Omega J8005 vs J8006 – Which Is Best For You?

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I have an It is commercial grade. I'm not too concerned about 5 more years of warranty; I'm just unsure if I should care about harder auger on It's confusing because it's not consecutive numbers, but odd and even. Another excellent post, man.

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Product Comparison: Omega J8003 vs Omega J8006

You can use it to "juice" almonds into almond butter without issues. The can do this too. I regularly juice carrots, whole, by just pushing them into the feeder and they are crushed as easily as you would squash a grape between your thumb and forefinger. Leafy greens will not stress the auger in the slightest; you will not need the extra-hard auger for this purpose.

The machine as a whole is very sturdy. It is commercial grade. A lot of kitchen gadgets these days have a plasticky cheapness to them and vibrate and fall apart quickly. This is not such a product. While I cannot speak for the , I suggest you just go for whichever you like better and is in your budget. If the is only a few bucks more, just go for it. These are solid products and you will not regret it. Also take a look at the NC don't even bother with the NC, it's just chrome , which is considered the newer It has a bigger feed chute and a ring on the end of the pulp chute to help relieve pulp build up so it doesn't get clogged as easily.

Get the harder auger, it helps be more worry-free when you want to do some really hard stuff. It basically lets you do nut milks and other things make "nice cream" out of frozen bananas.

It's confusing because it's not consecutive numbers, but odd and even. As far as which auger should you get, me personally I think the harder auger does make a big difference. How long does it take to juice with the Omega J? It takes longer than a centrifugal juicer. They are different juicers but both of them are the best juicers you can buy.

I personally lucked into a J It was given to me as a gift. Can you afford an Omega J? A causal or newbie juicer should go with the Consumer Reports best buy juicer. Buy an inexpensive juicer at first. If juicing is for you, then you absolutely can afford an Omega juicer. If you consider juicing a fixed cost, my Omega Juicer will actually earn me money. The J has a year warranty. In economic terms, I earned thousands of dollars.

Save Money by Buying the Omega J The Omega J has a year warranty. It just comes in white rather than chrome. They are the same machines save for two material differences:. You save some cash up front but sacrifice five years of the warranty. The Omega J here is the same as the J; it just comes in chrome.

It would make more sense to say: Instead the J is the same as the J, and the J is the same as the J Man, that really is confusing! Another excellent post, man. Any opinion on this? Good to hear clean is easier with masticating juicers. My friend wanted to throw his VRT up against a wall. Now he loves it and we half-joke about buying Norwalks. A quality juicer is a pretty elaborate piece of equipment.

Omega J vs J, on the surface they look and feel exactly the same. Both feature dual-stage juicing, with a quiet low speed of 80 RPMS and high juice yield. Reverse mode and automatic pulp ejection ensure convenience and continuous juicing on both models, along with a design that features no clogging, foaming or heat buildup. Both get high reviews from both new and experienced juicing enthusiasts.

Each has a long life and one of the best warranties among home juicers. The auger construction varies on the Omega J vs J This material is billed to be eight time stronger than standard auger construction.