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It just tastes like honey which tastes sweet. I put it in my coffee at home. They have managed to make a delicious fruit soda that isn't sweetened with any sugar. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. I was always under the impression that this soda was only available in Portland, but my ladyfriend of three years, not the previous ladyfriend which I mentioned above found it in a health food store in North Carolina. It's good but nothing special.

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It tastes like a very sweet green candy that is perhaps a mix between a green apple Jolly Rancher and some other green Wonka-esque confection. It is not my favorite, but I am also not grossed out by it. It gave me the energy I was searching for and I was easily able to get it down without complaining. This, this is not what I was expecting and it is so much better. I was expecting something akin to a Vitamin Water that had a hint of honey in it. IN reality it tastes like someone put on a kettle to make some tea, poured it into a mug, put in an extremely healthy amount of honey and then forgot to put in the tea bag.

By the time they realized their folly, the water had cooled too much so they added some blueberry juice instead and magic happened. It really tastes like I am just licking the honey off of a spoon. It is simply wonderful. The only time I have ever come across this in the wild has been in discount or discontinued sections. My reasoning for this is that Monster themselves helped to make such products obsolete. To be fair it seems like that particular company is doing just fine, but I believe that is because they are an institution and there is an extreme culture based around it.

Even they have branched out into actual energy drinks though with Amp. As for the flavor is this, White Lightning is apparently code for really diet tasting. It reminds me of a diet version of Frosh by Faygo.

I just looked up the Mutant website and did a product search and apparently every everywhere carries these, so perhaps I was wrong and it was financially sound for them to put out this product. Fans of mini marts everywhere just may be celebrating this as they sit on the curb with their nachos and chili dogs.

I may in fact be that out of touch and perhaps we should just hang out Thirsty Dudes. What we have here is an elixir aka juice that is made from herbs and such that are found in the Amazon rainforest. The end game is to put healthier, functional drinks into the hands of the public, or so I assume. There are other things in this elixir, but the two ingredients that Amaz is trying to shine a light on are guarana a natural stimulant and catuaba strengthen and balances body function.

It tastes very tropical. The guarana is the main flavor in the beverage, which is overly fruity and borderline bubble gum tasting. I do get a slight hint of banana as well.

Also included are cupuacu, apples, caja, suma root, beets, green coffee, marapuama and camucamu. Iwould be a liar if I told you I could accurately describe each of those ingredients. Mixed together they most certainly bring to mind something that I could envision being a customary beverage in the rain forest.

Grand Assam 2 T. Polar Seltzer Pineapple Pomelo. Coca-Cola Fiesty Cherry Diet. Blume Honey Water Vanilla Citrus. Blume Honey Water Wild Blueberry.

Monster Mutant White Lightning. Companies Choose a company Stop whatever you are doing because finding this drink is your top priority. This is better than most drinks. Something to keep an eye out for. It's good but nothing special. Something you'd want to buy for parties. Fairly gross but at least we could finish it. See questions and answers. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention much better weight loss lose weight lost 4 pounds chocolate shakes pounds this first week like any of the food day box eat foods meals plan stick boxes breakfast cooking horrible meal sugar diet.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I decided to go on the full 'S program, as using these 5-day boxes is too repetitive, but very good if you just need the food now and then to get back on track after you get off the full program. I need to lose about 40 lbs. Unlike some folks, I love their food and that it's portioned out. I hate cooking, which is one reason I'm overweight - much easier to go out for fast food than to cook. I hope Amazon carries these NS boxes for a long time - they are perfect for people like me who want the food and the results, but not the hassle of ordering the big box once a month.

This is my third day, and my scale is already showing a 5. You have to stick to it to the letter, though - no cheating! It's worth it for health and looking better. However, I wish the food choices in these boxes would change. It will be boring to eat just five choices for a long time.

I don't like the beef stew, for example. I lost 10 pounds in two weeks with no other changes but the food. The meals taste pretty good too. I've tried the regular 5 day jump start kit and this one is so much better. The trick is to make sure you supplement with your own fresh grocery items.

It truly makes all the difference. The last one I tried I lost about 3lbs the first week but then stopped. It's all about portion control. This is a good way to try the program without the huge financial commitment. I haven't weighed yet to see if I I haven't weighed yet to see if I have lost any weight. But I had tried Nutrisystem in the past and the food was awful. This was much better. Just wish it was more than a 5 day supply. Some menu items were very good and others not so much.

Any item with tomato sauce was poor. The sauce tasted as if it were burned. Chocolate shakes below average. Overall if you stick to the script it works. Lost 7 pounds in the week.

Wanted to test out before I purchased the plan from Nutrisystem. Loved the food, only thing was I found it after the fact at Walmart for much cheaper. The food is not great but lets face it, if you want to lose weight you don't get to eat a lot of great food. It tastes light lightly sugared blackberries, because that is exactly what it is.

Why anyone would mess with a recipe like this boggles my mind. Okay, I understand that they want to save money, but they end up with a product that is not even close to this in quality, those big dummies.

I was always under the impression that this soda was only available in Portland, but my ladyfriend of three years, not the previous ladyfriend which I mentioned above found it in a health food store in North Carolina.

I really hope Hot Lips expands their reach and takes over the country with their quality soda. Hotlips does it again. They have managed to make a delicious fruit soda that isn't sweetened with any sugar.

I had to look at the ingredients three times just to be sure. And you know what? I'm not one to eat a pear normally, but this is delicious. It's really juicy and flavorful. My only complaint and this goes for all Hotlips sodas is it's only lightly carbonated. I like my soda to be moderately fizzy, but you barely notice it here. I'm going to make some enemies with this statement, but I don't care: I don't like cranberries. That was until I had this soda. It's nice that it's naturally sweetened no real or fake sugar , and yet still tastes sweet.

The cranberry taste is strong yet not overpowering like straight cranberry juice. When I moved back to Buffalo for 10 months, the number one complaint I got from fellow reviewer Jason was that I didn't review more Hotlips soda while I lived in Portland.

You'd think I passed up a chance to see a one-off Fugazi reunion by the consistency that he would bring it up. If he were my father, he might have disowned me, or at least cut off my allowance for a couple weeks.