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NutriSystem Family Plan NutriSystem Family Plan is designed to support families to lose weight and avail special discounts that could help you save a bit. This is just a fact of life that we have to accept as food is prepared by humans and as humans we are prone to errors occasionally. Chicago 5, posts, read 13,, times Reputation: That was two months ago and I still keep to my right weight, eating right and exercising. Due to the issue above I really want to taste 4 of the dinners so I can edit them in my next shipment ASAP and Im curious but if I eat one for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack, can I just eat a breakfast, lunch or snack entree for dinner the next 3 days to even it out or will I screw it up?

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I hope you find them useful:. Not bad mind you or nasty-tasting, just bland. You may feel like you need more zip to the food. You may be left wanting a little bit…more. Learn to use spices liberally — they are allowed on this diet unless you have an allergy to them. I am lost without my dill and garlic. And onion powder with lime can change an entire meal for me.

Or for extra zest, why not add some chilli peppers to the dish? These spices can turn a regular chicken dish into a restaurant-like treat. Your food satisfaction rating will be much higher, making it easier to stick to the plan. When I was really hungry I just threw together a quick salad — and even threw some of my chicken parmesan entree on top. Have veggies you can grab and nosh on in a pinch. You also need them to add to your lunches and dinners like for side dishes. This will keep your tummy happy satisfied — not to mention healthier.

And it will also get you closer to your goal quicker. The experts at Nutrisystem want you to get about 30 minutes of fitness activity every day. But I found I got faster weight loss success once I started doing half an hour to 45 minutes on my treadmill before breakfast every morning. Do you have to workout in the morning? No, it just worked out for me that way.

What you do might be different. Whenever I needed to use some extra protein for salads, it was in the fridge ready for me. There was no waiting and hunger is history! Simple, quick and convenient.

But I really loved using the Nutrisystem App. You can watch your progress, snacks etc and get an idea of where you are which is very inspirational, trust me.

Sure Nutrisystem has some delicious snacks like chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon buns. So those are 6 ways to get more out of your Nutrisystem diet experience. Hopefully these will help you progress faster towards your weight loss goal. They can also help you do the diet with less pain and hassle. There are lots of great reviews out there from people who have tried the diet and lost weight. Some have even started blogs with tips and tricks to help other people succeed.

But what if you want some visual inspiration and motivation to lose weight? What if you want to see what Nutrisystem can really do for you? What about the food? Also makes great parmesan chicken. I microwave it about three minutes, split it and thenpop it in the toaster over to crisp it a bit! I recommend taking the bun off andtoasting it and then microwave the patty. I have this two ways -either with mustard, pickles and onions or lettuce, tomato and a tinybit of mayo.

I seriously could eat these several times a week. I like to add lettuce , tomato, onion and a slice of avocado. I prefer this over any fast food burger!

This one is very herbal and filled with cheese and chicken. The melts are not for everyone because of the breading but I love them. I microwave mine wrapped in a paper towel as directed but I only microwave it for one minute and then flip it over and do the other 25 seconds.

Fiesta Mac and Cheese: While the portion size is large in comparison to the other entrees, this is not at all what I expected. The macaroni is incredibly mushy. Turkey Sausage and Bacon Rigatoni: Just not something I will keep on my regular order. Many of the Nutrisystem meals get overall very positive reviews from dieters. And to be fair, here are some of the Nutrisystem meals and snacks that have some of the least positive reviews:.

Here are some really good Nutrisystem Reviews videos. The first is a good overall review of the diet, how it works and what you get:. And this one from a lady who shows you the foods you get and gives you a review of how they taste:. Well, everyone is different — and plan is not right for everyone.

I chose it because it was simple and easy to follow. Plus they let you eat chocolate — and even some of the chocolate shakes are surprisingly good. So I liked that I could lose weight and still have my treats. It made it easier for me to make my mind up about that company and I believe it must help a ton of other people out there struggling with weight loss to see there really is a solution that looks like it works for most of those who wrote in.

Thanks for telling it like it is, both to the author of this blog and all the folks who told their own personal stories.

I was seriously considering trying one of the Nutrisystem diets until I saw some websites that had tons of complaints from customers about a variety of things they were finding wrong with the company and its diets.

I was quite disheartened by all the negative mud slinging that I found. It was only when I read your review here and then all the comments by real customers who had a mixture of great success and failure that I realized that most of those complaints were from people who just need to complain about anything and everything.

Most of their failures were self inflicted — I can see that now. This is what we, prospective customers, need from a review — not a collection of empty complaints but constructive criticism where its needed and truthful and accurate information about what to expect so that we can go in with our eyes wide open and be able to get the full benefits from the diet plans.

Sorry to go on a bit, but I think some things needed to be said. Thank you so much for your review and for all the people who wrote in with their honest assessments, successes and even failures. Hey everyone, it looks as though this place is something of a magnet for successful dieters!

Well, I guess it attracted me too, cause I also had a really good experience with my Nutrisystem diet and I just had to join you guys and tell you about it. I tried NS last year in the fall with the standard womens plan cause I got a good discount and when I worked out the full cost it was even cheaper than paying for my normal food for a month, so I jumped at it. By the end of the month, I had 11 of them left!

I lost 14 pounds over the month and dropped two dress sizes, but it was probably nearer three as I used to really squeeze into some clothes before I started the diet. I was and still am amazingly happy with the results. Not a single pound of it! At last, an unbiased review that actually tells me what I need to know about Nutrisystem diets instead of just trying to sell it to me.

It was a really great read and has definitely helped me to understand what this diet is all about. Now I am interested in trying it for real as you seem to have attracted a lot of successful dieters who wrote comments here, so there must be plenty right about it. Being pretty overweight and over 60, I decided to try Nutrisystem silver plan starting in May. I already read your review, so I had a pretty good idea what to expect and it was pretty much as you said. Small meals was right!

I thought there was no way I would be able to get used to them. So I tried one of your tips you wrote in another article about eating slowly and putting the fork down after each bite. You know, it actually worked! I deliberately put less food on my fork and only had small bites, chewing them over real slow and concentrating on the taste and texture of the food.

I would love to tell you and your readers that your tip was the answer to a problem they all need to know about. The meals really do fill you up when you eat real slow like that! I lost an amazing 16 pounds in that month doing just what you said and I never felt hungry or even needed to cheat by reaching for the potato chips! I want to loose 40 pounds. You have a good, in depth knowledge of your subject and you put it across very well, so that anyone can understand it easily.

I actually do have some questions for you though. Are you going to keep updating as well? I can see there are plenty of comments from people who have tried or are thinking of trying NS, so I guess that part of this post stays pretty well up to date. These are really interesting comments from your readers, and so many! It looks like most folks have had a positive experience with NS.

I have to agree with them. I read somewhere that pounds a week is recommended, so I guess I succeeded in the eyes of the experts too! I found most of the meals to be perfectly acceptable, with only a few that I thought were below par but certainly none were so bad I would ever feel the need to complain. Overall, I was very happy with the plan and I would most certainly recommend it to any of my friends if they were interested in this type of diet.

Oh, one last thing. I was quite taken aback when I sat down and did my sums. The overall cost of my Nutrisystem Silver plan was actually slightly cheaper than what I would otherwise spend on all my food in a four week period. Now that is a pretty good deal! I want to start with NS but my concerns are: When i look at the meal plans for vegetarians, they dont have a select plan that means no frozen food. Plus they have a whole bunch of sweet stuff which i dont think i can eat.

So am being a bit skeptical about the taste of the food although by now my palette is fairly non-Indianized. But after the birth of my daughter, i am unable to go back to the gym as my husband travels for work and i just dont find time for doing things for myself. Has anyone tried that? Will really appreicate inputs from all you helpful people out there. Anamika, I have the feeling that this may not be the diet for you.

NS is mainly for folks who have been used to a pretty unassuming diet, shall we say and have gained weight through poor eating and often also through lack of exercise and are looking for an easy way back.

NS is designed to be simple, convenient and fast while providing reasonable food that is nutritious, balanced and low in calories and suits people who have little time for all the work that goes into a regular diet. When I hear of people who are good cooks and are used to preparing and making their own, healthy home cooked meals talk about dieting with NS, I wonder… why they would do that? As for not being able to go to the gym, I think that is not a very good excuse for not exercising.

There are ways to exercise all around you that do not have to be strenuous, such as walking in the fresh air, gardening, running up and down your stairs etc. I am 72 years old, a vegetarian and live alone. In the last few years, I had steadily, albeit slowly gained weight until I reached the point where I had to do something about it. I am not much of a cook and to be honest, cannot be bothered to go to all the trouble to cook meals just for myself. I believe many people who live alone will share this trait.

So I have been existing on ready meals from the supermarket, Chinese take out, pizza and the like. Not a very healthy diet to say the least. I heard a lot of good things about Nutrisystem and when I saw they had a dedicated vegetarian plan, I decided to give it a try.

After all, it could be no worse than the food I was already eating and at least it would make me cut down on the calories! Well, the food was as I suspected. Not great but not bad either. My only real beef was that I believe that the weight I lost was likely down to my regular exercise than their food.

Sure, the NS meals were convenient and easy, which is why it appealed to me. There you have it, folks. Thanks to the author of this website for allowing me to add my story to the collection here. It has been an interesting, albeit long read, to say the least! Anamika, you asked for opinions and I think I agree with Peter that NS may not be the right kind of diet for someone such as yourself who is a good cook.

Being vegetarian too, I believe I could have done better myself and felt more could be done to improve their vegetarian diet meals. Hey, I just wanted to say I tried NS last summer and lost 26 pounds over two months. I was amazed at how easy it was to do that with very little change to my lifestyle except I made a point of taking my dogs for longer walks twice a day instead of the short one I usually did in the morning.

Thanks for putting this out there for everyone to see cause the more that know what to expect from NS, the less will fall, I reckon. BTW, the charts agree with the weight I was as a slim, fit year-old; so I may need to weigh even less than the charts suggest now that I am older and not fit. My caloric needs to maintain my ideal of 92 lb are VERY low only to calories per day….

I need primal nutrition, perhaps unavailable in a packaged diet plan. Every calorie I eat must be nutritional! Do your meals contain sweeteners other than cane sugar or natural fruit juices? If so, what are they? Do you have a program that would be useful for someone with gluten intolerance or celiac disease? Are any of your desserts made with only cane or fruit juice sweeteners not to include high-fructose corn syrup, fructose, splenda, aspertame, stevia, saccharine etc?

Does anyone think sacrificing optimal nutrition for awhile to lose weight would be a good idea for an old, unfit short lady? Hey BB, some exceptional thoughts here. Are you sure this is the right way to look at it? It sounds like you are putting up a lot of barriers with your questions and if you are really so concerned about additives and sources of foodstuffs, you should re-think your objective.

Nutrisystem provides ready meals and this type of meal will, of necessity, include some additives including sodium salt , although only they will know if there is any MSG in there. My own thoughts are that perhaps the best diet for you would be a totally natural one that you source and prepare yourself.

Hi BB, it seems you have some pretty in-depth questions there. Here are some ambiguities that will probably arise:. Its also best to ask the company direct about additives and sweeteners, as well as the source of their ingredients because they will know what goes into their own food.

My personal feelings are that you should not reduce nutrition to lose weight, but if anything to enhance it while combining a good quality diet with regular albeit light exercise to suit yourself and your personal circumstances. My grandmother is 97, eats very well although she is of very small build but still runs for the bus at her age!

She exercises every day although they are very light and involve mainly walking and just moving and stretching her arms and legs to keep everything mobile. I tried Nutrisystem in July I found the food inedible.

Supposedly one of their best selling dinner sections, meatloaf with mashed potatoes, was downright gross. It tasted horrible but I got about halfway through it before I gave up…and I could still taste it the next day…ewww! Each of the Nutrisystem meals breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert has some form of fiber in it. I am a high fiber eater at least 20 grams per day but my body could not take the type of fiber in these products. I was constantly bloated with stomach pains and awful bowel movements.

Many fake flavorings, too. If you have taste buds, this may not be the plan for you. Oh — the cost. My advice is to see a nutritionist, learn a few tricks and try eating non-processed foods. It is working out very well so far. Having daily goals regarding calories, fiber, fat and sodium plus keeping a daily good log are essential.

Good luck to all no matter how you choose to lose weight. Where on earth did you buy them? Nobody spends that much just on vegetables! Granted some of the meals are not wonderful, but its also possible you got a bad meal in there and you should have contacted NS direct straight away if it tasted bad, rather than wait and then complain about it in my blog where nothing constructive will come of it.

Dietary fiber is just that — I doubt that was the cause of your bloating and stomach cramps. More likely it was tied to that bad meal you ate. Their support people are very helpful and will fall over themselves to help if they believe they have sent anyone a bad meal. Its not good for their business to have unsatisfied customers and they will go a long way to make amends if you contact them right away.

Leaving it and then complaining to potential new customers is not the right way to go about it. You have to be strong, take responsibility and direct your complaints to the company, and not my readers! I do not live in an agricultural area; all of the fresh fruits and vegetables in my local grocery store are shipped in and are generally expensive.

I purchase apples, oranges, etc, not kiwi fruit or other very pricey specialty fruits. I even avoid grapes because they are so expensive. I buy pre-packaged salad mixes. Think about it this way — per each 7 days period I ate 28 servings of Nutrisystem food plus 77 servings of fresh grocery add on items.

Nutrisystem food accounted for only I am a well educated professional. I apologize if my response to your comment appeared unfair. From what you wrote, I believed it was plausible that you could have eaten a bad meal and said so. Also, NS does have good support that you can contact with any problems which is what they are there for.

Its important to contact them immediately if there is anything you think is wrong. They want to help and right any wrongs because its good for their business to have customers that succeed. I also agree with other customers who have pointed out that you can do a lot better if you prepare and cook low calorie meals yourself.

Which is why I believe in fairness and will publish comments whether positive or negative. I can see both sides here. Terry, you have to do a little defending of the product if your an affiliate. I would not recommend it to anyone who loves tasty, good home cooked food or to anyone who is already a good cook. I noticed some other folks say the same and its true.

If you can cook, you should go see a nutritionist or read up on nutrition and start cooking your own healthy meals to lose weight. Makes a difference from all the contrived so-called reviews I read about on other sites that all seem to give such a glowing report of the NS diet that they just cannot be all real. What I want to say is that while the majority of the meals were pretty okay, there were some that could of been better.

I just hoped it would be better than it was, is all. When you look at the pictures of the meals on their website, they look real tasty and inviting. Saying that, the promo image of a Big Mac looks great but the real thing is a let down! I cheated once or twice by drinking some beer and eating popcorn while watching the ball game. But the rest of the time I just ate the food they sent me and told myself it was for a good reason.

So my advice to anyone thinking about Nutrisystem as a diet to lose weight is that you can do it. Hi there, I found you on Google and wanted to write in cause so many other folks have too and you wrote a really good review. Well, I finished a four week course of Nutrisystem meals just two weeks ago and I was really happy with the diet. I was quite amazed that you could eat such nice desserts and still be on a diet. Sorry for the cliche, but its true! I have been looking at the comments and the biggest complaint I see is small portions.

After looking over the grocery list, my husband who is doing the program with me and I went out and stocked up on tomatoes unlimited , cucumbers unlimited , mushrooms, unlimited , and so on. When we are unsatisfied with how we feel, we drink another bottle of water and fill up on unlimited selections. I hope this helps. I am really looking forward to the scale at the end of the week!

No, not all the selections are my favorite but it sure makes up for it in convenience! I am also not tempted to cheat because we have eliminated temptations from the house.

The family has been very supportive as well. So I tried the Nutrisystem for women plan in May for 28 days after I read this review and decided it was worth a shot. I lost 7 pounds in that time. So I guess I did pretty well after all. The food was passable but nothing really stood out for me as being great. But nothing was really bad either. So the cost was fine and I loved it was so convenient.

Not having to cook was great for me cause I hate cooking! I was starting to feel great too so three weeks into the diet I joined a local Pilates group and we meet three times a week and I even made some new friends. So yeah, this was a great diet for me that worked and so far I have not put any weight back on. Indirectly I actually got more than what I expected! I got to say Nutrisystem was good for me.

I went on their womens vegetarian diet in April and I was pretty surprised at how good the meals were after I heard from folks saying they were bad. I lost 11lbs on that diet and if anyone asked me to recommend it, I sure would.

Thanks for your review — its pretty accurate and honest and its good to see so many folks writing in here. I am a veteran of the Nutrisystem diet, having succeeded in losing a good deal of weight over two years ago on their Flex plan. I was very impressed by the diet back then. It taught me to eat less, smaller meals and the right foods. In all that time, I never put back the weight I lost because I knew I had to keep eating right and getting some daily exercise if I wanted to stay at the right weight.

It took me some time to read all the comments, but I really enjoyed the article on Nutrisystem. It proved to be very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! I am insulin dependent and it seems harder to lose weight. If anyone that has diabetes would like to post their experience with the program I sure would be interested in reading it.

Overall, the meals were average to good. Some were better than others but I never came across any real bad ones. The desserts were definitely the best aspect of the diet although I was surprised at how good some tasted and could still be part of a diet.

I never felt hungry inbetween meals and some days I even forgot to eat the snacks, so towards the end of the diet I had some spares. Overall I lost 10 pounds which I was quite happy with. So I guess I had a good experience with this diet and I would recommend it to others. Having the meals planned out for me in advance will help me schedule-wise. Also, I prefer not eat my largest meal at the end of the day, but rather in the middle.

Another issue is that I have 2 week-long trips coming up this year vacation in October, Thanksgiving in November. Hey Jen, I saw you reach out for some advice and I may have some for you, at least with regards to working shifts.

While working days, I ate as normal. On nights, I just took the meals I needed with me to replace the ones I would normally eat on the night shift. It was pretty simple and made easy cause the meals are already packaged up for you.

We have a small canteen area with some facilities including a microwave, so it was no problem to heat up a meal that needed it.

My weight dropped by 20 pounds over two months on the diet and in that time I got used to eating smaller meals and just carried that on when I went back to regular food. Also, I took their advice and started doing some light exercises every day or night LOL.

Consequently, I never put back on any weight, so it was a real success for me. Good luck with yours! I would advise against taking on a diet if your planning a vacation in the middle of it! So the way I see it, you have two choices. The other option, specially if there is not much time to spare before your vacation starts is go ahead and take your vacations and when your back to normal, then start your diet.

I did and in the 4 weeks I lost 12 pounds. But stick to it — no taking sabbaticals or vacations mid-diet! Do one or the other, not both together if you truly want to lose weight! I also had some success with NS, gong on the womens diet in May this year I lost 8 pounds in a month just by swapping out my regular meals for the Nutrisystem meals.

To be honest, their meals were as good and sometimes better than those I generally eat, so it was really easy for me. As for the cost, when I worked it out over 28 days, it was no more expensive to eat NS meals than it was to buy my own stuff. Ok all you dieters looking for quick results.

What happens after you reach your target weight. If you quit NS you return to regular food. Will you know how to combine these foods and protion control to maintain your weight? Exercise is the most important part.

You can eat what you want but portion control. Eat alot of fruits and veggies. It has worked for me. Too many people I know do these fad diets and return to being overweight and sometimes more so. Give me real food!! But give these people some credit. A lot of them have written in to say how they are maintaining the weight they lost with Nutrisystem through, guess what?

Oh yeah, continuing to eat smaller portions of healthier food and doing some exercise. And eating straight out of the container? I doubt many people would do that. Most of us prefer a plate with a knife and fork. Hi everyone, glad to join the party here! But I found that solution with Nutrisystem and lost 32 pounds over three months on their diet plan for women. Poor dog only used to get a quick trip around the block! But now he gets the two mile round trip to my local park and its another good mile to walk all the way around it up and down hills, which I hear is better for burning calories.

Anyway, great review, thanks for that. That was some review! Whew, it took me a while to read all the customer comments but I feel it was worth it and it inspired my to add my own voice to the collection.

I lost exactly 7 lbs over the first month and only a further 5 in the second month on Nutrisystem. At the time, I felt it was not really a success. The sales pitch on another website that hooked me in seemed to promise that I would lose so much more and I guess I fell for it.

I wish I had read this before I went on the diet. I probably would have done more to help myself rather than rely entirely on the diet to do the work for me. Just lazy, I guess! Anyway, thanks for opening my eyes wider than they were before and making me feel much better about as I see it now, was really a success for me!

But after I read your review and then what other folks wrote in with, I saw something I missed about my diet. I sure complained loudly to my wife and kids over just about every meal on some thing or other, but I still ate them all and I really did lose weight.

I guess I was looking for excuses and was pretty angry with myself that I let it get to where I needed to lose weight in the first place.

For me the meals were small, average and not like they look in the glossy pictures! It was enough to prove to me that I was capable of going all the way, but I did the rest on my own through eating right and exercising every day. That was two months ago and I still keep to my right weight, eating right and exercising. Doing Nutrisystem for men taught me what I was capable of in discipline of eating right. The rest was easier, so I guess I owe the company my gratitude and I also owe my family an apology for being a grumpy dieter!

Thanks for that article and to all the folks that chimed in here. It was a real eye opener to me. The NS dietician shared some tips with me to help with the hunger issues between meals and snacks:. These tips really helped me. They are some great tips for using with Nutrisystem and plenty of readers will benefit from them for sure. Thanks for sharing them with us! Like walking every day, drinking loads of water, getting all positive and motivated and it really came together for me. And I liked that I could eat pizza every so often, even though it was usually gone in a few bites!

I did start getting more exercise too, so I know that helped some. But I realized early on that had to happen, so it was no big deal to me. My message to anyone who is scared of feeling hungry and eating small meals is this: I did it and I am real happy with my results.

Anyway, thanks for the review and all the many other articles you have here. This weight loss blog has so much good information in it that I could spend all week reading it! Hi everyone, I have been on nutrisystem for 3 days and have already lost 2 pounds! I have one question though, is it okay to havr the desert as a snack between lunch and dinner, or am i suposed to eat it after dinner?

I am planning to loose 30 more pounds so wish me luck everyone! Hey christy, I had a similar dilemma to you when I was on the NS diet three months back. Someone told me it was okay to eat the dessert as a snack if I wanted to, cause part of the way to succeeding with any diet is to keep it as interesting as possible.

So if that means eating a dessert for a snack between meals, then go for it! Its tons better than reaching for something worse and it keeps you inline with the diet calorie count for the day. It certainly helped me get through the diet and lose an amazing 19 pounds in just eight weeks. I was over the moon with my success and it inspired me to continue eating healthy and small meals but keep up with small, low calorie snacks in between to stop any temptation for those darn high calorie snacks that used to be the reason I gained weight in the first place.

I really enjoyed this article. We as a community , appreciate it and the chance to comment and tell our own version of our NS stories. Its good to read about so many successes and so few failures or the occasional disaster.

It shows that its like most other stuff when mostly it works great and only sometimes goes awry. I am one of the successes I guess, losing 22 pounds over two months on the Nutrisystem womens plan.

I enjoyed the meals and the whole spirit of the system. Bill, you just wrote in and said your doing great on Wal Mart frozen trays and I guess you can do that too. I often contacted them over issues I was concerned about and they were really helpful. They put my mind at rest on everything that I thought might get in the way of me and my goals to lose weight.

You need exercise to get your metabolism running right so you burn more calories by building strength in your muscles. Anyway, everyone has their way and whatever works for you is great. I told my friends about what I was doing with NS cause I thought they should all know I was trying to lose weight and they were supportive too.

One of my friends also tried it for a month when I started my second month and she lost an amazing 14 pounds. I also believe that up to a point, you also get what you pay for.

How can a company make a meal so cheap and what must they be adding to it to make it look and taste good? Hello all, I really enjoyed reading everyones comments. I have just ordered the womens plan and am anxiously awaiting the food. I hope I have as good of luck as some of you. I would be over the moon to lose even 10 lbs in one month.

I have about 30 in total to lose. I have a question: I swim and do racquetball all the time; I do an hour of one or the other 5 days a week and I often try to do both in a day. It all depends on how much weight you feel you need to lose and what your current diet is like. You should lose a good deal of weight that way. If dizziness is affecting you, its really important to check with your doctor — you could have high blood pressure which needs to be dealt with.

Nutrisystem diets are built around providing all the nutrition your body needs, so you should not have a problem with malnutrition causing dizziness.

Make sure you drink plenty of water during the day and especially after heavy exercise as your body will become dehydrated. Plain water is much better than soda or sports drinks which in themselves can be a cause of overweight or obesity.

If you do decide to go with Nutrisystem and heavy exercise makes you feel hungry soon after eating, you might want to supplement the meals with foods recommended by Nutrisystem, such as fresh green vegetables, salads, some fruits etc. Go with what they specifically recommend if you need them, but remember its only a recommendation and not obligatory!

Thanks for the quick reply! The dizziness actually comes from the opposite, very low blood pressure it runs in my family and I was worried about whether it might be exacerbated by such a low-calorie diet. I can only really generalize here, but I think the best advice on a personal level should really come from your doctor when there is a medical history that may or may not affect you when you diet.

I do know that there are several general causes of low blood pressure that can be remedied to a point through diet:. Such as drinking more water, avoiding alcohol, increasing nutrient levels such as vitamin B complex and vitamin C.

Also eat more small little and often , high protein meals with lower carbohydrate levels — avoid white bread and pasta and anything made from refined white flour. Do include salt in your diet, as despite the trend to eat low sodium diets, you still need some of that mineral to stay alive.

Include lots of fresh fruit in your diet too. Well, starting day 1 of my plan today. I was planning on doing a 10 day on the plan and 4 off. That works into my husbands schedule, he is away for 10 days and home for 4 and I want to surprize him with some weight loss when he is away. Of course the 4 days he is here I will eat healthy just not use NS. What do you think, will this work or am I expecting to much.

Also, I am 52, have 30lbs or so to lose….. My job is active, I am on my feet all day and I also plan to do some pilates, and use my Wii….. Sure it gets a little harder as you get older. I needed to lose more but I was sure happy with that!

Worry and stress are the biggest blocks to loosing weight …much more than whatever diet or exercise you do. Thanks Jannette for the advice.

I want to get fit and healthy and not be a slave to the treadmill. Congrats on your 18lbs I hope to do the same. Oh also, liking your site layout. I used to have a similar site to yours until I sold it recently. What a great review of Nutrisystem!

I have to agree with just about all of it, seen as I must be a textbook case looking at this. I used NS for two months staring back in June and just sailed through it. I found the meals were okay, not too small like many folks say and they tasted okay to me. I lost 12 lbs during that time and I was totally amazed cause it was just so easy. My diet before was pretty bad, I have to admit cause I used to eat a load of pasta and bread plus I often ate large slices of pie for dessert.

The NS meals got me used to eating smaller at each meal and I carried that on, never going back to the old diet at all and I kept the same weight all the way through up to now.

Anyways, thanks for a great read with all the replies it took me ages, but I really felt I had to write in too just to say I was one of the successes! I went on the diet in lost 40 pounds.

In the mean time have had a baby and just started the plan again to lose the baby weight. Clearly has worked well for me.

Nutrisystem is a part-controlled, caloric-managed food shipping fat burning plan that mixes variety, nutrition, hunger manage, and convenience designed to produce weight loss results for busy individuals and households. Every meal includes a Nutrisystem entrée which you health supplement with typical grocery items such as fresh veggies, salads, fresh fruit, proteins and dairy items, and healthful body fat. People sometimes e-mail me with concerns concerning how to store their nutrisystem meals — particularly away from home.

Some be concerned there will not be sufficient room in thefridge and fridge, or pantry to keep weeks as well as weeks worth of meals. Tip get great discount codes for Nutrisystem Here. Do they should be refrigerated? Would they stay refreshing for a few days at any given time? If I order a monthly bundle, just how much space am I going to need? And how about when I am at work?

2. Jillian Michaels JumpStart 14 Day Cleanse & Burn