips: There are two varieties of Special K Popcorn: Kettle Corn and White Cheddar. There is one variety of Special K Crackers: It was produced in several flavors and has been marketed as a weight-control and weight-loss product.

The product was re-launched in by the Kellogg Company. The product is no longer available. The product was also manufactured in a powdered form as a drink mix that is sold in packets, which is then added to water.

Kellogg's produces Special K Protein Shakes. Until the mid, Kellogg's used a special Special K formula that was different in Canada from that used in the U.

The discontinued Canadian formula had a different taste which reflected the "Canadian taste preference" according to the Consumer Relations department of Kellogg's in Canada. Kellogg wants Special K's message to be about self-empowerment, rather than counting calories. Discussing how Canadian women's approach to health management has changed, Natasha Millar of Kellogg Canada said: Skinny is not how she wants to be perceived, but rather, strong. It's not about losing weight, it's about working out and building her sense of self.

Denmark has outlawed the addition of vitamins in Kellogg's products since Danish health officials banned cereals containing added vitamins because they claimed Kellogg's Special K wanted to add extremely high levels of vitamin B 6 , calcium , folic acid , and iron , which would reach toxic levels when eaten on a daily basis. Young children risk liver and kidney damage while the fetuses of pregnant women could suffer complications.

The show provided evidence that the iron was not nutritional ionic iron—as it occurs in natural foods like spinach—but was, in fact, metallic iron. A Kellogg's telephone help desk employee was not willing to discuss the ingredients of their products in general, claiming it was a company secret; although, in the show, the company was not confronted with the findings. The nutritional experts in the show agreed that metallic iron should not be part of a diet.

Metallic iron is speculated to damage organs. They also challenged the claim that the cereal could contain "shredded bites," and responded that iron powder is suitable for human consumption. The evidence provided during the show followed David Catz's description of an experiment by Dr.

Babu George, Sacred Heart University, in which iron is extracted from cereals. As a result of this experiment being published and inquiries being made to the manufacturers, some companies have replaced the metallic iron in their products with an iron compound such as iron III phosphate, ferric phosphate. In May , shoppers disapproved of the altered Special K formula, complaining that the cereal's flakes are too hard. The reason behind the extra crunch is the additional ingredient, barley.

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