The Importance of Nutrition in Early Childhood Development

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Nutrition and Early Brain Development
However, several factors influence whether nutrient deficiencies during this period cause permanent cognitive deficits in human populations, including the child's interaction with the environment, the timing and degree of nutrient deficiency, and the possibility of recovery. Another way that nutrition and stimulation may interact is that nutritional supplementation may only positively affect development among children who receive a certain amount of stimulation from the environment. Effect of pre- and postnatal essential fatty acid deficiency on brain development and myelination. In a large trial in Guatemala, pregnant women and their children up to the age of 7 years were provided with a milk-based high protein and energy drink with micronutrients or a low protein and energy drink with micronutrients. Role of nutrients in the development of neonatal immune response. Long-term effects include low achievement in school, emotional problems, and poor health. Vitamin B 6 and cognitive development:

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Nutrition and brain development in early life.

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