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To find your height under the metric system, use centimeters to measure your height. Thanks for sharing such a good information If it works for her, great, but I would not want to live like that. They will also use other things in their assessment. Hope I was able to answer queries. Who gets to decide that?

Problems With The BMI Chart

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See if you are over weight, the right weight for height or under weight. The questions what's my ideal weight, how much should I weigh, are answered and ideal body weight is explained.

This is a complex subject and before coming to any conclusion it is important to consider firstly how happy you are with your body and secondly the ratio of fat to muscle. An ideal body weight calculator fails to take into account that the weight on the scales does not tell you whether you are carrying too much or too little body fat.

So, when you ask yourself the question, what's my ideal weight? Ask yourself how you look and feel - a bit flabby, or strong and toned. If you have a strong, toned body the right weight for you may be at the higher end of the ideal weight range given for you on the height and weight chart. If you have wobbly bits, your ideal weight is likely to be at the lower end of the range on the height and weight chart. This is because muscle weighs more per square inch than fat - so a 12 stone muscular person would look slim, but a twelve stone unmuscular person of the same height would look plump!

If your body weight is in the right range, and you think you just need to tone up, we have found an excellent resource in Fitness for Life great for beginners, it takes the mystery out fitness in an easy to understand and entertaining way. If you fall into the ideal weight range on the weight calculator, flabby or not, your weight is considered healthy.

It's not until you get seriously over weight a stone or more above the ideal weight for your height that there may be negative health implications. If you are within this healthy weight range then how much should I weigh becomes more a question of how you want to look and feel. Most health professionals agree that the best way to get to your ideal weight is through following a diet based on healthy eating principles, and by becoming more active. Although most of us really try to get enough sleep, studies show that too many of us miss the mark way too….

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The Body Mass Index calculator is a tool designed to help you better manage one specific aspect of your health — the amount of body fat you have on your physical frame. By entering your weight and height into a BMI Calculator, you will be given an index number.

This number provides you with a very important piece of information about your general health. And being better informed about your health gives you the power to make positive changes.

The higher your BMI number, the higher your risk for diseases such as cardiovascular disease, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and even cancer. The wonderful news is that even a small reduction in body fat will also reduce your overall risk for diseases. This does not mean that a very low index number means a healthy weight. In fact, if the number gets too low, it may be an indicator of an eating disorder or some other underlying physical illness.

The calculator is easy to use, it provides your index number quickly, and requires no expense on your part. These are the primary advantage of using a BMI calculator instead of other body fat measurement methods. The other methods are more intrusive, could require a medical visit, will take longer to get results, or may require the need for experts with specialized equipment.

Using a BMI calculator on a regular basis and tracking your index numbers over a period of time can also be very helpful. By using the categories provided with your number, you can not only track changes, but you can also see if you are moving between the predefined categories. The body mass index is a comparison of your weight to your height. A higher BMI number usually correlates to a higher percent of body fat. The concept behind the BMI is simply the idea that someone who is shorter than average should also have a lower weight than someone who is taller than average.

For example, someone who is shorter than average and weighs 70 kilograms will have a higher BMI number than someone half a metre higher, but who also weighs 70 kilograms. You can use the index number to learn more about your health, but it is not intended to provide an absolute diagnosis. Bedsides the index number, other factors must be taken into account before determining if a health issue truly exists. This includes age, gender, ethnic origin and level of fitness. The BMI index number is not very accurate when used with young children, growing children or those who are pregnant.

A perfect example of another exception is a body builder.

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