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At the same time, Jason was determined to get some answers and went to Cassadine Island to confront Helena. Weaver, who took home this year's Young Artist Award. Life changed for Jason again when Sonny handed over control of his empire to Jason, and Carly named Jason as the father of her unborn child. Jason sat with Monica and talked about when he'd first woken up from his coma after the life-altering car accident with A. The biotoxin was released inside General Hospital and was contained inside separate spheres. See questions and answers.

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The celebration of Jason and Sam's engagement was cut short when Monica arrived for a visit. Luke's wife, Tracy Quartermaine, had accidentally told Monica that Jake had been her grandson. Jason listened as Monica explained what having a grandchild would have meant to her, and she gave Jason a picture of himself as a child. Monica was shocked she had not seen the resemblance between Jake and Jason because they looked almost identical. The news of Jason and Sam's engagement slowly leaked out.

Carly was not thrilled to hear about the engagement from Elizabeth instead of Jason and was hurt when Jason and Sam set some boundaries with her. Sam and Jason believed Carly had not understood their conversation about boundaries when, as Sam and Jason discussed wedding dates, Carly barged into Jason's penthouse and declared that Jax was back in town and likely out to kidnap Josslyn.

Despite Sam's plea for Jason to stay with her, he left with Carly, and they raced across town to prevent Jax from taking Josslyn. On the way to Carly's home, Jason and Carly were in a car accident. Carly suffered a broken wrist, and Jason was rendered unconscious. The initial scans of Jason's brain appeared to be clear, but Jason continued to have head pain, and he collapsed and experienced seizures after he regained consciousness.

Robin Scorpio-Drake found a speck on an image of Jason's brain that she believed was a piece of the dashboard from Jason's original car accident with A.

She theorized the recent car accident had caused the particle to shift, and it would continue to cause seizures unless it was removed. The risk of the surgery was that it could cause a personality shift similar to the personality change Jason had experienced after his car accident with A.

Sam and Jason discussed the risks and jointly decided Jason would undergo the procedure to remove the dashboard particle. Jason survived the surgery and woke up with his life and memories as Jason Morgan intact, and he was determined to keep his September wedding date to Sam. As the wedding date drew near, Edward visited Jason and presented him with Lila's wedding ring and asked that the ring be given to Sam. Jason thanked his grandfather and said he would be honored to give Sam his grandmother's ring.

Even though the ring issue was resolved, other problems with the wedding plans occurred, and Sam started to believe the wedding was jinxed after Jason walked in and saw her in her dress. Jason convinced Sam to join him on a motorcycle ride, and they ended up at a Chinese restaurant.

While they lamented their desire to simply be married, the grandson of the restaurant owner revealed that he was an ordained minister.

Since Jason had the marriage license with him, he and Sam were married in the courtyard of the restaurant. The next day, Sam and Jason showed up together for their wedding and announced that they were already married, but they invited their friends and family to join them for a reception at the Chinese restaurant where they had married the night before. Afterwards, Jason and Sam embarked on their honeymoon to Hawaii. The honeymoon was interrupted when Carly arrived and announced that Franco had made contact with her and might have followed Sam and Jason to Hawaii.

Jason was unable to find any evidence of Franco, and Carly returned home. They were unaware that Franco watched their every move via small cameras planted in the villa. Franco drugged Sam and Jason and rendered them each unconscious.

When Jason awoke, he found himself trapped in a room and was forced to watch on a monitor as Franco sexually assaulted Sam while she was in a drug-induced state. Jason eventually broke free and made his way to Sam, but Franco had already disappeared. Sam could not clearly remember what had happened, so Jason told her what Franco had done. Both Jason and Sam continued to feel the effects of their ordeal with Franco, although they decided not to share what had happened with anyone.

Sam was anxious and jumpy, while Jason exhibited bouts of violence and blamed himself for not being able to protect Sam. The outbursts of anger increased as Franco left graffiti tags around the city, which included a message about creation, and left Jason a personal message in which he hinted that Sam might be pregnant. Before Jason had a chance to discuss the chances of Franco fathering a child with Sam, he was knocked unconscious after he was forced off the road to avoid hitting Michael.

He was checked out at the hospital and left to go after Franco after he was released. He confronted Franco with a gun and shot him. Before he died, Franco told Jason that Jason would never know why Franco had entered his life. Jason responded that he did not care, and he set fire to Franco's studio.

When Jason returned home, Sam shared the news that she was pregnant and that Franco could have fathered the child. They decided to have a paternity test run before they decided what to do or made the news public. The test revealed that Jason was the child's father. Although they were thrilled with the news, their celebration was put on hold when Jason suffered another health crisis and was diagnosed with brain swelling.

Jason's condition was inoperable, and Jason's best chance for survival was Robin. She believed she could develop a drug protocol that Patrick could implant in Jason's brain to alleviate the swelling. As they waited for Robin to develop a medication, Jason experienced frequent seizures. His condition worsened, and he received another package from Franco. It was a video of Jason as an infant.

Jason asked Spinelli to investigate the video, and he asked Monica to look after Sam and his unborn child if he did not survive. While Jason continued to wait for Robin's drug protocol, he felt an explosion rock the hospital. Sam explained that there had been an explosion in the lab, but Robin was fine and had completed the medication for him.

Jason underwent the surgery, which Patrick performed. While Jason was unconscious, he had a vision of Robin. After he awoke from the surgery, he asked to see Robin, but Sam explained that she was not available. As Jason recovered, he learned from Carly that Robin had died in a lab explosion when she had gone back into the lab to retrieve Jason's medication.

Jason was furious when he realized that Sam had kept him sheltered from the truth because she had believed he was not strong enough to handle Robin's death in his condition.

Jason stormed off to attend Robin's funeral, but by the time he arrived, the funeral was over. He went to a bridge that held special meaning for him and Robin and ran into Elizabeth there. It was also the one-year anniversary of Jake's death, and they grieved together.

When Jason returned home, he forgave Sam. In the aftermath of Robin's death, Jason threw himself back into work and focused on helping Sonny deal with the latest threat, a man from Sonny's past named Lieutenant John McBain from the Llanview Police Department. John also impacted Jason's marriage when Sam admitted that she had met John after Robin's funeral, and he had listened to her concerns about her relationship with Jason.

Upon Jason's request, Sam agreed to stay away from John in case he planned to use her to gain information on Jason. Jason and Sam moved forward in making plans for their child, and Sam went to New York to investigate the video footage Franco had sent to them.

Sam learned that Heather Webber had been present at the time of Jason's birth and that Jason's mother had passed out immediately after Jason had been born. While his mother had been unconscious, she had delivered another son, and Heather had sold the baby to the delivery nurse. The other child was Franco. Sam realized that the original DNA test would no longer rule Franco out as the father, since he and Jason were twins.

When Sam told Jason about Franco and the baby's paternity, he was furious that she had kept secrets from him again and had turned to John instead of to him.

When Jason recovered from the shock, Sam asked Jason if he could raise the baby as his own, but he was unable to make that promise. Sam moved out of the penthouse and into the same hotel where John was staying. While she continued to confide in her new neighbor, Jason shared the details of his marriage with Elizabeth. She encouraged him to work things out with Sam, but they continued to slip farther apart after Ronnie Dimestico took Sam hostage.

When Jason learned that Sam was in danger, he raced to save her, but when he arrived, he learned that John had already rescued her.

While Jason struggled to deal with the baby's paternity, Jason paid Monica a visit and shared the news about Franco and Sam's baby. Monica reminded Jason that she had been in the same position of being asked to raise a child that was not biologically hers when Jason had entered her life. She reassured Jason that he would fall in love with the child because the baby would be a part of Sam the same way she had fallen in love with Jason because he was a part of Alan.

While Jason considered Monica's advice, he ordered two of his men to send a message to John in the way of a beating. As the men left to complete the task, Carly arrived and convinced Jason to fix things with Sam. Unbeknownst to Jason, Sam had given birth to her child prematurely with John's help during a severe storm.

When Jason arrived at the hotel where Sam had been staying, she was already gone. John arrived and explained that Sam had given birth to a son, and he had left her briefly to get a car to take them to the hospital, but he had been attacked. They assumed that Sam had ventured out with her baby. Sam had tried to take her son to the hospital, but the road she'd needed had been closed. She found shelter in an abandoned cabin, but the ordeal of giving birth took its toll on her, and she passed out.

Jason found her and a newborn baby boy at the cabin. He checked on the baby and realized that he could have loved the child, but it was too late because the baby was dead. When Sam regained consciousness, Jason told her that the baby had died, but when she looked at the baby, she insisted that the baby in front of her was not the child she had given birth to.

Sam eventually accepted the death of her son, but she believed that he might have survived if she had gotten him to the hospital.

Sam pushed Jason away and blamed him for her son's death after she learned that Jason was the reason John had been unable to transport her and her son to the hospital. Jason tried to grieve with Sam and asked her to move back in with him, but she refused. Eventually, Sam and Jason shared their feelings for one another and admitted that they were still in love. However, Sam also acknowledged that she could not forgive Jason for the role he might have played in the death of her son, and she announced that it was time to end their marriage.

The divorce was temporarily put on hold when Jerry Jacks returned to town and poisoned the town's water supply with a deadly toxin. Jerry held the counteragent for ransom, and Jason suspected that the man Elizabeth was seeing, Dr. Ewen Keenan, was somehow involved with Jerry. Jason warned Elizabeth of his suspicions but she decided to trust Ewen instead.

Ewen sensed that Jason was a threat to his relationship, and he realized that Elizabeth's trust in him had started to waver. Ewen kidnapped Elizabeth and vowed to be the one to save her from the toxin. While the residents of Port Charles began to show signs of illness due to the toxin, Jason learned that Ewen had kidnapped Elizabeth, and he raced to her rescue.

When Jason found them, Ewen fired a bullet into Jason's leg while Jason fired a return shot of his own into Ewen's chest. Elizabeth was grateful that Jason had rescued her, and he allowed Elizabeth to take him to the hospital to have his leg examined. At the hospital, Jason and Sam were reunited, and Sam shared with Jason how she imagined their life might have been if she had never learned that Franco was Jason's brother and the father of her child.

She shared her fantasy of a life with Jason that included children. Afterwards, Jason and Sam asked Patrick if there had ever been a chance that Sam's baby would have survived if he had received medical attention sooner.

Patrick revealed that Sam's baby had hemophilia and would not have survived, regardless of the circumstances surrounding his birth.

After Sam left, Jason reviewed the medical records for the baby and discovered a discrepancy with the blood type. He also noticed that Sam's memories of giving birth to a son that was breathing well conflicted with the hemophilia. Jason privately asked Spinelli to look into the possibility that Sam's initial belief that her son had not died was correct. However, Heather Webber gained access to the child and kidnapped him before Jason was able to reunite Sam with her son.

While the authorities worked to locate Heather and the baby, Jason told Sam that her son was alive. Together they confronted Heather on the roof of the hospital and begged her to hand over their child. Heather refused, and she planned to take the baby with her when she jumped off the rooftop of the hospital. Jason pulled the child to safety and reunited Sam with her son. She named the child Daniel Edward, and Jason asked Sam to move back in with him so they could raise Daniel Edward together and have the family they had always dreamed of.

Sam agreed to move back in with Jason as his wife, but things took a dramatic turn on their first night home. He received a call from his associate Bernie Abrahms and left Sam and Danny to meet with Bernie on the pier. Joe pulled a gun on Jason, but Jason fired first and shot Joe. After Jason was shot, he fell into the harbor and was presumed dead, although his body was not found.

In March , Victor Cassadine returned to Port Charles and revealed to Robin Scorpio Drake that he had rescued Jason's body from the harbor and preserved him in a cryogenic state.

Robin was able to revive Jason, but Victor separated them immediately and revealed that he had a use for Jason's special skills. Jason used those skills to escape from Victor and made an attempt to rescue Robin, but Helena Cassadine captured them both. Jason's injuries were severe, and he required several surgeries, including facial reconstruction. When he awoke, he was unable to remember his identity but sensed something familiar about Elizabeth and the name Jake, which he took as his name until his real identity could be uncovered.

When "Jake" was released from the hospital, he moved in with Elizabeth while he tried to recover his memory. He experienced flashes of recent events that he did not remember, unaware that he had been brainwashed.

He was programmed to follow orders given by Helena Cassadine. Per Helena's instructions, he freed Cesar Faison from police custody; he held Sam at gunpoint and shot Nathan West in the process.

When Sam suspected that "Jake" had been the masked man that had committed those crimes, he was offended by her accusations and claimed they were false. Both Carly and Elizabeth defended "Jake" against Sam's allegations, and he appreciated their support until he started to doubt himself after he experienced flashes of events he did not remember.

While still under Helena's directive, he broke into Sam's penthouse with the intention of killing her. He fought his orders and left Sam alive but did follow through when instructed to place a bomb on the Haunted Star.

With Sam's help, "Jake" remembered the bomb before there were any casualties. He underwent surgery, and the microchip Helena had used to control him was removed. Police Commissioner Kyle Sloane dropped all the charges against him after "Jake" agreed to work undercover inside the Jerome organization.

As "Jake" was released from the hospital, Elizabeth declared her feelings for him. Before they could get a relationship off the ground, a woman named Hayden Barnes arrived and announced that she was "Jake's" wife. Hayden told "Jake" about their life together and produced several artifacts and documents that supported her claim, although nothing sparked "Jake's" memory.

The lack of familiarity "Jake" experienced with Hayden was explained when Carly exposed the truth about his supposed wife. Ric had paid Hayden to act as "Jake's" wife so that Elizabeth would be free. As soon as the truth was revealed, "Jake" and Elizabeth became lovers. One night, "Jake" was in the wrong place at the wrong time when Duke Lavery was killed, prompting the police to arrest him. When Julian questioned "Jake" about his arrest, "Jake" explained he'd picked up a gun near a pool of blood in the parking garage, and Nathan had assumed that "Jake" had shot Duke.

Suspicious, Julian questioned how "Jake" had gotten out of jail. Julian decided to have a couple of guards keep an eye on "Jake. Sam urged "Jake" to clear his name, fearing Sonny would be gunning for him, but Hayden arrived to announce that she knew "Jake's" true identity and promised that it would impact him and Sam.

However, Sonny had sent Shawn to the garage to kill "Jake," but Hayden ended up shot in the head. Before Hayden passed out, she told Sam and "Jake" that others knew who "Jake" really was.

Shawn assumed that he was the only shooter and confessed to his crime. He was unaware that Nikolas had also sent an assassin to keep Hayden quiet. After "Jake" cleared his name, he decided to focus on Elizabeth and build a new life with her. A short time later, Elizabeth received a miracle when Lucky found out that Helena had kidnapped Jason and Elizabeth's son and held him captive on Cassadine Island.

Elizabeth was overjoyed when she was reunited with little Jake. Eventually, "Jake" proposed to Elizabeth, and she accepted. Carly told "Jake" it was a mistake, but "Jake" insisted that he loved Elizabeth and was eager to share his future with her. On pier 54, while Sam and "Jake" were discussing Nikolas, they heard a shot. When "Jake" applied pressure to Sonny's wound, Sonny seemed to recognize his old friend, but everyone brushed it off as delirium. In the hospital, Sonny asked to see "Jake" to thank him for showing up in time to help with T.

Sonny was heavily medicated and groggily told "Jake," "I could always count on you, Jason. One the night of what would have been Jason and Sam's wedding anniversary, "Jake" bumped into Sam at the Noodle Buddha. As Sam talked about her wedding to Jason, "Jake" experienced a brief flashback of inviting Sam on a motorcycle ride. Sam said part of her believed that Jason was still alive.

Yi stepped out and offered to renew their vows. On "Jake" and Elizabeth's wedding day, "Jake" stopped to help Carly, who'd been in a car accident. Carly showed him a computer reconstruction of "Jake's" face that Spinelli had made based off "Jake's" X-rays when he'd first turned up in Port Charles.

Jason raced to the church to call off his wedding to Elizabeth because he was still legally married to Sam. Unaware that Elizabeth had known the truth, Jason stayed with Elizabeth because he was still in love with her. However, things began to crumble as Jason began to reacquaint himself with his loved ones. Little Jake began to act out when he sensed that Sam wanted his father back. At the same time, Jason was determined to get some answers and went to Cassadine Island to confront Helena.

Helena was on her deathbed, but she still managed to thwart Jason's efforts by keeping Nikolas and Elizabeth's secret -- and cursing Sam and her loved ones to never find happiness.

Sam suspected that Elizabeth and Nikolas had known the truth about Jason, and she pressured Elizabeth to tell the truth. Eventually, Elizabeth admitted she'd known who Jason was since the Nurses Ball, when Nikolas had told her. Jason walked out on Elizabeth but promised to remain a part of their son's life. Jason's anger toward Nikolas mounted until one night, Jason and Nikolas had an altercation on Metro Court Restaurant's terrace.

During the violent struggle, Nikolas tumbled over the terrace but survived when he landed on an awning. Jason was arrested but later released when it was determined that Nikolas had instigated the fight.

Sometime later, Jason encountered Robin on the footbridge. Jason recognized her, but his memory of her remained hazy. Robin told him how they'd met on the footbridge when she'd been contemplating suicide, and he had stopped her.

Jason was ashamed that he'd given her up to work for Sonny, but she insisted that he'd been true to himself. After Robin kissed his cheek and said goodbye, Jason had a flashback of Robin talking to him long before that evening, telling him to have faith in his future. Jason and Sam slowly began to reconnect as he adjusted to his new life. Little Jake resented Sam for a while but eventually grew to accept that Jason loved her and not Elizabeth.

However, tensions mounted between Jason and Elizabeth when little Jake gravitated toward his art therapist -- Franco. Jason noticed that Elizabeth also had a fondness for the ex-serial killer and made it clear that he did not want Franco around Jake. One night, Jason was riding his motorcycle when he crashed into a prison transport van that had swerved into Jason's path.

Jason suffered a head injury, but managed to find Dante pinned halfway under the truck with a pen stuck in his shoulder. Jason pulled Dante out from under the truck seconds before it exploded. Jason shared the news with Sam, but she asked him for a divorce because she wanted them to have a fresh start. Along with the happy memories, Jason recalled his regrets, especially not being by his father's side when Alan had died.

Monica assured her beloved son that Alan had known that Jason had loved him. Jason reconnected with the people from his past and moved into a small apartment as he and Sam began to date again. Nikolas was livid because the loss of ELQ had left Nikolas penniless. Desperate to salvage what was left of the Cassadine legacy, Nikolas stole a diamond necklace from his wife that Hayden had kept hidden because the FBI had been looking for it.

Nikolas then set out to frame Hayden for his murder with the intention of disappearing and reuniting with Spencer at a later date. Nikolas' plan went awry when Jason walked into the trap and was arrested for Nikolas' murder. Jason and Sam were determined to clear Jason's name and soon realized that Nikolas was alive. After the storm passed, Dante, Lulu, Kevin, and Laura arrived looking for Nikolas because Spencer had confessed that Nikolas was alive.

Things took a dangerous turn when Theo was revealed to be Valentin Cassadine -- the most feared Cassadine of all. Valentin and his men quickly took everyone hostage and forced Nikolas to sign over all Cassadine holdings to Valentin. Once Nikolas signed the papers, Valentin murdered his nephew.

Jason and Sam managed to break free, and with the help of the other hostages, turned the tables on Valentin and his men. After the hostages escaped on a jet piloted by Jason, they realized that Valentin had sabotaged the jet to crash. Luckily, all the hostages survived and were rescued by Greek authorities.

After everyone returned home, Sam found out that she was pregnant. There was a brief concern that she might have been exposed to malaria, but tests proved that she was fine.

Sam shared the news with Jason. Overjoyed, Jason proposed to Sam, and she happily accepted. Jason and Sam decided to keep Sam's pregnancy a secret. Jason and Sam told Sonny and Carly they were getting married. Carly offered Greystone Manor for a private wedding. Jason and Sam accepted graciously. Jason asked Sonny to be his best man. Sonny said he'd be honored. When Sam returned, Jason revealed that Sonny had agreed to be his best man. Sam reported that Alexis had agreed to be her matron of honor, but they still needed someone to marry them.

Jason promised he had it covered. Jason surprised Sam with food from the Noodle Buddha and admitted he'd remembered their second wedding a couple of days before the fifth anniversary of their first wedding. Sam and Jason arrived at Greystone Manor and realized they were overdressed.

Once they changed, Jason told Sonny what Sonny's friendship meant to him. Sonny was very touched and assured Jason that he loved Jason like a brother. After the photos had been taken, Jason led Sam to the foyer, and Sam squealed with joy when she saw Spinelli. Spinelli revealed that he would officiate their wedding. A few minutes later Sam appeared in the doorway, prepared to walk down the aisle.

Spinelli joined Sam and Jason in marriage at Greystone Manor before a small gathering of loved ones. Spinelli noticed Sam didn't drink. Sam and Jason announced that they were expecting. Jason received a call from Franco, who shared that Elizabeth had been hurt. Jason met Franco at the hospital. Franco disclosed that Elizabeth had been pushed down a flight of stairs, and her spleen had ruptured.

When Jason asked for an update, Griffin confirmed what Franco had told him. Griffin said Elizabeth's situation was grim because she had a rare blood type and needed a transfusion. Jason took Jake to the park to explain Elizabeth's condition to him. When Jason returned to the hospital, Franco advised Jason to prepare himself to break the news to Jake if the worst happened.

Jason reassured Jake that he would not be separated from Cameron and Aiden if anything happened to Elizabeth. Jason told Jake that he loved him; Jake smiled and hugged Jason. Jason bumped into Franco, who updated Jason on Elizabeth's condition. Franco shared that Hayden had provided the much-needed blood donation. Jason wanted Franco to leave Elizabeth alone, since she had enough to deal with.

Franco countered that Elizabeth had chosen to be with him, and Jason needed to respect her choice. While at the hospital, Jason learned that Monica had been attacked by the serial killer and had been taken to intensive care.

Jason entered Monica's room and asked Tracy how his mother was doing. Jason sat with Monica and talked about when he'd first woken up from his coma after the life-altering car accident with A. Jason recalled how Monica had begged him to return to the family and how much he'd resented it, but he finally understood the pain Monica had endured because he was a father.

Jason told Monica that he and Sam were pregnant and that he'd do anything for his children, just like Monica had done for him. He thanked her and gently stroked her hand.

Monica's eyes fluttered open when Jason said he and his children needed her. Jason advised Monica to take it easy and asked if she was in pain. She said she was tired and wondered why she was in a hospital bed. Jason explained that she'd been injected with derisifol. Jason said it had happened in her office. Jason stepped out and asked if Dante had seen Tracy because Monica was awake.

Dante told Jason that Sabrina had been strangled to death. Jason wondered if it had been the same person who had attacked Monica. Jason went to check on Michael, and as he entered, he heard Tracy tell Michael that Sabrina had saved Monica's life. After Tracy left, Jason and Michael went to talk to Dante, who said it appeared that Sabrina had been killed because she'd caught the killer leaving Monica's office.

Dante and Jason asked if Monica recalled anything about the attack. Monica recalled the smell of cologne or aftershave, and it had seemed familiar. She believed someone who'd been at the Quartermaine mansion had worn it.

At home, Sam confessed to Jason that she was concerned about Alexis' drinking because Julian had turned her life into a nightmare. Jason said that Julian's best option was to leave town before Sonny did anything. Jason suggested that Sam talk to Julian, but Sam doubted that Julian would listen. Jason found Sonny at Volonino's Gym and saw a man Sonny had been talking to leave.

Jason warned Sonny that Carly and the police would suspect Sonny if anything happened to Julian. Jason asked if Sonny would be satisfied if Julian just disappeared, and he shared Sam's efforts to talk to Julian.

Sonny felt he had to make a move, or he'd be seen as weak. The courts had failed to handle the situation. Jason offered to look into the broker Sonny had hired, but Sonny said there was no one in his organization as capable as Jason.

Alexis informed Jason that Valentin was back in town, and all criminal charges against him had been dropped in the US and Greece. Alexis also said that Valentin had taken up permanent residence in Port Charles. Jason refused to allow Valentin to pose a threat to his family. Sam didn't want Jason jeopardizing their future and asked him not to do anything.

Jason took Sam to the hospital when she doubled over in pain. They learned the baby was fine, and it had been round ligament pain and nothing serious. Jason told Sam he was concerned about Alexis because she hadn't returned his calls.

He left to check on Alexis. When Jason arrived at Alexis' home, he found Valentin there and immediately threatened Valentin. Alexis assured Jason that everything was fine. After Valentin left, Jason urged her to call him if Valentin approached her. Alexis told Jason that Valentin had promised to leave town if she could prove that Spencer was the rightful heir.

After Morgan stole Julian's car and Jason saw him die in a fiery bomb explosion, Jason investigated to find out who was responsible. In the parking garage of Metro Court, Jason demanded to know why Pete had left Julian's car unattended. A gunshot rang out, and Pete was killed before he had a chance to speak. Jason ran for cover and called while looking around for the shooter. Once he'd made the call, he put on his gloves and searched Pete's body. He found Pete's phone.

Curtis arrived and asked to see Pete's phone. When a cop asked Jason to give his statement, Curtis covertly returned Pete's phone to Jason. Jason gave his statement about the events leading to Pete's death. At home Jason told Sam that Pete had been killed before saying anything. Jason suspected that Pete had turned a blind eye to the person who had planted the bomb. Sam told Jason that Pete had been talking to an escort service when Sonny had called off the hit.

Jason wondered if one of Julian's many enemies had order the hit on Julian. Jason met the broker at Sonny's house and demanded to know how the bomb had gotten into Julian's car. Jason asked why the hit had still happened after it had been called off. The broker didn't believe the contractor had carried out the hit because they didn't deal with bombs, and the hit had been done by an amateur.

Jason asked Max to make sure the broker gave him the number of the contractor and left for Morgan's memorial. At Morgan's memorial, Sonny said that Morgan's death had been his fault. Jason got up and stopped Sonny from saying anything further. Sonny was arrested, and in the interrogation room, Jason told Sonny not to talk to the police until Diane arrived. Jason updated Sonny on what he'd found out about the bomb and that Sonny's hit had been called off before the bomb had been placed in Julian's car.

Jason told Carly that the bomb had been planted on someone else's order and promised he'd find Morgan's killer.

Jason asked Carly to go see Sonny because he was alone at the police station and grieving. Carly was the only person who understood Sonny's pain. Jason told Sonny that he'd discovered the car bomb had had nothing to do with Sonny or his contract. Jason promised he'd find out who had planted the bomb.

Jason asked if Sonny knew who Oscar Jessup was. Sonny said Oscar had done some work for the Jeromes. Jason advised Sonny not to say anything at his arraignment that he couldn't take back. Sam got in touch with Spinelli and later informed Jason that Oscar Jessup had been dead since They wondered who had called Pete. Jessup's phone bill had been paid online from an account in China. Curtis arrived with footage from the businesses around the Floating Rib.

Curtis said Julian had fired him, and he offered to team up with Jason to figure out who had planted the bomb. They shook hands and agreed to work together. They agreed that the van had parked in front of the camera on purpose. Curtis informed Jason and Sam that the businesses around the Floating Rib hadn't had any deliveries scheduled the day the bomb had been planted. Sam checked the business name on the van, and that business did not exist.

Curtis said Julian had denied knowing Oscar Jessup and had promptly fired Curtis when he'd mentioned the name. Jason updated Curtis on the information they had about Oscar Jessup. Did We Miss Something? Let us know if we are missing any information in this profile. Scan the many branches of the Quartermaine family tree. Read up on dozens of other past and present GH characters. Character profiles Cast and credits About the Actors: GH previews, teasers, and spoilers The Scoop: GH vet Susan Brown has died.

Week of Sep Who's Who in Port Charles. Who's Who for other soaps. Learn more about Steve Burton. Review more past GH news headlines. Is Bryan Dattilo out at Days of our Lives? Kirsten Storms addresses rumors that she's exiting General Hospital. Marci Miller wraps up her time as Days of our Lives' Abigail.

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