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Homemade Baby Formula Recipe

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He is a different child. Breastfeeding is the most natural thing I can imagine. If he is behind, he is on his curve. The gelatin powder is specific to the kind I listed, it is hydrolyzed gelatin, not regular gelatin. The part my son loved the best was the shooting net that launches from the side. Hi Alisha, How do we get over the anxiety of having the kids choke as they learn to eat finger foods?

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This may take several attempts. Also, scroll through the other comments there are a lot of suggestions there too! A friends child is 3 years old and has been diagnosed with autism. She is attempting to get him to feed himself with a spoon. He continually flips the spoon over as it reaches his mouth and ends up wearing most of it. She has tried hand over hand but he resorts back to this method.

What else can she try? It takes a lot of practice, especially with children that have developmental delays. You could look into a bendable spoon on amazon, which therapists sometime use to help cut down on this. My daughter is 4. She has always been refusing to self feed since the age of 2 and i kept on giving in by feeding her.

Its just with her lunch amd supper. Yoghurts and ice cream she will self feed with a spoon. She says to me to me that she doesnt want her hands to get dirty and will go and wash her hands at intervals. She is as you say particular about what she eats. How does this particularness develop?.

How can i motivate her to try? Ive made the food look pretty and showed her how i enjoy it but im not winning. I totally understand how frustrating this and I think that it is good that you are trusting your instincts that something is going on here. I have a lot of information here that can answer all your questions.

I would start with the eating basics tab and then look at the bottom for the links to get started with. Also in the menu bar you can find the article index and see all the picky eating articles. Take a look at those and let me know if you have any questions. I suspect that she has some tactile defensiveness, meaning she is sensitive to textures. Getting to the bottom of that problem will help you make progress.

Have her start to play and touch a variety of textures outside of meal time. Look at the post on sensory bins, can find that in the article index or search bar. It sounds like there are some underlying issues and I would recommend him getting some feeding therapy. If you can try to feed him with a spoon a bit and place it on the sides so that he moves his tongue to retrieve the food. Once he is making some progress cut back on placing food on the side and show him how to chew by dramatically leaving your mouth open for bites so he can see what you are doing.

You can also try putting him in front of a mirror so he can see what he is doing- that helps sometimes too! My son is 21 months old. He does not eat ANY food. Before I get started I will tell you his pediatrician has found no underlying conditions related to this. My son is my first and only child, and my husband and I work opposite shifts to take care of him.

He has never been around any children close to his age, until today, when he started daycare pediatrician reccommended. As you can imagine, this has been very difficult on us as parents. THING to help him eat. He did well with baby food at first, and then when the teething stage began he stopped altogether.

That was around 10 months old. When he sees food he immediately clamps his lips together, spoon or no spoon. On top of the feeding issue, my son refuses to drink from anything but his bottle. He has been to a dentist, everything is fine in that aspect. We have been through thepossiblity of autism screenings. He is not autistic.

We are exhausted and need help. Im hoping he picks it up at daycare but I need to know what to do when he is at home. Should we start from the beginning with baby food? Should we continue to offer finger foods? Oh Jessie, I really feel for you. I get how overwhelming this must be for you. Have you looked into free early intervention services- see the article index under milestones? It is hard to say where I would start, not knowing if there are any underlying issues- there could be sensory or difficulty chewing not necessarily medical.

You want this to be as positive as possible. Give him a few pieces of something crunchy and offer a bit of a puree like applesauce or yogurt, even put a dollop on his tray. Start by just getting him to touch it, once he is doing that then try to have him smell or take to his lips. Our little boy will be 4 years old in 3 months, goes to pre-school and eats lunch there, feeding himself.

But at dinnertime his mom feeds him. If i happen to get to the table first and she is on the phone I let him feed himself. BUT when his mom shows up, she thinks he is eating too slow so feeds him. I guess no harm done, but meals turn into battles. Actually nothing you or anybody can do, no big harm done, but seems silly to feed an almost-4 year old.

She just plays with it or will feed the dog and try to feed me. She is fine if I feed her the snak but does not seem to want to feed herself. I also just started getting her to hold her bottle when drinking as she used to struggle to get her hands off the bottle of I held re hands to it.

She is now holding her bottle but I sometimes need to tip the bottle back. Any tips on how I can get her to self feed without her throwing a tantrum? Just another piece of info — she is starting to take more steps but she never wanted any help if my husband and I tried to practice walking. She would shake our hands away and did not want us to hold her. One day she just took a few steps on her own and has been taking more and more ever since.

Maybe this is the same situation with self feeding? Sorry for the lengthy post…. I want to cut out the poems while eating altogether, and I also want her to self feed so that the frustrations are minimised for both of us. I started to leave her alone since yesterday, instead of forcing her to eat. I gave her some simple things to eat cheerios, cheese slice cut into small pieces, strawberries , and she simply picks up every piece of food on her tray and throws it on the floor. The only way in which she might have some before tonight is if I force feed her.

Do you have any tips? I know that she may not technically starve, but she WILL get very malnourished and weak this way. Really feeling helpless and frustrated.

To clarify about the rotating spoons: Occasioanlly she will just drop it or put the wrong end in her mouth…but it is for her to experiment with. I guess another thing I found helpful was the concept of eating while feeding baby. I started introducing solids at four months and was skeptical when my mother told me that my siblings and I were feeding ourselves with a spoon by one year old. Sure enough, even at 4 months, even at her first offering of cereal, my daughter wanted to grab the spoon.

Instead of pushing her hand away, I simply let her grab it and helped guide it into her mouth which she was aiming for anyway! I dip a little into the bowl to give to her, and she is free to put it into her mouth, lick it etc. Then, I dip her spoon back with a light coating of stuff and give it to her.

So far, so good! She also drinks from an open cup. However, she will pick up the cup independantly and tip it into her own mouth. I think we sometimes forget how quickly kids can learn if given the oppurtunity. I do think that sometimes for convenience we just do things for the kids occasionally I just use one spoon, and push her hand out of the way when she tries to grab it but it is possible ot teach them some of these skills at an early age.

Hi Alisha This has been a great read and certainly given me some ideas on helping me son eat using utensils. He eats on his own all the time. My concern is that he will only eat finger food and food that he can suck out of a tube like yoghurt or those Rafferty Garden products. I think he was better with spoons when he was 1.

Will eat plain sandwiches. Loves potato if roasted and loves the proverbial chicken nuggets! I am not sure how I can go from just eating with fingers when he refuses the spoon all together. It can be a little tricky in situations like this Kim, first, I would just keep trying. Model and anything he does with the spoon, even if he just touches it, clap and give praise. Also, try putting an empty spoon down and having him put it to his mouth on his own- again, anything he does, give lots of praise.

You may even want to try this outside of meals. What can I do to make her realize it is ok to eat. I have a 16 month old boy and I am really concerned about his earing habits. Im still breastfeeding and cant stop as he gets really upset when I dont.

He does not drink any other milk while he never drank from the bottle just water from the cup. Oh Georgia, you are not doing anything wrong, but I understand how you could feel that way. I would look at the posts How to transition to table foods, you can find in the article index in the menu bar. Follow all of those steps.

Also, it sounds like he has some underlying issues that might need worked out. I would highly recommend getting a free eval if you are in the states also see Help for Babies and Toddlers in the article index. I am here for consults as well- no pressure. Please let me know if you need more help, after looking at those articles.

Thanks for this great article! My son will be one year in just a couple weeks. He is great at feeding himself finger feeds. He has show some interest in eating from a spoon though not yet attempting to get food onto it on his own.

I think my biggest challenge is going to be placing a plate or bowl in front of him without him just dumping all the food out and throwing it on the floor. Hi Joan, thank you!

You have plenty of time right now to ease into this skill, what he is doing is exactly what he should be doing. You are probably at least a couple of months away from him not impulsively throwing the bowl. I think it is great that you are working on it though! Thanks for your reply, Alisha. I also wanted to ask: My son has just turned 9 months old and will not eat finger food. He will not pick it up and put it in his mouth.. Instead he squishes it and then drops it. I put food on his tray for him and sometimes he just stares at it and cries with his mouth open so I have no choice but to put it in his mouth for him.

What shall I do? Should he be doing this himself by now? Oh my goodness, not your fault at all! He is still so young, but it is great that you are being proactive. I would keep trying and be positive. Also, demonstrate for him and use hand over hand put your hand on top of his and move it into his mouth to show him how to do it.

Try not to let him get too frustrated, it will take some give and take. I know it is so frustrating, but try to keep it stress free by going in baby steps. Try to follow the steps I described in the post and put his hand into something messy like yogurt and see if you can get it up to his mouth. It sounds like he needs to make the connection that his hands can take food to his mouth.

Hi Alisha, my son is 3. He is a picky eater too. When I feed him, he would eat a good quantity but eats a spoon and plays around. He spoiled his 2. The older son started school now. I am refusing to feed him because I know that he can do it by himself. But he is having days with couple of spoons just to satisfy his utmost hunger and refuses to eat and plays around.

I tried to act like I am busy. It works for a whils. Do I keep on? I would maybe try a more gradual approach and slowly expect him to eat more and more by himself. Also, think about if you are able to change up the routine in some way, maybe eat somewhere different or pack a picnic?

Hi Alisha, My daughter is 19mos. Hi Brent, kids usually use their whole palm and kind of just stab it for a while. They will then move towards using it in a face up position. Hi my son is 27 months old and does not feed himself anything. He is also a really fussy eater and I have to push him to get him to eat. Hi Helen, you are not alone!

Scroll through the comments here, as you will find a lot of others in similar situations and try some of the ideas I mentioned. My 9 month old son has started picking up the disolvable puff wheels. I will do the hand over hand to show him that he eats them but he just drop a them. How do i get him to at least attempt to eat them? Does he put toys or teethers into his mouth? If not, work on this during playtime. It is important that he puts things in his mouth to learn to chew.

Also, dip his hand into baby food and have him take it to his mouth. Some babies have a hard time making the connection and this can make all the difference! Thank you for replying! He has started putting toys in his mouth so hopefully we can get him on a roll. Thank you so much! Thanks for wonderful article and really need some suggestions to encourage self feeding my 26 months old daughter. She was doing better when she was around 17months like eating banana on her own and other less sticky foods.

But later she is totally reluctant to eat on her own. She only likes to eat fried items and nuts on her own. Every thing I have to feed her with my fingers even banana.

I tried spoon n fork she ate few bites initially nd later started playing with them and throwing the food on floor using the spoon. Its frustrating when it comes to her feeding time as she takes 45min to finish her proper meal. The same thing happening even with her potty which she was good at her 18 months but now it terrible: Will be waiting for your valuable suggestions.

Hi Prathima, I understand your frustration! I know this is going to sound like general advice, but consistency is king. My son is 20 months old and hes good at eating finger foods with his fingers. But not so much with the spoon. He manages to scoop some food in the spoon but as he takes in to his mouth he turns the spoon instead of keeping it straight and most of the food falls down.

When i try to put my hand on his his to show hi, he leaves the spoon and refuses to eat. And that gets me frustrated and angry at him sometimes. Another issue is that all this while he needed a distraction nursery rhymes on youtube to eat. So now when i give him his food to eat by himself he first asks for his nursery rhymes. I want to slowly get rid of this habit but he throws a tantrum and refuses to eat till its on switched on.

I am going to put him in daycare when he turns 2 and i am worried he wont eat much there. Make sure you are using a child friendly spoon with a thick handle to make it easier for him and just allow him to get messy. If you can have your own spoon and feed him some bites as well so he is still eating. He may still flip out and you may have to get through some of that.

If it is really out of control then tell him that you are going to eat first then he can watch some videos. Very helpful tips here, thank you for this article. For us, I think there are two main issues and I would be really interested in your advice. When we try to feed him, he often refuses the food, and so we have had to resort to distracting him to get the food in — either with objects he can play with or the ipad.

Any specific steps you could recommend for this?? Thank you in advance! First of all, you are not alone, many parents that have children with feeding difficulties resort to this… understandably so.

It is good that you are thinking about moving away from this and first suggestion would be to make it a gradual process. Start by waiting to give the iPAD or just move towards toys- that would be a good step as well. Also give lots of praise for anything positive he does, no matter how small. If you are in the states you could qualify for a free in home evaluation to help with feeding.

See the article index in the menu bar for Help for Infants and Toddlers. Let me know if you need more help! Hopefully the school environment is going to help him- all that structure and seeing what the other kids are doing can have a big impact. It may take a little bit of time though. As for home try to have just start somewhere. Keep mealtimes on a schedule, no snacking, and have him sit for at least the first few minutes without a major power struggle ensuing.

Think in baby steps not the end goal. Does he have an OT? If so I would ask about some possible adaptive utensils. Also, does he respond well to modeling?

I would sit right in front of him with your own spoon and model. These are wonderful tips thank you for sharing them we gave my son a spoon to explore with at every meal time when ever we spoon feed him gave him lots of praise when he would pick it up and put in his mouth.

He is at 14months now and can almost self feed he needs help geting the food on the spoon. We have been doing little things at home to build his fine motor skills.

Its like you said consistency, patience, and practicing together are the keys to progress. Hi I have a 2 yr old that refuses to eat with a spoon. He prefers to use his finger. My son is 27 months old..

He holds food in his checks and then tries to just swallow it. He does fantastic with noodles or soft moist foods ex shredded rotisserie chicken or vegetable soups. He refuses to eat if I try n make him feed himself so ice tried I spoon two times n help him do one but still no luck.

If he is behind, he is on his curve. Make sure you read my articles on Transitioning to Table Foods and Mega List of Table Foods, which you can find in the side bar or article index in the menu bar. They will be helpful.

Are you hooked into early intervention? It sounds like you could really use some more specific help. I have an article on this process as well, Help for Infant and Toddlers. In the meantime, demonstrate how to chew, put pieces right on his gums, and give him teething rings to practice chewing on.

Please let me know if you need more help! Hi Alisha, How do we get over the anxiety of having the kids choke as they learn to eat finger foods?

Our twins are about to turn 1 10 months adjusted — 32 weekers. A few weeks ago we tried giving them some puffs and they successfully choked. Since then my husband in particular is very nervous about anything other than pureed baby food. I think they need to start learning to feed themselves but how do we ensure that they do it safely, without choking? A couple of things… first, did they actually choke or just gag? Gagging is normal to some extent although can be quite scary.

Puffs dissolve with saliva and have an extremely low choking risk if any at all. If it makes you feel better break them up and place them on the sides. I would also check out my article on transitioning to table foods, you can find it in the side bar or menu bar in the article index. Without knowing more specifics I would recommend continuing to move forward and keep trying. I put the fork in my sons hand, he is 18 months, and pierce the food holding his hand with the fork.

Then he eats it and I say yay and clap. Since I have been doing this he has learned that its great to eat with his fork! If only I could stop him from trying to feed the dog… haha! My baby is almost 14 months corrected age he was born 2 months premature I have followed his corrected age regarding feeding, so we started solids at 6mo corrected, and so on… but I failed to introduce finger foods at the proper age because we were travelling. He just plays around with the food for like 1 minute or 2, crush it in his fist with a disgusted face, throwing some on the floor and then he goes on to ignore the pieces of food altogether and sits contentedly waiting for me to come with his puree and the spoon, and feed him.

Should I move on straight to the spoon? Thanks for reading through, there are a lot of repeats! You will find a lot more info there. It is true that there is a window when kids learn and are receptive so you may have a bit more work ahead of you now. Keep up with the pureed foods because he needs to eat, but keep trying the table foods ideally at each meal.

Start by following the order I describe in the post I mentioned. There is no pressure at all, but I do offer consults and have had many with parents overseas. Let me know if you need anything else! Hi I came across this post while reading some of your meal ideas for toddlers.

I have an 11 month old son and I try to get him to spoon fed and he will gladly accept the spoon to hold but once I grab his hand to help guide him in scooping the food and putting it in his mouth he gets very mad.

Yes, it is very common for babies to do this, that is okay. I would focus more on giving him a little of his own and his own spoon the way I described above.

He is so young, he has plenty of time to figure it out. Thanks for your response. Thanks for easing my mind. Hello, This my first time posting ever and I hope you will help me out. My son is 22 months. Up until recently he was under the care of grandma.

Now he is with me. He was an ok eater with grandma and on some days he is ok with me and other days he give me a very fought time. Overall he is a picky eater but there are some issues I needed helpe with. We try to keep feedings calm but his first reaction to any food is dodging it and then eventually eating. He needs to be distracted while eating otherwise he would just play with his food and not eat.

Whatever food I make for him, he usually eats bites…hardly ever eats the whole thing. Not sure what to try Your help will be greatly appreciated. First, I know you mentioned you were in canada, in a private message, and that it will take a while to get services, but I would encourage you to start the process. Try to keep meals as positive as possible and eat with him, it is important for you to eat together. Maybe you can get him to eat at a coffee table or a small table in the living room- again try everything in small steps.

See the articles at the end of eating basics also for more help. If you need more help, I am available for consultations, where we can discuss more specifics. There is no pressure at all, and I think reading through the other articles will give you a really good starting point. Even when sheais hungry she will sit n wait for me to feed her. Look through some of the comments above for some suggestions- a lot of others have asked similar questions.

It is hard to say why she is doing that. In any case take it easy and keep providing assistance along with trying some of the other strategies above. Just read it because I have been having problems getting my 3 year old son to feed himself. He knows how to do it, he just wants us or his babysitter to feed him. We have backtracked to try a slow, easy approach. He hates getting dirty and I clean him up fast in order to avoid a meltdown.

Also, help him when he spoons his yogurt by placing a napkin underneath in order to avoid it dripping on his shirt.

So I try to play around with the superhero figures while he spoons or forks. With his younger sister, I will also try and implement the two bowl approach, and let my older son see that, yes, the little one is also learning to feed herself. And, let her get messy.

I think that will be the main change. Of course, this is totally your choice, but I wanted to mention that.

I would also agree not to turn it into a power struggle and to give him his own napkin. Encourage him to wipe up his own mess, it will give him some control and responsibility. Will she let you feed her table foods? If so, start there, slowly encouraging her to feed herself. It may be nothing, but if it is something it could be overcome much more easily now.

Let me know if you need more help. I have post on early intervention under the article index in the menu bar at the top. My daughter is 8. She eats puréed food I spoon feed her but nothing else. Should I be concerned yet or just keep trying? My son will be 2 in May. He does really well with finger feeding, but when I give him utensils of any kind, he just picks them up and throws them on the floor.

He is just totally uninterested in feeding himself. How can I encourage him to try feeding himself? This behavior may just be habitual. Also, calmly but sternly tell him no and try to grab them before he throws. Also, when you introduce it, be very silly, sing a song, etc. My little boy is 2 and a half and doesnt feed himself. At the moment he is being tested for autism and also has a problem with his sight in one eye.

We have encouraged him to hold a spoon or fork whilst being fed which is a huge improvement. He does let us put food on the fork and with our hand over his, he will put it in his mouth. Thats has far as it goes at the moment. My little boy also is struggling with speech and commumication so he doesnt really understand much of what we are telling him.

He has a 7month old brother and is starting to see him put the spoon in his own mouth etc i just dont know what the next step is without him getting too upset and just refusing to eat anything. He is also a very fussy eater. It sounds like you are doing great. Every child is different and you need to meet him where he is. Keep helping him and try to pull back on how much assistance you give him to make progress.

This may take time. Foods that you cube like soft meats ham, chicken, meatball , cheeses, ripe pear, and banana all work well. My 13 month twins are pretty good with a fork, but much less so with spoons.

The food gets on those places, and it gets smeared in their hair and eyebrows, up their nose, in their eyes, and on their forearms. And halfway through they will rip off their bibs and get it on their clothes as well. The suction cup bowls are regarded as a challenge and must be pulled free before any eating commences, and since they release suddenly, the food is flung toward the ceiling with great force. But as soon as you release a hand it will be used to rub the dirty tray or dirty face.

Wipe the face first? Then immediately a dirty hand will smear more food there. Remove the tray first? Then the hands can reach the pants and feet that were completely food-free throughout the meal. Obviously, every parent needs to decide what works for them and with twins you certainly have a greater challenge. As an OT that specializes in this area and a mom that has taught two of her own kids this is what has worked for me and a variety of other parents.

I am going through the same thing, 14 month twins. They refuse to let me feed them. My son is 18 months old. We were a little late starting solids, at 6 12 months, but in the beginning he did great. Later he also really wanted to feed himself with his spoon, at about 13 months old.

He fed himself with a spoon for about 1 month and since then he has refused to do it himself. Do you have any advice? I would try giving him a suction plate with just a few pieces on it. Then slowly build up on putting more pieces on.

It will take time, but try to reinforce the rule. They can be pretty stubborn at this age. Adding to my above post: When she refuses to eat her meal do I go and prepare a safe option which I know she will eat and thus eats often? Kids like to finger feed and it is okay at her age, unless it is something messy like yogurt.

The sensory stuff is a whole different issue. See my Basics to Improve Eating at the tab on the top of the page, start trying to implement those habits and read the posts listed at the end. They are all good starting points and will give you some direction.

As you will see in the tab, always make sure you give her one thing she likes at each meal. She should at least eat her preferred food. If you need more help or suspect underlying issues I am available for consult via phone or skype- no pressure!

Let me know how it goes! Hi, great site thank you.. She will just try once the first time I give the spoon to her and then gets uninterested..

Then we hold it together like your hand on hand method a few times and it goes okey. The minute I let her be she goes back to using her fingers. That is if she is interested with her food.. She likes her food to be solid, which leaves out all the cooked mushy, fibrous, saucy kinds of foods out.. She takes out the hard skins like tomatoes or oranges and gags with green pea or bell peppers or omelettes. I want her to enjoy her meals feeding herself, and for myself not to get anxious before each meal time..

How can I get her to try feeding herself and how can we come over this sensual dislike? Hi, I am hoping you can help me! He can do it although messily but recently he has refused to eat unless I feed him. I know this is such a frustrating place to be in. I would try a new spoon and try to up the interest factor.

It may help, may not? This is probably just a phase and I would take the middle road. Help to avoid a major battle, but continually try to encourage and keep it positive. Hi, flicking through I see you are an OT….

My 18 moth old is fine eating finger foods and will take food off a spoon but only if I do it for him. He refuses to touch the spoon, shakes his head and pushes it away if I encourage him to have a go himself.

He only occasionally feeds himself a yoghurt. Any ideas how to crack this in a way I can be consistent? First, take a look at the spoons you are using, are they too hard or awkward to use- see the ones I suggested in the post for ideas. Also, try to really work on it when you have the time until he is better at it in the morning.

I wish I had a trick for you, but without being able to see him the best advice I can give is practice! Great to hear from another OT: Hi , I have a big problem as my 4 years old eats anything but she will never ever eat by herself. I have try so many things but she does not want to learn, any technic???

Would be very much appreciated. At her age, it is a little different, it is likely that she is able to actually feed herself. Also try setting up her food and then acting like you are too busy to feed her for a few minutes- see how she does. A lot of kids will get sick of waiting and get to it. Keep trying the hand over hand assistance, only putting a little in his bowl.

At this point repetition and consistency are the name of the game. My month old is a great eater, and has been eating a wide variety of finger foods for quite awhile now. However, when I let him try it himself, he holds the spoon with one hand and then uses other hand to eat the food. How should we get started with this transition? Should he be attempting to eat all food with a spoon including things that adults would eat with their hands, like apple cubes or sandwich pieces , or should we just work on this with food that adults would use utensils for?

Hi Alisha…I wanted to let you know O is now feeding herself kix, Cheerios, puffs, yogurt melts, soft noodles and small pieces of pancake. She has trouble with the wetter foods like fruits and most vegetables. It was funny…a few days after my post she started…I guess I just needed some patience.

Do you normally recommend eating solids first and then bottle feeding? When she was eating her baby food, she would eat about 2 oz after a oz bottle. Also, she just learned how to sip from a straw!! I took your recommendation and bought the take and toss cups and they worked well with her. She gets very excited using the straw and squealed with excitement when she took her first sip. She does still let a lot of the water just run out of her mouth.

We still have about another month with formula. Thanks for your help!! Yes, if they are a year old now, feed them first and start to take away one bottle at a time, replacing it with milk during their meal… once they are on milk. You can experiment with the formula in a cup, but waiting is fine, too.

It will be here before you know it. Make sure you give her at least water with meals. Hi, I am in a similar situation. My twins are about to turn 1 actual, 10 months adjusted 32 weekers. A few weeks ago we tried some finger foods for them and they choked, so we are actually nervous to let them practice with anything that they can even remotely choke on.

I am teaching my son to hold his spoon when eating pureed food and does ok with help. My daughter doesnt want to hold the spoon. I let her dip her hand into the bowl but she doesnt bring it to her mouth. You are right to be concerned and I encourage you to follow your instincts, BUT there is a window of time when babies learn to chew and it can be difficult after that.

I think it is good to keep trying, but in the right way. Have you seen my post on transitioning your baby to table foods.

There are 2 parts and you can find them in the sidebar or in the menu bar at the top under article index. It is very detailed and I think will answer all of your questions. Let me know if you have more questions! My twins are 11 months actual, 9. My little girl is struggling to self feed finger foods. She will drop it or just push her puffs around her tray. She is resistant to hand over hand assistance.

I have started focusing more on teething crackers and having her bring her spoon to her mouth with her puréed foods. She has physical therapy and has always displayed and continues to display extension patterning, but has developed good bilateral, midline play skills.

I would says she is behind with fine motor skills compared to her brother. I will also mention she is a little behind in her munch as compared to her brother, but that has definitely improved. Thanks for your help. Hi Becky, so nice to hear from a fellow OT! I would keep working at the hand over hand assistance, even if you can it in a moment here and there. You could also try putting something sticky on her hands like honey or syrup, then all those little foods will stick to her hands.

Of course, lots of fine motor play outside of meals is great, too! Thanks Alisha for your response. I will definitely keep working on the hand over hand and really like the idea of putting something sticky on her hand. I will definitely keep you posted. Ughhhh…the stresses of being a momma. Hi my Name is Naomi. My daughter will be three in February. My daughter has been struggling with on going problems with eating for a year and a half now.

At 6 months old my daughter started to eat food. She was a great eater. At 8 months she was drinking out of glasses by herself along with self feeding. I never had any problems. I just sat her in her chair and she would feed herself. This was very messy of course but no problem for me. We than moved to South America when she was 14 months old. The cultural and food is so much different here.

My in laws insisted that she was to be feed by an adult and to eat blended foods. So not only did her diet change but the texture, foods and ways of being feed. We have gone through huge swings of time periods where she will not eat anything.

Now she has been back to eating her food but with fighting about it. But I have to feed her. She is going to be three in February and I am exhausted and want my child back to self feeding. I have tried oh you take one bite and I feed you two bites and when I have done things like this she just wont eat.

I have no idea what else to do.. Sometimes this works… set up her food in front of her and act like you are really busy…. Run out like your busy and leave the spoon and bowl there. She may get started on her own. Try this a couple of times before giving up. Get back in touch if you need more help! My son is 11months and 1 week and just started on the pincer grasp. He also eats the tiny star pasta spoon fed. I think I am part of the problem as am terrified to give him anything not puréed.

I actually have a two part article that addresses your question completely. Here is the link http: My daughter is 10 months and doing well in other development areas except for feeding. I normally feed her cut up soft food like toast or pasta or fruit, etc. She would pick up the food but drop them on the floor. The only food she had held and put in her mouth are banana with peel halfway down, and baby mum mums rice husks.

And most foods she only takes 3 bites and is done. Will she eat more than 3 bites if you feed her? If not, email me so we can talk more. I would take it slow, she is really young, keep things as positive as possible. I am having a similar problem. My son will be one next week. He will only eat if he is spoon fed unless it is cheerios or something like it, ie. He picks them up with his pincher fingers and places them directly into his mouth.

If I put it on the spoon and in tiny pieces, he will then eat it. He has been walking for months. He stands at the window in daycare and watches the older class run around outside. If it were just me, I would spoon feed him as long as he wants but he so wants to be with the older kids and this is the one thing stopping him. Have you introduced a little fork he could learn to use- that may help with the texture, but it will take some time to teach him.

Join in with him a little and try to demonstrate taking it to his mouth and also giving him a little help as needed. My son turns 1 next week. My situation is a little different. He used to have no issues with a spoon at all. He will be fed with a spoon no problem but he will not by any means self feed or even pick up a spoon. When I try to put the spoon in his hand he moves his hand away and screams and cries. I think he became spoiled because he used to never have an issue grabbing the spoon during meals.

We just had lunch and it was a lot of frustration as I was making him pick up his spoon and it was extremely frustrating because he screamed and cried and threw a fit all the while I took his hand and had him grab his spoon.

Why would a baby go from being content with grabbing a spoon and me helping him self feed at like 8 months to all of a sudden, months later, hating self feeding. He holds his spoon after eating but never during eating anymore.

I would gently encourage, but not make too big of a deal about it for a month or so because he is really young. You could also try setting him up with everything then acting busy for a few minutes and seeing if he will get started himself. Give lots of praise for anything he does independently! My daughter has not really started eating with a spoon and she is turning 16 months now.

Is there hope that I will be able to teach her how to use a spoon and other utensils? Thank you so much. Oh my goodness, yes! Some formulas are a little thicker than others, especially if they contain fiber or are concentrated in calories, such as those that are 1.

You can also count the water you use toward your flushing water so you end up with the same amount of water each day. My husband gets 6 cans of Jevity 1. We have him on 3 feedings of 2 cans a day but with our schedule we are wondering if we could go to 2 feedings of 3 cans each? Thank you for your help. Thanks for your question, Arlene! It all depends on his tolerance. You could increase each feeding gradually to test it, for example start out with 2.

If you absolutely need to reduce the number of feeds to 2 per day, maybe you could still do the 3 feeds a day on some days, alternating between the 2 schedules. My husband is age 77 , bedridden,has dementia from closed head trauma due to accident in Navy. I feed him via a PEG tube. For years we gave Jevity 1. A nurse suggested we switch to Two Cal HN twice a day. I believe he has lost weight on the Two Cal.

When we feed and the amount of water given is in direct correlation to the suctionings due to phlegm in his throat. Bolus is 60ml water before, 60ml feed, 60 ml after. We wait 1 to 2 hrs between feedings until the ml can of Two Cal is gone. We give 2 cans a day. Is that enough feed and are we giving the feed and water too fast and too often? Hi Mary, thank you for your question! With the difference in treatment plans you mention, there is a deficit of calories daily.

Over time this could have led to weight loss. Was there a specific reason the change was made? He is also getting significantly less fiber. How are his bowel habits? For more calories, you could add an additional half-can of the Two Cal HN in another feeding or you could try going back back to the the 3 cans of Jevity 1.

Another option would be to syringe in a liquid protein supplement, such as Promod, which would contribute an additional calories and 10 grams of protein. I watch a 18 month old with a Mickey button. All his fluids are given through his tube, but he consumes most food orally. We give him 4ozs of pediasure at a time, every hours. I was taking my time pushing them, but his mom just pushes it all straight in, in a matter of about 2 minutes.

I started doing this as well. Thank you in advance! Hi Heather, thanks for your question! Watch for signs of intolerance, such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension or fussiness. My mom 93 years old was order 40cc of g-tube feeding. The Kangaroo feeding machine was ordered.

The machine arrived and the hospital expected the private CNA to assemble. The nurse cane out and gave my mom cc through via Bolus at one time. The next day cc although the doctor ordered 40cc per hour. A week before she had fluid removed from her lungs and scar tissue had developed. Rushed her hospital discovers fluid had build up again in her lungs.

I believe it was from the Bolus feedingof at on time which created more fluid. I am seeking answers as we speak. I am unclear what to do but I believe both times the Bolus created the problem. The additional fluid buildup in her lungs was probably more related to her medical condition than the feeding, but her pulmonary doctor should be able to explain the situation.

Our thoughts are with you, I hope she gets better! My husband has just been given a gtube still in hospital. Hi Charlotte, thank you for your question! Make sure they send you home with written instructions for the feeding plan, including water flushes. Choose a medical supply company that has a registered dietitian.

Read up before he comes home. Here are some articles to start with: In addition to support from your healthcare professionals and medical supply company, check out the Oley Foundation for information, tips and support from others who care for someone with a tube or who have a tube themselves. My 37 year old daughter, Natalie, was born with severe cerebral palsy and is now a pounds nonverbal quadriplegic. She has had a gtube for 3 months and we are still trying to adjust her feedings so my husband and I can sleep through the night.

Jevity upset her stomach in the hospital, so they changed her to Vital. She was prescribed 5 Vital cartons along with ml water daily. We have tried 3 feedings of 1. Testing for residual dictates we must wait hours between feedings. Natalie requires miralax, dulcax, and fleet enemas for her bowel to act every other day.

Her abdomen remains distended. I am so frustrated and worried I am not doing what is best for Natalie! I would appreciate any suggestions! I have lots of questions to to try and get to the bottom of this. Is your daughter on anything for gas? Ask her doctor if this might help. Is she having regular soft bowel movements? If not, maybe her bowel regimen needs to be adjusted. What amounts are you pulling out when you check residuals?

Is her abdomen distended all the time or just after feedings? How long does it take you to administer each feeding? The higher or lower from her stomach, the faster or slower it will go.

You might also check in with the doctor to see if she needs to be seen or change something about her medication regimen.

I am a support worker and have a client who is gravity peg fed…. I would like some advice if possible. Hi Lynn, thank you for your question! The total fluid he needs daily depends on several factors, such as weight, age and medical conditions. The amount he can tolerate at one time probably varies but you can think about it like this: Most people might not feel great after downing this amount of liquid quickly.

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