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I never click on a review page with the product name in the web page. Nonetheless, WebMD does say that it could potentially be dangerous to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. In addition, when not consumed with enough liquid, glucomannan has a potential to cause blockages in the throat or intestines. What it does is add necessary nutrients that may help control our blood sugar levels and help with Diabetes II and obesity. Please Select Less than 10 10 to 15 More than As with any review on a supplement you may be considering, the big question is: Get fast answers from reviewers.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. By Rae H Woodrum on March 19, The product works well I have had good success with it, and it isn't as expensive as some of the others on the market. There was a problem loading comments right now. Winifred Latham on June 17, I haven't been using these very long, but I do seem to have more energy. By Amazon Customer on October 18, By Debby Carroll on July 5, By Amazon Customer on April 25, By Jim on June 5, I don't feel that it did much for me.

By Gus on July 7, It was a waste of money. Bought it mainly to curb my appetite but it didn't work. Don't recommend it to anyone. I was curious to see how they reviewed Muscle Pharm: Seriously, what the heck? This makes no sense. Sure enough, at the bottom of the page, there is a huge promotion for their top-ranked weight loss product, Phenocal, once again: They both had very similar landing pages, even with the same customer support number: Digging deeper, I was surprised to find out that iHealth Fulfillment seemed to behind most of their top recommended products.

I soon discovered potential link between ConsumerHealthDigest. The interesting part is that they had this text in the form of an image. So doing a little googling, I found out their homepage is 21centuryweb. I checked their domain whois to see the registration info on the domain. Sure enough the registration info matched up perfectly with the info listed on ConsumerHealthDigest.

In , the website UltimateFatBurner. I had never heard of UFB before this, however their review looks to be pretty honest and objective. In , UFB received a threatening letter from an attorney over that negative of Phenocal. Now the most important piece of information contained in this letter is the name of the company that the attorney is representing: Could it be a coincidence?

This negative review of Solvaderm earned Beauty4Free2U. Does Solvaderm sound familiar to you? It should, since we just listed 16 different products from that brand that received the 1 rank on ConsumerHealthDigest. This is two letters that I could find which were posted publicly by bloggers who are standing up against this kind of bullying.

I wonder how many other bloggers received similar letters and just took the content down out of fear…. The whois info on both of these domains looks strikingly similar. Yes, they are both using privacy companies, however they are using the exact same one.

More importantly, they are using the same nameservers! Organization that registered 21CenturyWeb. Official website for Phenocal, ConsumerHealthDigest. Official website for Virectin, ConsumerHealthDigest.

Official website for the Solvaderm brand, which makes practically every single ConsumerHealthDigest. Different websites often contain some unique tracking codes to help them keep stats, target ads, etc. The connection is undeniable at this point. There's a material connection here and makes it impossible for ConsumerHealthDigest.

Remember earlier when we mentioned that part about the legal threat being hypocritical? Those terrible reviews of D-Pol and Muscle Pharm and hundreds of other undeserving products that we mentioned earlier are nothing more than attempts to lure in visitors searching for those products and then push them towards their own products which they rank as 1. As always Tommy, great article and catch! I think we all here on SR should go on their site and give horrible reviews on that crap they sell and see how many letters we can collect and then used them to wall paper one of my client's office, who works hand and foot with the CFPB, and send this Golden Street Media company packing.

Their facebook profiles are https: All authors and reviews are fake. These sites should be banned. It looks like you're not alone. They seem to be in the skin care business too. This ingredient assists in breaking down fats and carbs.

The body also needs it to produce energy. This is a black pepper extract that contains a high percentage of piperine and certain alkaloids. The system addresses three key factors that are often stumbling blocks for many people trying to get into a diet regimen. The producer of Phenocal Total Body Balance System claims that this product can help you feel better from the inside out by giving you faster results and an overall feeling of well-being. This first kit in the system is for detoxifying and cleansing your body.

It is a colon-cleanser that uses a premium herbal blend to naturally and gently move waste through your body as well as eliminate any parasites and heavy metals. They also claim that Colopril will prevent future build-up in your digestive system through the use of dietary fiber. Using allegedly all-natural ingredients, Expelis, the second step in the system, is used to help with water weight.

You shed extra water and lose weight, but only temporarily. The final step in the system is Phenocal itself. The Phenocal weight-loss supplement gives your metabolism a boost, helps you control cravings, and increases your energy levels. Trying to find where to buy Phenocal? Phenocal pills can be found online at Amazon or you can purchase directly from the official website.

It is also readily available in many online supplement stores and eBay. Prices for the product vary depending on if you are purchasing Phenocal with a Pharmaxa diet system or on its own. As an added incentive, they throw in a bottle of Green Pure, which is a green tea energizer supplement. You can also save some money by purchasing multiple bottles.

Each order of Phenocal pills, regardless of your choice, comes with a day money back guarantee. Phenocal is full of many ingredients that, in sparse studies, have shown to provide some weight-loss success, even if just at a minimal level. The blends it contains make it hard to get an overall picture. However, the benefits of the natural ingredients in other health areas can also be a plus.

Use of the Phenocal weight loss supplement shows varying results. This is typical with pretty much any diet pill. They offer Phenocal with the claim that it will give your metabolism a boost, help to suppress appetite and cravings, add lean muscle mass, and give you an overall sense of well-being in addition to weight loss benefits.

We also found a connection between some of the ingredients in Phenocal and certain health issues. If you take a look at Phenocal ingredients and reviews, you get the same outcome. Some ingredients do have at least a small connection with weight-loss. However, customer reviews are split, with some people losing weight and others not.

Looking at just the ingredients, the likely effect would be appetite suppression. Glucomannan can slow the digestive process, so you feel fuller, longer. As with any medication or supplement, the answer is a resounding yes. Phenocal side effects have to do with the ingredients and not the overall product.

Any formula containing these ingredients could pose the same risk. There are also specific side effects that you may experience with the individual ingredients that Phenocal contains. When using supplements that include glucomannan, be sure to consume plenty of water. It may lead to throat and intestinal blockage. Glucomannan has also caused indigestion and stomach pain. You may experience frequent bathroom use that can, in turn, cause dehydration and mineral loss.

Several ingredients in Phenocal are responsible for upping your caffeine intake. This includes green tea and cocoa. Too much caffeine can cause rapid heart rate, insomnia, migraines, mood swings, upset stomach, inability to focus, jitters, anxiety, and frequent urination. Nonetheless, WebMD does say that it could potentially be dangerous to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. For people taking prescription medications that also affect these levels, serious side effects could occur, including:.

There are no dangerous side effects associated with biotin. When applied intravenously, coleus could cause flushing and low blood pressure. When inhaled, it could irritate the throat or cause a cough.

There are also some cardiovascular risks associated with taking coleus, particularly for people with heart conditions. Vitamin B5 appears to be mostly safe even in higher quantities. The only likely side effect is diarrhea. Bioperine has a number of rare side effects. Bronchospasm is the only severe one, however. Both are for suppressing appetite and contain glucomannan to achieve this.

Prices are about the same though there is no guarantee for Skinny Fiber and they have similar effectiveness. Hydroxycut seems to be more effective, but there are many more reviews, so many more reports of side effects and safety issues. The two share many natural ingredients and their prices are on the same levels. Lipozene is another diet pill that uses glucomannan to give you a sense of fullness and regulate blood pressure. However, Lipozene adds other ingredients for bulking up and keeping the product from being lumpy.

Phenocal offers more added ingredients to compliment and encourage weight-loss while Lipozene relies on glucomannan. When using Phenocal, how many pills a day will you have to consume? Phenocal directions say that you need to take three pills twice a day. You should swallow the supplement with a full glass of water. The directions also state that you should take Phenocal 15 minutes before you sit down to breakfast. You should take the second dose approximately four hours before lunch.

This means that a pill bottle will last you almost a month, or 25 days.