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You use it every day. Nutrisystem Shakes Ingredients The TurboShakes are packed with the right kinds of vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein to make sure that all your nutritional requirements are met while on the journey of losing weight. Learn more about ConsumerAffairs for Brands. And if these are still your current stats here: At first they were nice and then they became rude when I confirmed the shipment I ordered in good faith was never delivered. Nutrisystem Shakes Rating Quality. With this system, you no longer have to worry about what to eat and when to eat….


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Now for my actual review I've never had a problem in 7 years of purchases. They have the best deals and easily the fastest shipping.

My most recent purchase I made the mistake of buying protein synthesis when I thought it was protein. They replied instantly and understood what happened. They were so cool about it that they let me keep the item. I mean that's real service right there and one of the many reasons I won't go to a rip off place like NutriShop.

The real mistake here would be purchasing elsewhere besides Bodybuilding. I have been ordering from this online company for over a year. All my protein powder, amino acids, protein bars and preworkout come from this company. I must say that not only they have very reasonable prices, their delivery is amazing. I always get my order at my door in one day! I recommend this company to anyone who is looking for reliable supplier with great prices!

The email I had used to order my items was not working and it had already passed the date on which I was supposed to receive my items. I contacted support, and they contacted me within the hour with my tracking info and package status after I gave them my name and the items that I am having shipped. They were not only very prompt, but kind about it even though it was my mistake, I would highly recommend.

I had placed an order to be delivered in India and it's been over 7 weeks and the package is nowhere. Bodybuilding says it is with customs however customs says they haven't received the package.

As a customer I have paid but without any delivery of goods. I have usually had a positive experience when I get a product from Bodybuilding. Mainly that is because I have never had to talk to customer service. The product will take over a week to get here now after being projected it would be here in two days.

It is now be 8 days so I reached out to customer service. I talked to Dillion and said I was disappointed as I would have just bought it in store if I knew it would be this long. They ended up saying it's up to 5 business days even though it will now be 6 business days. And then proceeded to argue how many business days it would be with me over and over and never addressing the issue of I am not getting the product I ordered in the amount of time I paid for shipping. And that if it would have been this big of a hassle I would have went to GNC and bought it and would be 5 days into using the product already.

For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I had a great experience with this company. Seems like everyone that has trouble with this company lives outside the USA, so maybe you should look in to another company if this is the case. They are not responsible once the item is shipped. Shop local, you can't go wrong, plus it's better for your economy and environment.

Unlike the other comments I see at this site regarding Bodybuilding. My first order did not arrive in the Philippines. Upon emailing their customer service, their staff were very helpful and quick in their reply. Eventually they re-shipped my order and it did arrive this time within a month.

I'm great customer of bodybuilding but I'm very disappointed in my last 2 orders. I'm live in Israel and never happens, always I received my orders on time but the last 2 never came and bodybuilding in the first order give my money back. Not complete but ok, after then I make new order and never came and now bodybuilding doesn't want to give my money back, is not fair isn't my fault problems with shipping. I need my money back.

I placed an order on 30th December. But they were not listening to me, instead they just kept sending me Template Response Emails about my Order and their Terms and Conditions to what should happen. When I looked up the tracking number they gave me from the US, it stated that it never got scanned for Shipment, which means that they never really sent it.

I called DHL and I have a recording for the call. I will never order from them again and I hope that Consumer Affairs Investigates them and closes them down. I will never Order from them, that's for sure. I used to be a loyal Customer of Bodybuilding. I placed an order on 7 December. When I asked for a Refund, they insisted that it was sent and they refuse a Refund until the Product's back in their Warehouse which it never left in the first place!

I ordered 2 packs of BCAA's from bodybuilding. When I tried reaching them on customer care no one responded to the calls and when I mailed them, I was getting the same template reply which they send to everyone. There are so many things wrong with the people working there.

I got called a scumbag. This company also created a forum where other users can harass you and the mods won't do anything to protect you. I got harassed to the point where Internet safety was a problem. Also, I bought some of their products and they don't even work. I've placed an order on 27th April after so many attempt of checkout. Item was shipped on time and was expecting an delivery on second of week of May.

The Courier service in India is Aramex and will never ever use their service in my life, tried once to deliver and afterward they haven't tried to reach me. Last week when I went to their office and after inquiring about my courier, finally they traced it. But to my surprise the package was damaged. So I can't accept the damaged piece. So here comes the funny part, when I raise a complaint with Bodybuilding. I am sorry for the condition of your package but I am happy to inform you of how we can assist you.

With all international packages they are subject to inspection by your countries customs and we have no control over this. It is not uncommon for the customs agency to open packages and product to fully investigate the package. As we do not have any control over this there is no way for it to be voided. Since the package has been sitting with the local post this entire time that could have also been where some of the damage came from and since it was in their hands that is also something we are unable to prevent.

So guys beware of this Company who are just taking money from our pocket. We want to use original products and go with company but you land in this type of trouble where you won't get the product and money. I order for 10 bottles of green tea extract. Didn't arrive for more than a month. They just reply with saying only if they receive the consignment back they will refund. Why would you want to lose it? Trust me, you don't. Muscle mass is active tissue that works for you.

You use it every day. In order to use muscle mass, you need energy. Muscle burns calories for you so you can eat more food throughout the day without getting fat. The food is processed. The diet plan is very low calorie. It's not an exercise plan. The food tastes like crap. You lose active tissue in the form of muscle mass. Why in the world do you think you're going to feel better using Nutrisystem?

Do you think you're going to feel better because your body weight will be lighter? You might be lighter, but your lighter because of less muscle mass. This actually makes your life harder. You have less energy throughout the day because you're eating horrible sources of food. You need energy to feel great. The only way to get that is to eat the best sources of food — and that's definitely not what you're doing with the Nutrisystem Diet.

The concept is good. The idea is good. Lose weight and you become healthier, right? The shake is designed for the go-getter in you who would always want to stay fit while juggling work and family responsibilities. Instead of going for unhealthy junk foods that will only make you feel bloated and yet still hungry, why not choose any of Nutrisystem TurboShakes instead?

These shakes work simply as a meal replacement. Nutrisystem Turboshakes, in particular, can greatly help in supporting digestive health.

The fullness will also stay for a longer period of time, so as to prevent cravings that are not part of your diet plan. One of its key ingredients is the whey protein concentrate which acts as a probiotic. It also boosts immunity, builds muscle mass and even helps in lowering blood pressure.

The shakes come in two delicious flavors which are chocolate and vanilla. The TurboShakes are packed with the right kinds of vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein to make sure that all your nutritional requirements are met while on the journey of losing weight. There should be no side effects to expect when you are consuming this meal replacement shake.

Nutrisystem Shakes are made from natural and safe ingredients so there should be nothing to worry about. Just shake until the powder is fully dissolved. Nutrisystem Shakes reviews are not hard to find at all.

You can easily find reviews on their official website. These are reviews from actual people who have tried the Nutrisystem TurboShake and loved it. The users would often comment about the good taste of the shakes, both the chocolate and vanilla flavors. It is also preferred by those who are always busy and on the go.

One user commented how this product is such a great way to start the day. There was even this one lengthy review on Amazon, detailing all the positive things that she loved about the Nutrisystem TurboShake. She commended the great taste and how easy it is to prepare the shake. Amazon also offers Nutrisystem Shakes in different packs. You can choose the 7-pack, pack or pack products depending on your preference.

Well, need we say more?

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