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So we created an intensive, year-long coaching curriculum for our new recruits and paired them up with one of our Precision Nutrition Master Coaches to form a practice-based mentorship. There are a few major differences between Level 1 and Level 2. There is also a mode where you can input the label information from prepackaged foods and weigh that food and get the proper reading for portion size information for carbs, calories, and fiber. So let's say you enter 10g of carbs for every 20g of product and you put 30g of product it would be 15g. Sylvia, January 12,

Awarded #1 Nutrition Software for 6 consecutive years!

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M1,2,3 5- Typical cost includes: M ,8,16 3- Typical cost includes: M1,2,3,4,5,7 6- Similar cost includes: Compare our price sheet to the competition.

With the Childcare Sage, you simply buy the version that supports the number of enrolled children or families at your center, that's it. No modules, no extra licenses, and no extras. It couldn't be simpler, or more affordable! The package comes with the Fingerprint scanning software, and a Child friendly fing erprint scanner. Support Renewal is never required to use your software as with other industry software.

Most centers renew their support to call or email us with questions and to get new versions after the first year. Networking support includes remote web-based support to help you set up and maintain a network at your center. You can download our software immediately after you purchase it, and we always send you the Childcare Sage Software Package via USPS mail with your purchase. We offer special pricing for multiple purchases , and we offer payment plans.

Please call us for details. We also offer automatic Renewal of Annual Support through your credit card or bank account. Please click ChildCare Sage Management Software Policies to review our policies about shipping, returns, and paying by check. Contact Software Development HQ at support bandisoftware. ChildCare Sage Marketing of Texas. Childcare Sage is relatively inexpensive and because it is so comprehensive, you are definitely getting the best bang for your buck.

Tried the competitors trials and this is so much simpler to use. Childcare Haven, Ohio 2 "Your customer service was so helpful with our installation questions. This program is so user friendly. California Learning Academy 4 " Love this program. Looked at the web based offering but the customer service person explained why that was not the way to go. She was so right. A friend went with web based and four times my price and sure enough the internet goes down and they can't use it.

Missouri Child Care Sage Differentiators: You are not leasing your software, you don't have monthly payments, your costs never go up, and you control how you use your software, and there is never any down time due to internet outages. Need something customized just ask! Child Care Comparison Chart. Child Care Training Videos. Child Care Marketing Contact Us. Great for portion control.

I am on a special diet due to gallbladder and trying to lose weight. I am only allowed certain ounces of cheese, meat, etc, so this is great for measuring out my portions. It is very thin only 11mm and sits so flat on my countertop. It has rubber feet so you don't scratch the counter. The only thing I would change is the stainless steel top, since it shows stains and fingerprints, but this is more a preference. The display is bright and visible.

You can even you the Tare feature to measure the empty bowl first and then the ingredients to get the measurement of the ingredients.

It takes 2 CR batteries in the back of the scale. Great for weight loss portion control. Sylvia, January 12, First of all this comes with batteries and ready to use straight out of the box. It is nice and slim and very modern looking. It is very easy to use and accurate. I like to measure things on a plate or bowl so that I don't put items directly on the scale and with this one you can put the vessel on the scale and set it to zero so that you measure your ingredients.

It is great for baking too because it measures in grams and ounces. Easy to use Kitchen Scale. I really like the Ozeri brand. I have many Ozeri products and have always been impressed with the quality of their products.

I never think twice about ordering an Ozeri product, for fear I might be disappointed- it has never been the case for me. This kitchen scale ranks right up there with the quality I have come to expect from Ozeri. It matches my stainless steel appliances perfectly, making for a welcome addition to my kitchen needs. Not only does it come with a User manual, but it also contains a Calorie Guide and U. The postal rate ability is an added bonus for me that will be used often.

The calorie portion of the manual is over 60 pages, covering everything from soup to nuts. As the saying goes. It does that using the Tare feature. I, personally prefer to simply use cellophane or wax paper to weigh my food.

Doing it this way saves me the time and effort of constantly cleaning this kitchen scale. I really like that I can choose the weight display from pounds, grams, ounces, to milliliters. This makes following a meal plan diet quite easy. Clean up is quick and easy using a damp cloth. Batteries are even included with this kitchen scale. I store mine in a cloth bag to keep it free from dust and other items that may pollute the sensors.

I received this product for free. This is my unbiased opinion of this product. Margaret, January 9, Perfect for any kitchen. I really like Ozeri products. I have purchased a few of them and have always been pleased. I love the stainless steel finish look of this kitchen scale.

I really like the thin, sleek and lightweight design too. There is a digital display and it is large, making it easy to read, and the over sized buttons makes it easy to operate. It has the ability to weigh the bowl or plate and then takes that into account when weighing the actual food portion. It does this by using the Tare feature.

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