The Ultimate Insanity Workout Review

What is Insanity Max: 30?

Insanity Max 30 Review – Shorter and More Effective Insanity
The calorie level is setup to create a nice gradual weight loss that should help keep the pounds off. Cheers and thanks for a great review Reply Hey Esk, Finished and now taking a weekly dose of two or three workouts. Hello — found the article and I am interested in portion control containers. Many of you who follow me know I am a die hard Insanity junkie. I would say if you finish day 60 then take a break for a week, maybe toss in a recovery workout in there and maybe a workout or two, but take it easy. Marina you are not eating enough proteíns un the morning.

The Insanity workout review – The goal of the Insanity workout

Insanity Workout Review

I signed up and ordered the material. In the mean time I have two questions. Any advised on preparing before I get my package? Question 2 I have convinced my girlfriend to do the program with me. Any suggestion on motivators for couples that are starting the program together? No need to prepare other than some resistance moves or light jogging here and there if you can. You can start Max even without preparation though.

You will catch up in less than a week. Looking forward to the challenge! Shalom, thanks for the great review and feedback that people have posted. I have done insanity, Brazilian Buttlift, T25 and had great results. I am now looking to do Max 30 to drop off the extra pounds that I added with our second baby who is 7 months.

My question is what pre and post drinks do you recommend? How effective is it with toning loose skin? I have not ordered the program yet because I wanted to see review first. Looking forward to reading some more. To answer your question, pre and post workout drinks are not entirely necessary. Sure, they will help with speeding up muscle recovery, and somewhat of muscle growth, but you can just as well go without them. If you consume enough protein throughout the day, then there is no need for additional supplementation.

A simple whey protein shake will suffice. Take one after the workout and it will help with muscle recovery and growth. The ideal there is weight lifting, but this type of training comes very close. I recently started using Beachbody Energy and Endurance formula about minutes before I workout. I have definitely noticed a difference!

I know my times probably would improve a little anyways but the biggest difference is in the way I feel. I do my workouts in the morning and have a hard time waking up and getting started. This is the first supplement I have ever tried and am not disappointed! My main reason for doing insanity max 30 was so I could be rid of the belly fat I have.

I finished the program half a month ago and did not lose the fat at all. Although my stamina did increase. Can you write more about yourself- current weight, weight before the workout, describe your sleeping schedule roughly, and a thing or two about how your usual day diet plan looked like… This way I- as much as I can- will try to give any advice in some of these verticals, or objectively point where things are going wrong.

Also, tell me more about the intensity with which you were doing the workouts rest time, max out time, whether or not you were paying attention to correct form…. Insanity Max 30, as well as other workouts from Beachbody, give room for taking things lightly.

You are the judge of your form, intensity… and some of us want to rush it through, not paying attention to the form of the exercises my brother did the same thing, figuring, at the end of a single session, that these workouts are very easy… next time I tried watching his form only to find out that he was doing everything half the way it should be done.

If this is the case, my advice is to slow down and focus more on form than anything else. Gutting but hopefully if I modify with max I can make it 60 days before they play up…fingers crossed…and by the way wow you look amazing! I only hope I could one day have a stomach like yours. Day in and day out with Max 30 and you will see amazing results as well. One week of extra modifying and less-than-clean diet is nothing when compared to the two months you will definitely going to endure if you ease your start into it.

Hey Jodie, Great work, you will enjoy the results. Thank you for this review. It helped me alot in making the choice in buying Insanity Max: Im a martial artist and I like to push my body to its limits, and beyond.

Looking forward to getting my ass kicked again by Shaun T. Keep up the good work. Been playing around with Max for a while, it might be time to give it a full go. I choose insanity max 30 for the time, having done insanity and T I have put on weight on my stomach due to lack of trainning.

So I choose max 30 to do this. Because with Insanity my I started to see my abs after 3 weeks. Completed my 8 weeks today, and I am fitter and able to do the moves better.

I found this impossible in the beginning, but I could not be beaten. I am going back to Insanity,on Monday. When finish back to Insanity max Insanity is my all time favourite.

I just started max: Eating clean and balanced is all that it takes. Take the calorie suggestion as a general guidance but nothing more. Using only the principles of healthy eating outlined in the guide, along with some recipes is really enough. You will figure it along the way that is, adding or subtracting calories.

Oh, and another thing when it comes to diet. I always try to tweak things a bit and lower or raise my calorie intake depending to how content I am with the progress I say progress cause it is not only looks, but rather energy level and performance as well. Sandra had some trouble logging in, so I posted her comment. Forgot to change the name, will ediit itt later. Hi quick question — your MAX out time…I assume you note this, catch your breath, and then jump back in right?

You write your time down, and then continue with the workout as soon as you catch your breath. From there till the end of the workout it is no holds barred- do the moves, as many of them as you can, trying not to rest. If you must, take a few seconds to catch your breath, and go for it again. The max out time is designed to track how far can you go without taking a break, measuring from the beginning of the workout. After that, it is on and off according to your ability.

I was used to working out about 2,5 hours every morning before I started this program. So, this is an improvement actually: At the end of each workout, I write down how long this specific workout took me to complete and, next time, I try to beat that time.

Just an idea for some of you who might actually have more time to work out than only 30 minutes…. Especially since you say there is not a lot of weight for you to lose. Makes sense to move more slowly and thoroughly, and make sure you complete the complex movements the way they were meant.

This is way more important for muscle definition and growth, since you are encouraging correct form all the way- targeting the muscles way more. At the end of the day, we all prefer a certain way of working out and react differently to different methods of training. I finished month 1 of Insanity Max 30 last Friday.

Sorry Slavko I forgot to mention that putting back some weight back on has discouraged me from doing month 2 of Max This sounds very illogical. I cannot tell, honestly. How was month one? Intensity wise, nutrition, results? It is quite unusual to get some of your old weight back in only a couple of days.

One intensity session with Max 30 and you will lose that again. I did Max Sweat two days ago and thought I was going to throw up in my living room…one arm burpees, people, one arm burpees!!. The results are amazing. I bought this to lose some fat, get leaner and get more muscle definition. Insanity Max 30 is doing that and then some. Keep it up, ultimately you end up enjoying the madness more by the day: I still have to say this is the best dvd workout set I have ever done.

My body has definitely changed for the good but not as much as my fitness. Just thought I would check back in with you all. As a follow up to that I am all done now. I was definitely wrong about how much my body has changed.

Before and after pics almost look like a different person. I will say it again…this workout is awesome!!! Does this give helpful nutrition advice?

I am currently doing T starting beta on Monday: Would max 30 be a good choice for me? Also I still have trouble with the T workouts…. I find them hard…lol. Guess I am just not as fit as all you guys: Only 3 simple rules: NO sugar especially sweet drinks , no junk, no fat food sauces included.

There are recipes of healthy meals in internet, just do some research. Love this work out! Let the video keep running and join back in when I can? Pause and play, pause and play…? Help me out here.

Note the 1max out time, catch your breath and get back into it. Next time you do the same workout be sure to have the max out time memorized it will help you to push further and beat yourself. Diet is my real issue and one I definitely plan to resolve.

Anyway my question is should I be diving in in my first week and maxing out possibly in three to five minutes or should I see how week 1 goes with the modifier and take it from there? Hi Great review and excellent tips. I have recently completed Insanity and Insanity Max 30 has arrived today, very excited about getting started. I lost 22lbs with Insanity and looking to loose another 28 with Insanity Max.

I need to really up my game with regards to nutrition to make sure I get the best results. Do you know anywhere I can get some weekly meal plan ideas to give me a helping hand with getting started with the routine. So, let me know. How did things went for you? I hope you already know this by now though: Hi,my name is abel and am Sweat intervals, though different from these other two workouts is somehow in a similar ballpark. Tabata strength though, is entirely different. To answer your question then, it will be quite OK, though you may not have the same results in terms of strength, and muscle definition.

It will also affect your result at the end in terms of weight loss as well. Not by a huge margin, but still. Hi I have a question, i just finished insanity max 30 and i wanted to know if you have any recommandation of beachbody programm to do after that?

My goal is to weight loss and define muscle. I played basketball throughout HS so i did mostly cardio. I run every morning but I need a workout plan to tell me what to do so I can follow it.

I really just want to gain some visible muscle, lose weight,and gain back my cardio. Max 30 sounds intense but I find it very interesting. Or what workout plan should I try? Max 30 is great for muscle definition, and it will get you ripped. Every bit of muscle in your body will show up. If you want more bulk though, you can simply add more intensity by resistance to your workouts less speed, more range of motion, correct form, and slower reps while paying the most attention to correct form, and tightening your muscles throughout each move.

You should also add more protein to your diet. However, Max 30 is not intended for giving you a bulky appearance, so if you want that you should maybe try Insanity Asylum Vol. I need to understand something: When you max out the first time, you simply write down the time. Then, you continue with the workout, though only within your own limits- meaning, if you need to take a break, you take a break. As many times necessary be that 5,6,7, 20…. The goal is to take less breaks and make them shorter.

You know your body best, so it is up to how you feel. However, try not to limit yourself mentally, and push harder every now and then. Tell you what- every time you need to take a break, just go ahead and see if you can do one or two repetitions more. My son and I just finished week one of Max There are a couple of exercises I cannot do at all, even using the modified version. Would doing a similar exercise be just as effective?

Here are my concerns with Max 30 but hopefully you will be able to aleviate them. To be honest about the modifications, there is something that most are not taking in consideration. The program is designed to be done as it is- no modifications, no nothing.

That is, if you want to have the optimum results. However though, many people find it extremely hard, next to impossible to follow the pace. In the light of this, the modifiers are placed there as an alternative, and their primarily reason is to keep you into the zone, keep your muscles active preferably the same muscle groups that the original move is targeting but with lower intensity.

The only thing I can say is push yourself more every chance you get. The point of it is that once you spend enough time with the program- less modifiers or more- you will increase your strength, endurance, flexibility… Sensing this on daily basis, you will do the right modifiers where need be, or skip them altogether. As for the water breaks, the program is simply following the intended intensity curve.

When people fail to catch up, they usually quit- allow that to say something about you because you are still pushing forward congrats! Proper form- go slower and make sure you are doing it right. It is far more important than going faster, or doing more reps.

I believe that all the attention should be pointed towards listening to your own body and learning its capacity. Monitoring is, at least for me, a sort of a distraction from that. However, you can slow down a bit just when you are checking form and do an extra check on that as well. Over time though, believe me, you will have more intuitive understanding on when is time to stop, slow down or speed up.

I started to do Max Insanity 30… And I plan to do it for 8 weeks according to the workout plan… I feel great so far, but my question is: You can either repeat the program and do the modifiers more in order to step down on intensity while still keeping your shape. Or, you can do one day and rest the other. Thanks for your awesome review — you look amazing! Anyway, when I went off of birth control last year, I found that it was harder for me to lose the extra fat around my tummy very frustrating.

I eat very clean and take in about grams of protein per day — my problem? Max can definitely help you with those stubborn areas of fat, and I will even go ahead and suggest you try Asylum Vol. As for nutrition, try and slightly up your protein and see what happens.

Preferably right after workout. Same goes for healthy fats- a spoon or a half spoon of peanut butter, along with your protein intake right after workout. Add only that and see what happens. Also, try and eat more greens, tricking the body in that way.

I have a lot of free time ……. You will cause your body shorts bursts of stress throughout the day- not advised for the results I think many people are hoping for. You need one session of intense and targeted stress to your muscles, and a healthy diet and long hours of rest throughout the day afterwards for the body to recuperate, and hence grow your msucle tissue while draining fat.

If you cannot manage to go through the whole workout, try the modifiers throughout. If still not- it is better to cut the workout in half, and do the stretching in full at the end and beginning.

Max out, write down your time, and then do as much as you can while taking breaks where need be. If you feel you cannot continue stop, and then do the modifiers if that helps. Take many of them if need be, and longer ones as well. Get back to it when you can get back to it be that 10 seconds or a full minute or two, but leave the video rolling. Then, stop with the workout even if it is mid way or sooner. The day after, you will try again, and again, and again… Eventually you will get there, and see that all the while you were pushing, the results kind of took place.

If you are doing Max 30 only, then it is a very good transition, and you will achieve your goals most def. Hi, thanks for your very comprehencive review. Would you recommend that for me? Depends on how hectic your day becomes suddenly afterwards. If you are finishing your workout only to run to the shower and dresser and right out of home, then this may cause unpleasant levels of stress for the day ahead. If not, there is nothing inherently wrong with doing your exercise in the morning, regardless of how intense it is.

As the second week comes, you will have more awareness over how to pace yourself. I want to lose only 25 pounds.. Do you recommend this to me? However depending on your fitness level you will have to chose between the two.

Also, much depends on your diet and lifestyle in general you will need hours of sleep. Having said that, these workout are your best bet of achieving your goal within the shortest time frame. Hey, i start insanity max 30 2 weeks before.

Seeing how Max 30 is an intense workout program, and you only have 6 hours of sleep available, I will recommend trying another program for starters. Maybe go with Focus T25, or P As for food, it is not entirely the main issue right now, though you must have the best diet regimen possible if you want to somehow endure Max 30 with only 6 hours of sleep and still get results, or even function throughout the day.

Here, if this helps, try reading these other two reviews of mine, of two programs I feel will be more suitable for your circumstances. I carry almost all of my weight in my thighs and butt. The more you workout with the Max 30, the leaner your body looks. You will drain fat tissue, all the while promoting muscle definition. Any extra muscle mass created, will drain even more fat from your thighs. And muscle mass, by all definition, is very lean, and occupies less space than fat tissue.

Im Dayana and I came across this review. I would like to gain strenght and body muscle but without having to go to a gym, which I have before. I love sports but I dont know what option would be best for me to build up muscle and get stronger. You will get stronger with Max 30, and there is no doubt about that. As far as muscle mass goes, you will not bulk up significantly, but only build slightly more muscle mass than what you have now, and define your body more muscle, less fat tissue.

If however, you up the protein intake slightly, and increase the intensity of the workouts, you will gain more muscle mass and get even stronger. I have 2 children an 3 yr old and a 1 yr old. I would like to lose the weight on my upper body especially the babyfat and gain some muscle on my lower body like legs and butt. I want your opinion.

Sorry for being so late with my reply. This program can help you achieve exactly what you want. Only thing is, you will have to fight very hard for it.

As a beginner, and not knowing your history with fitness, I will assume that you cannot start on a fast pace initially. This program has a modified set of moves for each workout, so can start slowly and build strength and cardio condition. And having in mind that you are having a family and kids, the fact that Max 30 is taking only 30 minutes per day, kinda makes the most suitable program for what you have described. Pardon me,does the program DVD package able to ship to international country other than in USA or Canada after i buy it from online website?

So after a few months of t25 gamma to add a little muscle and climbing a mountain I am going to start this again today. I hope I enjoy it as much as last time. I think my cardio has dropped since I stopped doing this. So hopefully after a few weeks I will be feeling super fit again like last time!

Just keep pushing through the first couple of days, it gets much easier after that. I too sometimes forget how on Earth was I able to complete the program last year. But then, few of the modifications during the first couple of days, and I quickly get back in shape to test my metal. Hello I have done insanity and lost 20 kgs in three rounds..

I am not eating clean.. Glad that you started Max If you enjoyed the results with Insanity, you will love this one. And yes, as far as being a vegan goes, you can make awesome abs as well- just need to know your way around the kitchen and pack enough protein. Anyway, the formula will tell you a rough estimate.

Though you can try and balance things out all by yourself. Belive me it is not that hard. Just start eating clean and healthy, and portion your food as much as your body needs. When hungry, attack the vegetables, no extra calories there.

Ab attack comes with the cardio workouts, and you can do it as you please. If you however go with the ab maximizer program additional kit, sold separately from Max 30 there is a schedule included and two extra ab workouts as well. For now, do the ab attack as you see fit. I am very interested in starting this program, definitely time to get back in shape! My questions is, how much room is needed to effectively do this workout?

I travel for work and am usually in a hotel room for 2 weeks a month with limited space. I imagine different workouts require varying amounts of space, so just trying to see if this would work out for my situation. You can manage with less most of the time.

I did Insanity when I was 52 to lose weight to help with my fave hobby, rock climbing. I remember doing the warm up for the first time and thinking, hell when will this stop, what kind of a warm up is this and then it just got worse.

I completed the program and lost 35 pounds and looked great again after years of being podgy. I moved onto T25 after that and found it good because of the reduced amount of time to do the workout but it was nowhere near as hard as Insanity apart from alpha total body and gamma extreme. After completing that I continued with a T25 hybrid so as to stay in shape and then six weeks ago I started Insanity Max I maxed out at 7 minutes seems to be the killer time that when you start because it does your legs but by the end of week 4 I could get to 30 minutes on cardio challenge.

I finished week 2 of the second half of the program tonight. Anyway I thought your review was great and it will help me push on even harder for my last two weeks. Anyone out there who thinks they are too old to do this type of workout think again. Give it a go. Be sensible and listen to your body but just do the best you can and the results will make it all worthwhile.

Just a final word — I did the Friday fight round 1 with my 21 year old son who is one of those annoying naturally athletic types. He maxed out at 3 minutes thats still the warm up and quit on me after 15 minutes. Congrats for the success so far, and for the determination to stick up with this insanely intense routine. Thinking about pushing the play button now, it gives me thrills: Btw, laughed so hard about how you challenged your son.

I do that to many of my friends who are fitness rats and it always ends up funny. I tried insanity for the the first time 5 months ago and got through to the 6th week but then I got sick and did not see it through, now I wanted to start the program over again cause I thought max 30 was a lighter version of insanity, but after reading this review i realize it is not. I am in the middle of the second week week of insanity, do you recomend I complete this program and then I try max 30 or should I just drop insanity and change to max 30?

Also I have the impression that with insanity you burn fat as well as muscle, is this true? If so, does it also happen with max 30? First of all my advice would be to complete whatever program you are currently with. The insanity workout, in your case, is a great program that will give you amazing results. The only issue I see here is time.

Neither of the 2 programs burns muscle mass if you are eating enough protein. Chest are flat and more defined than ever, and so are arms and shoulders. It is harder than anything I ever tried in my life, but no pain no gain is my motto.

And your review convinced me to go for it!! Cant wait to start! Thank you for your time to share the review of the program. I went to the gym regularly until about 3 months ago, I just seem to have lost my motivation I got bored with my workouts but this program sounds like it will put me back on track.

Max 30 will definitely keep you motivated throughout. I definitely want to complete this. I feel like if I ever step out of line with it I have to begin all over again. Simply try to follow some principles of healthy eating and do your best. If you mess up one day, make sure to get back on track the other. The continuous workout and increasing intensity the more you do it the harder you can push will take care of the rest.

Besides, the more you invest yourself during the workouts, the harder it is becomes to break diet principles. Carbs are easy to handle- just take quinoa and brown rice and cook for two days ahead.

The one, then the other. Same goes for protein- cook chicken enough to last for two days, and then you can go with fish. Canned tuna can do the trick if you are out of stock with other protein sources.

Legumes are a nice addition as well. I started with max out time of 6 mins and currently into the 4th week. I have touched 11 and a half minutes of max out time but it is varying depending upon the workout. But last week I was constantly above 8 minutes. This workout is great. It keeps me motivated to push further everyday. Going to gym was always difficult for me and I was falling short of exercise routines with limited gym equipment at my home but this workout has given me a new dimension altogether.

The only problem is I am unable to follow the diet plan strictly. Is that ok to be a bit flexible on that front? Kudos for the progress! As long as you are eating clean most of the time, you are fine. Sometimes it is nice to allow your body relax with a mouthful of cookies. In the grand scheme of things, doing intense exercise day in and day out will take care of that.

I have finished asylum 1 and asylum 2 workouts and I am now starting to do max The workout feels great and refreshing after two months of asylum training. The question is will i lose the conditioning and strength gained throuhh asylum 1 and 2? Will max 30 maintain it?

What about using max 30 as cardio after weight training? And also when i finish max 30 is it ok to do asylum 3 times per week for maintenance? Hey Zlatan, An asylum graduate here as well: Most intense month of my entire life for sure.

Tell you what- the conditioning will pretty much improve, though as far as strength goes, you might lose a fraction of that.

As for Max 30 being your cardio supplement after weight training, it depends on the intensity on your training. Doing Asylum 3 times per week for maintenance is great if you can regularly keep up with it. Results wise, it is the equivalent of doing a moderate-to-intense program every day.

I used asylum to gain conditioning for basketball will max 30 be good for the sport of basketball as well? Asylum is probably much better due to the athletic spin on the program which includes a range of sports training moves.

I think Max 30 would be better for speed and cardio endurance though. But still little i have belly fat. I start today insanity max But i wanna ask it if anyone finish the program its really works?

Because we know like after 20 mn our body start burn oil. Program look like not enough long. So if anyone did it before maybe can help and share the experience. Staying on track with the workouts and trying to follow a healthy diet will definitely burn any remaining fat tissue that you have.

Make sure to rest enough, and you will love the results. My green container was also a double for lunch. Here is a 7 day sample of how I would approach 21 Day Fix meal prep.

To make cooking easier I would have 2 servings of the yellow container at dinner. Just be sure to save a copy to enable editing.

You might notice that for some food groups, I have less foods listed than the number of portion cups allowed for the day. This is because I might have two portions of mixed greens or two portions of a yellow container , but only listed each one once on the chart.

Here is what a sample day of eating looks like on the 21 Fix diet plan at the 1. Try to space your meals hours apart. This ensures that your body is getting the right amount of food at the right times. You should always go to the grocery store with a list of foods to buy. I used this grocery list for the 21 Day Fix by printing it out and making a note in the margins of how many servings of each container I needed for the week. This is not the complete list of 21 Day Fix foods, it should be used for guidance purposes only.

Since the initial release of the 21 Day Fix program in the food list has been updated a couple times. The basics remain the same, whole foods, categorized by nutritional value. There you will find more detail than I could ever provide to the foods and corresponding food amounts. A serving of Shakeology counts as 1 red container in the 21 Day Fix portion approach diet.

The serving size is a scoop or a packet. Yes, this is what I do on weekdays for breakfast. Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Greenberry , plus two Vegan options: Chocolate or Tropical Strawberry. If you have a lactose sensitivity, try the Vegan formulas as they are made from pea protein instead of whey. You can always individually portion out servings into ziploc bags if you need to for convenience.

I am ready to tackle the 21 day fix. I have been wishy-washy and have found counting calories is not for me. What tips do you have for keeping up with the food? Working out will not be a problem for me. HI Allie, Planning and meal prep would be my two biggest tips. Every week I would outline a meal plan for the week and then cook up a bunch of protein and cut up veggies for quick snacks.

Hello — found the article and I am interested in portion control containers. But when I checked your meal sample, I am confused — where you get the numbers from?

I am in range and I wanted to know how to calculate the numbers for each container. Here is a link to a post that explains more about how to calculate your 21 Day Fix calorie level. Hi Bethany, What would you suggest for a vegetarian for protein? Usually I use beans as my protein but they are carbs.

I also add eggs to salads but would it be too many eggs if I had an egg in my salad and eggs for breakfast? I plan on having eggs or oatmeal for breakfast, a shake for lunch and salad with protein for dinner along with snacks. Any suggestions would be great. Hi Sue, The beans, lentils, and quinoa can be counted as red instead of yellow for vegetarians who follow the fix. A few eggs a day should not be to much.

And, here is a blog post for vegans that you can take a look at that might help — https: What is a substitute for the shakeology? If you use the, shakeology what kind of liquid do you use in it. Hi Shirlyn, The shake is a red container, so any foods from that category. The ingredient fibersol , which they talk about reducing hunger in studies can also be purchased separately. Hello Bethany, I am thinking about doing this the 21 day fix after I finish the current program I am doing.

I would love to do the Shakeology, but they have a derivative of mushroom which I am allergic to, as well as chocolate and lactose intolerant. I was just wondering if you know of any other ideas for the Shakeology…. Hi Cherie, With your allergy concerns I would consult with a doctor.

Making your own smoothies ss not bad either, I just made a blueberry, avocado, and kale smoothie myself. I would like to attain for information on the 21 day fix. I have two kids and have gained some weight during The course of the years. I would like to loose atleast 30 pounds but most importantly become committed to a healthy lifestyle. I have read many comments and I think this diet plan will be beneficial for me.

I am just a bit confused on the meal plans and exercises. Hi Lix, Here is a link to my full 21 Day Fix https: Is it ok to up your calorie intake if doing other exercises in addition to the 21 day fix program?

I am a runner and I do yoga almost daily. I am finding that I am quite hungry after running, yoga AND 21 day fix. I am 24 and aiming to lose pounds. Hi Chantelle, You can, the container I see recommended to be added in are the green then red containers first. I can say the program is is very well organized and easy to follow. Another recommendation the I have is to take a look at the PiYo or Tai Cheng program, here is a more in depth article that I wrote about a few of the Beachbody programs.

Is it 2 teaspoon per serving or 1. Is this a total of 4 teaspoon daily or just 2? Hi Shirley, There are links near the bottom of the blog post, under the question and answer part. I was just wondering if it is possible to use canned crab meat or even imitation crab meat pollock to make crabcakes that I found a recipe for on Pinterest.

Or should you stay away from canned meat? Hi Krissy, Canned meat is usually fine. Meat is usually steam cooked before begin canned. I would just take a look at the ingredients and try to get stuff that does not have added salt and has been canned in water or olive oil and not soybean. Hello, I have just received my 21 day fix and am on day 3, I have a few questions as I am unable to register for a coach as in UK from the website. Firstly regarding milk, limited to two teas a day and can be used as a treat 3 times a week, so the cereal allowance is dry then?

Unless only 3 times a week as a treat and swap milk for a yellow tub. Hi Debbie, Milk can be used three times a week as a yellow container. You can have dry cereal if you like. I believe Quorn products are not listed in the nutrition plan either because of how it is processed of they are not main stream enough in the states it is not something I am all that familiar with myself. And, yes a filled purple container of grapes is a serving.

Can I use shakeology and another meal replacement together on the 21 day fix. Like use shakeology as a breakfast shake and use another meal replacement as a snack. I started the 21 day fix starting with Yoga last night. Tonight I am doing the full body cardio.

Any hints on sticking with the working out and eating the correct portions? Hi Sara, I would schedule it into your calendar to start. Some people have success with rewarding themselves after reaching a certain benchmark of workouts completed.

I love the visuals you provided. It helps me stay on track. How long have you been eating based on the 21 Day Fix? I have been seeing someone who has been helping me with my health. Hi Nadine, You might need to make some adjustments with the whole milk, but I would talk to your nutritionist before making any adjustments on your own. Why is regular milk not mentioned anywhere and if I were to incorporate it… what would it count as?

This post is really just for an overview of what I did, to really follow the program you need a copy of the eating guide that comes with the program. I purchased the 21 day fix about a year ago and am just getting serious about doing it now. I have the workouts and the containers but cannot locate the books that had the diet plans and how much of each container I should be having at each meal.

Is there any place I can purchase just the Plan or get access to it? Just found your site and im happy i did! Im very motivated to start. I ordered my kit and its on its way. I do have 2 questions if you dont mind answering. That seems high should it be at — ? What lower carbs can i fill the yellow container with?

Or can i double up on veggies instead? Hi May, You are in the 1, to 1, range. Here is the link to my post about calculating 21 Day Fix calories. People do tend to need the complex carbs when also working out to fuel their workout. Hello there, I see gray containers listed but.

Hey Bethany, I have a question. Lately I have been finding it hard to use coconut oil as a tsp. If I can use this how many tsp or which containers would this fall under? The Misto is a reusable pump that you can add your own oils to and use like you would the sprays. As for counting the containers, if you are just using them for food not to stick I would not think it would need to really be counted.

How bad is this goof? Can i just cut back on other fat blue, orange? Hi Christine, Probably not bad enough that you had to worry about it.

I would just have maybe a little less than a full blue container if you really want to get picky. I have yet another protein powder question sorry! I am quite attached to this protein powder but the serving size is a little bigger than most. Should I use 1. If I do 2 do I need to count it as 2 proteins? Hi Kimberly, That shake is very high in protein, maybe a little to high for a single meal. The body may only be able to digest so much protein at once, cutting the serving in half or three quarters for a red would probably be closer to the correct amount.

You would want to count lentils, quinoa, and beans as red containers instead of yellow. Hi Anita, Yes, the fix diet is centered around whole foods, it wants you to avoid nearly all processed foods. The calorie level is setup to create a nice gradual weight loss that should help keep the pounds off. But anyway, do you know if there are any plans to sell Shakeology in the UK?

I can order it via Ebay — but the cost is very high. The nutritionals I would imagine need to be approved by in your country first. Hi Nida, wg stands for whole grain, I have a few notes in the bottom right footer of the image. HI Jamie, Yes, almond milk can be substituted in three times a week as a yellow container. The coconut milk that I have listed here, is the canned version. Thank you for answering! What brand yogurt would be ok for the plain yogurt??

All the ones I see seem to be so high in sugar its crazy. Hi Jaime, Any brand of plain Greek yogurt should be okay, I would try a few and see which you like. What about the plain yogurt? Is there a specific brand I should be looking for?

Greek Yogurt just taste so weird to me. Hi Jamie, The brand I like most is Stonyfield, nice and creamy. But, the brand does not really matter, I would try a few and see which one you prefer.

Hi Bethany, I just started yesterday, I made a mistake and bought low fat vanilla yogurt. Hi Sharon, Can you return it or donate. It is is not the best, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Hi Sharon, Propel water is not on the diet plan, I would try to avoid it for at least your first round.

Hi Sharon, Not sure what you are referring to. Here is a link to a post I have about naturally flavoring your coffee — https: Hi Sharon, No, it should no be to much.

You will lose weight as long as you create a calorie deficit with diet and exercise. Hi Bethany, I bought some plain greek yogurt and put bananas in it. Hi Gloria, What about raspberries, blackberries or strawberries.

Those are nice and sweet tasting. Hi Misty, You can have unsweetened tea, coffee, you can also add fresh fruit and veggies to your water to add a little bit of flavor. Hi Tina, I do not have any other 21 Day Fix sample meal plans.

If you see foods or meals you do not like I think you could easily swap foods in and and out. How do you make that using the containers. Looks like it would be very little lettuce based on container sizes.

Thanks for your help! Hi Kim, You can really pack the green container pretty tight with the greens and it surprising holds a decent amount. If milk is allowed in moderation, can I put milk and stevia or stevia vanilla extract in my coffee? I am feeling more and more prepared as I read all the posts. Hi Michelle, The food plan goes into detail, but for now here is a link to a post about how to naturally flavor your coffee and my Fix approved recipe.

I notice that milk is nowhere on the list. Are we allowed cows milk or almond milk? Is Shakology safe for persons with Celiac Disease that have to follow a strict gluten free diet? Is there any gluten in the shake mix? Do you have a link to your dinner recipes from the Week schedule example above?

Sorry if I missed it! Hi Alisha, The veggie stir fry recipe is in the meal plan. Pretty simple eating, I just used the seasonings from the Fix diet.

If I do this i end up with only calories. I am trying to lose some more fat. Should i drop a container? What should I do? Hi Stevie, You round up to calories, you should not drop any of the containers from the lowest level.

If you search what is a calorie on this site you will find an article that goes into detail about why you should never go below calories a day for an extended time period. Hi, I have been doing the p90X lean schedule, this is two p90x workouts a day. I thought I would change it up and start the 21 day fix instead of doing two p90x, since the workouts are shorter and more cardio. Do you think this is ok? I am doing 21 day fix in the AM and p90x in the evening! Hi Stevie, You know your body best.

With that said, P90X alone is a lot of working out. Just be sure to pay attention to how your body is responding. More is not always better. If I would be allowed 3 yellow containers and could only eat 2, is that going to cause me NOT to be able to get the weight off?

Seriously considering doing this plan. Hi Bev, While you should try to eat all of your containers, forcing down food is not a good option either.

From my experience, I like the idea of not skipping the same containers each day. So if you missed a yellow one day, try not to miss the same colored container the next.

But, always eat your orange and tsps. Are both frozen Fruits and frozen Veggies ok for the 21 day Fit? I just got my 21 Day Fix program and trying to shop. The box says they have mg of Sodium, Is that too much? Hi Sarah, frozen fruits and vegetables are fine.

And, yes you probably want to avoid the fillets at least for your first 21 days through. I have insulin resistance so whey protein is not good for me to drink. Or did you just not want to eat it? Do you know how this protein blend compares with Shakeology? I know this should be simple for me to figure out but apparently I need some guidance. I work third shift and I am really not sure how to navigate this since my sleep and awake times are the exact opposite of most people who the examples are generally geared toward.

I am a single parent of a school age child and so I generally sleep when she is in school, about 9am to 3pm. Hi Anitra, Just try to space your meals every three to four hours. It might take you some time, but try to find a schedule that you can work with. And, be sure to meal plan, this way you will know what you will be eating and when. I guess just cut in half or plan around it? Hi Kabey, That is a tough one about the aminos, for the first 21 days I would try to avoid them.

A serving of the shake is just one scoop, you may want to double check that. I have not heard of the protein you mention, but will check it out. I just started the 21 day fix program, and just want clarification on the 10 min hardcore workouts. Can you do the 10 min hardcore workouts some days instead of the 30 minute workouts?

Hi Serica, If you are under a time restraint, but this should not be a common occurrence. Confused please help me. Hi Cindy, It is on the main menu, you may need to fast forward. Sometimes it is easiedt to eject the disc an put it back in and begin again. Could they be incorporated into the 21 day fix program or no? Hi Jenna, While they are not technically allowed in the 21 Day Fix, I tell people be strict for the 21 Days to begin then start working other foods in like these bars.

I would count them as a yellow container, but only do three a week max, they are like treats honestly. Your site was great thank you for the food calendar. Bethany, I loved reading all your responses… is very detailed and definitely gives the information needed. How can I follow the program if I have to go out to a restaurant for a meal? I want to make sure I do the whatever is going to give me max results.

Hi Ana Maria, It is best to have homemade meals, but when you do go out the Fix diet does have options. Page 70 and 71 of the meal plan goes over eating out.

Basically, it lists some of the more classic restaurant foods and gives the amount of containers to mark off. Hi Sandy, Yes, eating all of your containers will put you in the correct calorie range for weight loss. I have a question; is it ok to just eat chicken and turkey? I do not eat seafood and not a big pork fan. Would this be a problem?

I am doing the 21 day fix but not following the eating plan as I am underweight and just need to tone up a bit. Will I still see results? Hi Jennifer, Yes, you will see results from the workouts and clean eating. The meal plan does go over how to maintain, if you wanted to added weight, I would bump up a calorie level or two. I know the containers tell you how many servings a day but how do you know how much to buy of each food at the store to make the meals for the week?

For example do you just need 2 packs of a type of meat or more or so many pounds of fruit, etc.? Does this program tell you how much of each food to buy at the store? Hi Beth, Yes, the full meal plan that comes with the program would be able to help you a lot with this. It does not tell you exactly what to buy, but you will have a general idea of what you need. Hi im confused about the table chart! If it says 3 vegatabke contaners… how come theres only 2 in a bunch of days?

Hi Jasmine, I would have more than 1 serving of the same vegetable at a time. Looking back I should have noted this in parenthesis. I have a question about the Shakeology. Hi Brandie, A packet is the same serving size as a scoop. I would say about 1 oz water and ice cubes. You can always play twith this to find what works best for you. I ordered the 21 day fix, but have not received it yet.

I wanted to know if canned fruit or fruit cups allowed? What is the difference between 21 day fix and the 21 day fix extreme? I have not done this workout before or the meal plan. I was just wondering what would benefit me more. I thought I would like the workouts better in the extreme workout.

I usually run days a week. Are the containers, start here booklet, eating plan booklet the same in both? Hi Michelle, This will be a future post. But, the main differences I see are there is more resistance training in Extreme, the workouts are increased in intensity not crazy and the diet is a little more strict, there is no treat sertion and some of the bottom foods have been removed.

The Extreme eating plan does come with more recipes. The containers are the same. The plan said I could have two large eggs, but my family eats egg whites. Is there a recommended liquid oz in this type of situation? Or, would it be best to cook it and simply eat what fits in the container? Hi Bethany, Tripping to print your 21 day fix shopping list. But alas, the link does not work.

Can you perhaps reset the link? Hi Darlene, Either, they are the same. Green olives are just picked while they are ripening and black olives are picked when they are ripe. When is the best time to do the workouts?

I work am to pm and I am wondering If I should eat dinner before or after the workout? Hi Lauren, I would do the workouts before work or before dinner. Forgot to ask about Miracle Whip light,. Does beans mean dried beans like Pintos and Black Eye Peas and how about zucchini? Hi Martha, No Miracle whip of any kind. I would refer to the eating plan that comes with the program for the others.

This is just a companion to help people grocery shop. I do my workouts in the evening. I have shakeology in the morning as a meal replacement. Will i need to take protein after my workout and if i do can you please recommend a protein powder brand. Hi Salma, I currently workout in the evening and have found a whole food meal after works best.

I used to do optimim nutrition whey protein after my workouts, but I feel like my body does better with whole foods now. In reference to the shakes, I have a half s bag of protein shake mix, Curves brand. How does that compare? Hi Candy, Sorry I could not find any information with the marcos or ingredients for that brand. It says in book you can switch out a yellow three times a week for 16 oz of unsweetened almond milk. How come on shakeology recipes 4 oz counts as a yellow?

Does adding almond milk to your shakes just make it creamier? Almond milk does make the texture creamier than water would. How do you meal prep? I was planning on prepping snack and lunches for the whole week?

But wondering if cut washed fruits and veggies would stay fresh? Also same with cooked meat? I do not have any problems with anything going bad, but I would imagine some fruits or vegetables would not last as long as others.

Cooked meats should stay good for days. Hi Lanna, No white rice is not allowed. White rice is processed, it does not contain the same amount of nutritional value as brown rice does. Can I subsitite non fat flavored Greek yogurt it has about two more grams of sugar than plain. Also with oatmeal is that also plain oatmeal only?

Hi Nicole, Flavored yogurt is not allowed, they often artificial sweeteners. Plain rolled oats or steel cut oats, you can add your own berries or spices, but no instant oatmeals with the flavorings are allowed. This is really useful—thanks! Or will that be a detriment to my overall progress?

You really should count the containers as they are meant to be. It kind of goes against the point of the diet program if you are going to counts yellows as red. The 21 Day Fix wants you eating a balanced diet.

While benas, lentils, quinoa are high sources of vegetarian protein they are also dense on carbs, that is why they are yellows. Eggs, canned tuna, chicken breast are all relatively cheap sources of protein that you can count as red. Does this system have and note replacements for allergies Egg, Seafood, Fish, etc.

Noticed you have eggs for most breakfasts on weekend, what would be a substitute? As for Shakeology, I am not spending or wasting money on more made up stuff. Hello, You can have any of the red container foods, you choose from a list. I like to have nuts as a snack, it is just a sample menue to give people ideas of what I ate. The shake is not fake, if you read back to my first posts years ago I did have my own concerns also. But, I kept an open mind and have done lots of research and it works for me so I would do your own research and find what works best for you and your situation….

What about green tea? Hello, I recently got the 21 day fix. Will I still get results by lowering my calorie bracket? I have a lapband and physically can not eat the amount of food it says I should eat. Hi Mallory, Do the best that you can do. Here are a couple tips — try to keep the ratio of containers as even as possible, alternate the containers you do eat over the week so you still get the balancing of the diet.

I would use a tsp of olive oil and about a cup of mixed vegetables and some all purpose seasoning. Do the veggies that you enjoy most or have on hand. I am a caffeine junkie…. Hi Marsha, Yes, on the tea with stevia. No, on the diet sodas, those contain articial sweeteners that you want to be avoiding. What kind of dressing can be used? Hi Angie, The eating plan comes with 5 recipes for dressings, mostly olive oil based.

Here are the names of the dressings so you can get an idea, — balsamic vinaigrette, creamy herb dressing, lemon tarragon vinaigrette, dijon vinaigrette, and asian citrus vinaigrette. Hi Dawn, The containers come with the program, base, deluxe or challenge pack. Check out my review from the sidebar for more information.

Bethany, Are there any other vegetables or substitutes for the vegetables listed on the plan? Hi Emi, The vegetables in the fix diet are a good place for you to start. They are listed in order of most nutritious. So I guess my question is this all of the colored containers. You pack with the food you can eat. Is this for the whole day breakfast lunch and dinner or is this for one meal at a time?

Just need a lil help. Hi Lacie Jo, You match you calorie tarrget that corresponds with your calorie level. So if it says, 3 green containers for example that means you get to fill the green container upto three times throughout the day.

I have just got my insanity pack i will be starting it on Monday!! Where is your before and after pix? I just want to see it because I started today and I want to know what to look forward to. Im planning on starting insanity and just pray that o have to motivation and willpower.

There are a lot of push ups, but this is the thing with insanity: It never forces you to do high number of repetitions in one set. Instead, you go with 4, than 8, up to But make it right. If you still want to reach that mark though, go with steady progress over a certain time frame. I did this when I wanted to see how many sit-ups I can do.

Following this method, it seems I can do quite a lot ;. Thank you for the information—I have the same problem with push ups. How about adapting them and doing them with knees on the ground so you are still getting the upper body workout? I just after the first week I was getting better! Form is always better! The only issue with doing push-ups on your knees is that you remove your core from the exercise.

The core is one of the key elements to all exercises. Try facing a wall and do upright push-ups focusing on proper form while engaging the core as you do the motions. As time goes on and strength improves begin to move to lower surfaces like a bench or chair.

Thank you so much for that review! It answered a lot of my questions. I ordered Insanity and it should be getting here any day now.

High school soccer season is in full swing now, and since my school starts a bit later in the day the plan was to do insanity in the morning, then soccer practice after school. Do you think this will be too much for me? We have games twice a week Tuesday and Thursday so I was thinking use the rest day on Thursday but also take Tuesday off. Will I still get good results if I do insanity 5 days a week instead of 6? Let me know what you think!!

Doing Insanity in the mornings, and also playing soccer after school is challenging to say the least. You are an athlete though, so I assume that this is not some ignorant decision, but rather knowing your limits.

I tried following some similar pattern, the first time I did Insanity. I was then into running the 5K, and tried to squeeze some run sessions in the less demanding days of the program, as well as tried to combine things with adding additional rest days. I settled for doing only Insanity. You see, if you try and give ALL you got into the Insanity workouts, I doubt that you will need more.

However, you can compensate with not going as deep in the exercises, as to have still some energy to put into the soccer practice. I believe that you can manage to do both. I think I will try to do Insanity 5 days a week none on game days and see how it goes. That means I will finish in early November instead of later October, which is fine. Thanks for the advice and good luck with your 5K training! Will keep you posted: One more question — after I have figured out how many calories I eat a day do I add the calories that I burn doing insanity or do I just eat the number i get from the equation?

Nope, just the number from the equation. I found though, that you can speed things up, results wise, if you free more room for proteins in your diet on the expense of carbs.

However, keep them close too, since otherwise you will lack the energy. Well yes, though its up to every individual. Some may just find the decrease in intake of carbs to be a lot harder.

Try and tweak things as you go. Its a great review,I read a lot but this honestly was the best. Am in day 4 today,and its very tough but am insisting to finish this workout with whatever result i will get even if sometimes i couldnt finish the session after 30 min am dead!! The main problem with me in insanity is the Yoga and stretching part,my body is not flexible am 40 year old.

I need your advise, Is this ok and i will get used after time? About the intensity of the program, believe me, it gets easier after the first week. Then though, after the first month it gets harder, since the second month of the program is the most demanding. When you get there make sure to drop a line to let us know how are things going…. Regarding the flexibility and the stretching: I too had the same problem.

Although way younger, it was a pain in the start. Then I tried this: I was to make every stretch last longer, while inhaling and exhaling deeply. Every day, I was reaching for more during the stretch, but always tried to hold till the end of it.

My advice would be: Even take it a little bit easier in the warm-up part, but do those stretches. Try this and tell me how it goes. What you gain with Insanity will last long my friend. Thanks for your reply.. I didnt get it very well…what you mean to keep up with stretching as the vedio and to try my best to do it right? And regarding thd diet: Usaully at BF i get one sandwich with tea or fruit juice Lunch: Your diet seems very healthy.

Though you should add some fruits or protein bars in-between meals. About my earlier advice- go as deep as you can into the stretch, and try to held that position while taking deep breaths. Every day try going lower with the stretches, bit by bit. Instead try the stretches in the position which is only slightly uncomfortable at first, staying there longer, and then progress each day. Through the net,and through his website that many persons got six packs after 60 day which i cant believe and i think its impossible..

Although I wish i can have the 6 packs but all my concern now is to just to loose my belly fat which is not to big and the fat around my waist these places are very stubborn.. I noticed that this course mostly is concentrating on the thighs area till now i feel pain on my thighs and every day later is the same my thighs muscles is not getting used to the course till now!!!

Most of the time,I cant finish the training everyday after min because of my breath. Hi Dankar, Congrats for reaching the 3rd week! Even some of the trainers fall short.

Regarding the six packs- It is true, not a lot of muscle can be gained in the abdominal area, though if you can push harder on ab exercises you can notice some better results.

The trick is that your abdominal fat will be gone, so it will look like muscle gain, since you will have a lot of muscle definition. The fat around the waist should disappear, believe me. The thighs are definitely suffering the most stress. But it is understandable, since we all know how hard it is to loose the stubborn fat in that area.

The pain should pass over time, meaning you will get used stressing the thighs. I will advice you though to watch a close eye on that, and not be reckless about it. It is advised to have a cardio check before we enroll ourselves in such activities, but we never do it. The video instruction is not tailored after each individual, so take rest when you feel like it.

Stretching is important, yes. It will flex your muscles, and allow a better blood circulation, as well as cardio recovery.

This means more muscle can be made. Regarding the abs workout- do the whole video. But take your rest before you jump into it.

You see, if you have your rest, then you can deep deeper into the workout, and that means better results. And to be honest,Am afraid of the MAX section.. I dont know if i can do it it will be 1 hour of max. To give you some background, I was very out of shape, and I was doing P90x and Jogging with decent results, around 25 lbs lost in 90 days along with some dieting changes. Now at about lbs, with 3 months of workout background I started Insanity.

Let me say the first week and a half was tough! I could also only make it about minutes, in fact, I had a decrease to 25 minutes one day earlier in week 2. Then after a cardio recovery day, I decided the following day to push, no matter what to the end. And now, on the end of the second week, I made it.

Let me just say, I was very tired after doing so, but it felt great to accomplish my goal and finish the routine. Lets hope I can repeat it. I always remember the last min: I was doing abs in the morning but I stopped as I read it will not be useful unless I loose my belly fat. Do you think Insanity is something I can do, given my age. Your workout schedule is quite impressive Sandy: I cannot see why not going for Insanity. Given the various nature of your workout program, you are suited for the Insanity program the most.

It also shows your dedication, which is a crucial factor in Insanity. Just try and find something to lay upon the space where you work out, since Insanity will make you sweat A LOT. I was even surprised the first time. Thanks for the advise and encouragement…. What are your thoughts on that, is it worth the investment? I think you should try without it, and then see how it goes.

For now I will advise you not to buy it. During the last 2 years I have lost over lbs and workout times a week. My goal is to get down to lbs, but the last 50 lbs or so have been the hardest to lose. After reading your review I feel like I can do this, but certainly not with ease— good thing I like challenges! Reading your comment Stephanie, I think that you can make it.

You said something that plays a big part in whether one can or cannot do Insanity. So, I was not doing any physical activity in something over a month before I tried Insanity. The first week was the hardest physical challenge I had to make ever. Therefore I honestly think that you can make it.

And about loving challenges- you are about to enjoy this then: It gets addictive ;. I am currently a University student, and my room mate actually brought this work out to my attention.

She really wants to do it and wants me to join her. The problem that I see is the difference between our fitness levels. My room mate is one of those people who eats anything she wants, weighs lbs, and never moves a muscle in her body.

She does understand that she will have to do some prep work before she can begin this, and shes fully aware that she needs to get in better cardio shape first. I however, am one of those people that eats all the right stuff, and because I am a student who spends all day sitting and studying I have gained 60pounds since I started. When I was younger, I was an intense athlete and I got my black belt in karate.

I had 6 hours training sessions for over a year, two to three times a week, and finally my grading lasted two days of the most intense physical exercise anybody could ever imagine. However, when I stopped doing all this exercise all the time my body went crazy and gain a ton of weight. I know this is impossible, really I do, but I swear my body has just conditioned itself to needing that much exercise on a normal basis. Since doing that stuff, I have been so unhappy.

I go to the gym and I work out, but I only seem to get heavier. Its like my fat is so stubborn, I build muscle under my fat regardless of how much cardio I do, and then I look even fatter than I am. Its really frustrating and upsetting. But, I truly am scared that weighing lbs is just too much to be trying something like this.

I have no clue how to deal with being overweight and its all happened pretty suddenly to me. And, lastly, we were wondering if you need a lot of space to do the workout-because we live in a pretty tiny basement suite. Reading your comment I can tell you that Insanity is going to make a huge difference.

First, regarding the difference between you and your friend in terms of fitness- it is not a big deal. You see, some of us are fast, explosive, agile, even without doing that much of a training- we simply are that way.

And reading through your comment I see that your body is probably very sensitive to change- some extra food, and not that much of an activity and it gets prone to adding the pounds. On the other hand though, throw in some hard workout, and it gains results quickly. I find my body to resemble the same pattern. In less than an year or so, I injured my knee due to rigid 5K training.

The epilogue- almost two months out of any physical activity, while eating a lot. Then I started Insanity. The first week was hell: The thing is, that after the first week my body was back on track- I tell you, if you were once able to do those demanding exercises, then your body IS capable.

It just needs some initial push. My brother is way skinnier than me, but when he started Insanity he had trouble right after the first week, and he quit. About hurting yourself, no one can tell you for sure, but my guess is that you will be fine. My knee still ached when I started the program, but after the first week the pain was gone. My guess is that the muscles around it become more flexible, stronger, bigger, that they started giving way more support the balance exercises, as well as the yoga positions will take care of that.

The fact that you are overweight now has nothing to do with completing insanity. Sure, it will be harder, but even if you are in a good shape you will still have to push to a higher bar, thus again facing the same difficulty. Finally, about the space- if you plan to do the program one at a time, then you will need a space of approximately 2X2 meters.

If both at once, then something slightly over that, though you can make combinations. Another thing I forgot to mention- Although I was skeptical that exercise alone can get rid of stubborn fat I always looked to find the solution more in terms of nutrition , this program convinced me otherwise.

Although the results were better after incorporating healthy diet mainly protein centered , it melted stubborn fat even on its own.

Make sure to notice that even during the first week. I really appreciated your comprehensive review. I am just on Day 3 of Insanity, and was very heartened by all that you had to say. I am not following the meal plan — in fact, I just signed up to receive meals delivered from a weight-loss company — I hope this will be okay. Anyway — thanks again for such a great review. Just make sure to eat more protein, as well as healthy fats. Carbs are useful to, but keep them in smaller portion.

And eat 5 to 6 times a day. This is a great review and has certainly given me more impetus to get to the end and see the results. I intend to run through insanity starting in January for a second time.

My reason for this is that I want to get to a point where I can start Insanity with a running start. Initially in the fist 2 weeks I was doing the push ups from my knees instead of the usual plank position. Although, I am now finding doing them not too bad. I am in week 3 of Insanity just now. I have already seen big differences. I have already lost 3 inches off my waist, and lost 16lbs in weight. In the past I did a bit of boxing, and doing this programme has given me the energy to go out and hit the bag after every session for about minutes.

Although this is not necessary, I am enjoying the new found energy that I have. I am not following the food plan although I am eating extremely healthily in my own way. I have cut out everything apart from healthy foods, and ones that are recommended. Its the savouries that were my downfall. Now though, instead of eating crisps etc, I will have a few olives. I find it amazing that there is such cameraderie and comradeship through this programme. I wish I had found it years ago.

I live in a pretty remote area in Scotland, so I am doing this on my own. Its great to come on places like this and get a boost in motivation and the confidence to succeed. I started it with the same thought in mind- looking for people and forming somewhat of a community for Insanity enthusiasts. And the interesting part is that everyone who ever tried Insanity will spare some of their time to help other comrades enrolled in the program.

I too plan to start Insanity again. Like you said, I need to see how it is when you start with power, in a very decent shape. You will see after you are finished with it. Your results are great so far. Though not just calculate the pounds, since remember that you are gaining a LOT of muscle too. Forget about the weight scale, see the progress in the mirror, by touch, feeling the stubborn fat melting. I started Insanity with the goal to get as ripped as I can. I was pounds at the start, and weighted at the end.

I lost 14 pound through the entire program, but I dropped to an incredibly low body fat percentage, as well as added some muscle mass and a lot of definition. Diet helped a lot too. Olives is a great idea to keep eating healthy, I will try that. Try incorporating cabbage or broccoli and see the fat literally melting away. Slight muscle loss can be expected, but you will have a lot of muscle definition.

The quads for example are gonna get really ripped, as well as your side abs. There is a video in the program for gaining upper body mass that is not included in the schedule, but you get it anyway.

That can help you- you can change some of the more cardio oriented exercises videos with this one. Though I think that it only comes with the deluxe package. You can try some additional exercises, but that will be beyond hard. Due to the low body fat percentage, any muscle you gain will be very noticeable. Ha, so you found the review: My plan was maybe a week later, since I want to use the sunny days to workout outside more. Last week was preparation, I plan to do the same next one too, so I believe I can be ready for the 17th to start with more power: Will let you know.

Let me know when you will start. I am thinking of trying out insanity for getting definition but also want to add some muscle mass but I am not sure if it is right for me.. I know the workout has a lot of pushups but does it workout cover back, shoulders, arms as well? Insanity can give muscle growth as well as muscle definition.

I live in an apartment 4th floor in NYC. Is this something you can do without disturbing your neighbors, or will all the movement be too much noise? Is there a lot of jumping involved? I am really interested in the workout, but am nervous about the noise in an apartment.

This is in fact a sound concern. Insanity does have a lot of jumping involved. The only day without jumping exercises is Thursday. However it is good that the workouts last something longer than 30 minutes, so I guess you can try explaining to the neighbors.

Hi Slavko and thanks for the review. Im on day 17 today been religiously following it. Hi I just started the Insanity workout with my cousin. I had a baby and the extra weight never left me. I am on the first week and… OMG! I really wanted to quit during the fitness test. But I stuck with it.

I am not nearly as fast or accurate as the people on the screen but with practice I am getting it. Its only been a week and I can actually play outside with my son or walk a short distance without getting tired. I can actually breathe again.

I feel good and I am very proud of myself. This review was really good, and your right this is not for everyone. You have to motivate yourself to get up and do this. I like to workout in the morning and get it over with Also I walk before the workout to a little warm up for myself, I find this very helpful.

I wasnt looking for a 6 pac or a beachbody, I just want to feel good again, being overweight is not a good feeling expecially when your not use to it. So anybody who is in a situatuon like me just keep pushing! We can do this! Congrats about the progress Roslyn! You are right, motivation is crucial. You are surprised now as for how good you feel. Wait a week or two and you will be even more surprised. Keep pushing, and good luck.

You can do this! My daughter and I started the insanity workout 1 week ago — Im 51 and lbs and she is 25 and had her second baby 2 months ago. She wanted me to do it with her for motivation. Before this I was working out X week- mainly walking on treadmill. We are both struggling to keep up with the people on the video but seems each day we do a little better. Neither one of us can do more than 5 pushups at a time, but started out only being able to do 1 or 2.

My problem is the excersises that jump down to the floor to do stuff and then jump up and then down again. Will this get easier?

Also we are wondering if it would be beneficial to do the first month twice to get in better shape before moving onto the 2nd month. Also our time schedule is gonna make it hard especially if you have two workouts in one day.

We are mainly looking to lose weight and feel healthy. Thanks for your time. You just made my day Pam! You will see huge progress as the time progresses. The important thing is to not push the pause button, and give YOUR max. The second month is somewhat more extreme, grant you that. However, you can try and see how things are going.

I wish both you and your daughter good luck, and keep pushing forward. Drop a line or two when you are deeper into the schedule. I would love to hear how things are going.

Considering Insanity because of this review, it really means a lot. As healthy as you can. It all really comes down to that. Play football twice a week but made a concious decision to lose the fat before xmas. Once I started doing some reasearch I came across the Insanity programme. The results sound impresive dont all fitness programmes but the reviews are what sold me. Thinking of taking a photo diary of the change in my body ovet the next 60 days, see how the change compares to the official reviews on the website!

I was shocked about how much I thought I was in shape. It pushes you to dig as much as you can, so you will get surprised each and every time. Taking the photo diary is a great idea, otherwise we tend to not notice the change to the real degree. So, Insanity got delivered on Saturday, I planned to start today, which I did. I usually laugh in the face of feats of fitness as I am very able-bodied and willfully motivated…. On just the fit test!! The fit test is seriously better than most standard workouts.

I also completely understand why this program is well complimented with a support group of peers…. Enjoy Amanda, and keep digging: Thanks for the great review, been looking around for something this detailed and you hit the nail on the head and covered all the basis. For anyone with hesitations, get motivated and just do it! Hi Erica, I see that we resemble a lot in terms of our relationship with Insanity: I too am addicted.

Was planning to start next week, but probably will enjoy the outdoor workouts for another week. I want to start with power this time; compete with Tanya she is a machine: Drop a line from time to time and let us know how are things going. Take care, and good luck with the program. I am glad to read such a comment, I am an overweight person and I weigh around pounds. I have posted also a comment. I Want to know like If I followed the program and the diet will this be enough for a significant change for me.

I really need to lose weight with a good diet plan that can fit me well. I recently started working in a multinational company so the long hours with a full suit is killing me because I have trouble wearing suits for a long time and even sitting for a long time.

Thanks a lot and please reply: I work out daily at the gym doing cycling and weight training. I also do the P90X workout. Would the Insanity workout be too intense for somone of my age? That really depends Karen. The thing you see, that is distinctly different about the Insanity workout, is that it tests you to the limits. No matter whether you are just fitness enthusiast, or fanatic, Insanity is all about determination.

You are 56 years young, and if you take Insanity it will show you just that: The least I can tell is that you are into fitness. So believe me when I tell you- You will enjoy this workout. Hi Slavko, Amit here — I have ordered Insanity and waiting for the shipping: I have few questions for you.

I am 5 feet 6 inches guy with pouns of weight. I do regular cardio 5 days a week from 18 months. Though i lost 22 pounds in first months, I am not loosing weight any more from long time.

Will insanity help in this case? Also i am indian guy and cook my food at home mostly Vegeterian. No junk food or cold drinks at all. Is the diet mentioned in insanity manageble to people like me? Glad you took the challenge: Regarding the diet, you can pull it out I guess, but you can also modify things for yourself.

Surprisingly, they were loosing weight, although on a tiny scale. Granted, the results will be 10 times better if you do, but… You can follow your own healthy food choices and be just fine with it too. I followed the diet only briefly, if that helps, and saw some great results. You say you do regular cardio, and thus are unable to see any more results.

This my friend, is nothing alike with anything regular. So you do the math: Hi Slavko, Thanks a lot for the reply, you made my day: Keep posting the good articles. Your website is very useful to people who are searching right piece of information on internet. Just ordered my insanity package just waiting for it to arrive, just a few questions really. I can start to see my abs at the top but struggling to get a flat stomach!!

Is the the one for me?? Hi Chris, and welcome to the Insanity community.

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