GM Diet Day 3

What do you think?

Was on Zoloft and in my opinion, it feels a bit better, but I read all of the other SSRI's are associated with Parkinsonism to some small degree so I stopped using it. Thanks a lot for your quick answer!! I think grape seed extract is the key to beat pancreatitis. I had never taken any kind of antidepressant, and was unaware what is was YOU are the one who is still sick. I am looking into natural ways, herbs, eeg, etc. Please go to http:

Alcohol and IBS don’t go well together.

I am down 3 lbs! I can actually tell a slight difference in my face. Looking forward to changing up tomorrow on Day 4. I feel much better already, more awake, skin has a certain glow to it. And also can we add soup to diet on day 2?? I dont eat beef but either i dont get brown rice here what can i do?? In your sample menu on fourth day only 3 bananas are mentioned is it enough or we have to take all the 8?? Can we take low fat milk instead of skimmed milk??

I did a mild cardio work out at the end of day 1. Felt weak and unwell and threw up. Was craving carbs and sugar and ate chocolate brownie. Feeling disillusioned but continuing. Weight dropped by 7 pounds. Really not enjoying eating the raw papayas.

They have a odd smell and I am not use to the taste of them. I have been following the sample diet plans to a tee. Urinating a lot due to the water intake.

Not exercising as of yet. Very weak and tired since starting. Kavitha headachces can happen when you cut foods from a diet, especially sugar.. The soya stuff should be fine, many people do. Tomatoes, dinner maybe some cucumber. You can of course have the soup. I am on day 3 came down from I stareted gm diet on monday..

Just that i cant resist Tea.. Please reply fast as today is my first day. I am also making a lg pot of the wonder soup so what alterations can we make to it? Does pepper color effect it, I like red yellow and orange. Also on Day 5 can we use patties for breakfast as long as they are lean? Love this diet it has turned out amazing….

You can alter some, but mostly with spices. I prefer not to use Lipton, but only organic spices and produce. You can do a patty for breakfast. No, not really, sorry. These little changes, well in this case big can hinder you. I am towards the dinner time soup for Day 3. Will I lose in the coming days?? I would be travelling day 3 eve buy bus on a 11 hr travel can you suggest me on what i should be taking along? Also can someone tell me what can i use instead of chicken and beef not coz im a veg just that as im working getting these to office makes me late… so is there anything i can grab onto other than these?

Not be measuring till last day. Hard to do this without family support for Indians. Read the reviews of GM diet plan , and started it yesterday. Day 1 was Tough! Day 2 is a bliss as there are lots of vegis , adding a dash of salt to it. Can we have juices..

Is it recommended , specially at night? Day 3 starting weight: Head here, make post in one of the threads and we will see, need to see what you are or are not eating like the soup? Hi I am currently Did a lil cheating on day 1 but I am now completely focussed and will share the results by end of day 7. What exercises should be done along with this diet plan. Is it ok If I walk for 30 mins or should I do more rigorous exercise?

Day 3 was not that easy, for me. However I managed to finish it. This was my menu for today:. Salad, with tomatoes, cucumber, onions, garlic and lettuce, with a little bit of olive oil and salt. Admin, I think here I did a mistake — I took very little green beans, but after I realised that maybe they were prohibited during this 7 day plan or am I mistaken?

Salt, too much, it can really vary, maybe not enough hydro chloric acid, seems like a digestive issue, but I am no doctor and this can vary big time. Maybe Google it some. Ficus on your digestion. Green beans are fine. Day 2 was very hard for me as I am not at all fond of Boiled Vegetables. I am stating Day 3. Can I stick to just Fruits today? Well and some raw veggies https: Not a doctor, you will need to ask yours. Can we take coconut water in all seven days??

Hey its my 3rd day.. Also, I cannot eat the soup as I have no resources to make it I live in a college hostel. No, never, run for your life. Whole, natural, nutrient dense. It is nice to know that people are loosing weight, but since I am only lbs to begin with at 5foot 6inches I feel as though I am not loosing what I should be started at and morning of Day 3 was at As well, I am drinking tea and I have also allowed myself one diet pop a day.

Is this going to negate the whole experience? Your body is not fooled by the fake sweetener, rather hurt. Tea fine no sweetener. Seems like you may want to consider following the diet as we have it rather than negating the soup and adding stuff.

Hi, i am on day 3 of gm diet. So i wanted to asked. I have had 2 apples for breakfast. Can i have baked potato for lunch? Not on day 3, you cannot have potato. The rest is fine, look at t e layout for day 3 you get plenty of food…. Make sure you read each day…. I have tried GM diet before, however only lost kgs during 7 days. However, this is my 2nd shot at it and today is my 3rd day!

I just wanted to ask you a few quick questions — I am preety confused about coffee.. Secondly, i am not eating much as i dont feel hungry that often otherwise as well. I could blame it on my laziness though..

Lastly, is chciken burger lettuce, chicken patty, bun slices of tomato okay to have on day 5? No coffee, no sugar, no creamers, no fake sugars.

You have to go into this and come out with the mindset that you are making a lifestyle change and eating real foods. If you did do coffee then it has to be plain. NO buns no grains…. If you were doing any of these last time, there will be little to no weight loss. I just hate the idea of fasting and also I do eat till my plate shines bright… I thank u all for this wonderful diet plan.

There is only 1 GM diet, this one…. So what others have said may have worked for them, but beware! Tea, a cup or 2 a day fine, go herbal, something healthy, no sweeteners at all! I am big on a 2 week to 1 month gap. Starting Day 3 and going strong! I accidentally cheated on Day 2 and cooked my lunch time vegetables with a bit too much olive oil I felt horribly bloated after that too , but I still have lost 5 pounds in the past two days!

I will be more conscious of oil use today. I am only eating raw or steamed vegetables from here on out! I am using this diet as a jump start to a healthier lifestyle, and plan to repeat the GM diet week once a month. I also was a total coffee addict, but I have made the switch to having black tea without sugar while on this diet and it has satisfied my caffeine cravings.

I did have some stomach pain that night, but it was bearable. By the end of the day, most of my cravings subsided. Day 2 Upon wake up: Drink two glasses of water Breakfast: I actually did not have one this day, I forgot my snack at home when I left for work.. Lightly sauteed asparagus, daikon radish, and cherry tomatoes this is where I used way too much oil, but it still was a healthy meal and three cups of water Afternoon snack: On this day, I horribly craved for something with the crunch of chips.

However, I prepared for this by buying roasted seaweed. And munching on a sheet of seaweed when I got a craving. Barely any calories, and great for detoxing!

Gave me that crunch-craving I desperately wanted. And now, for day 3: Maybe with a little melon or some fruit for dessert. Hope all of you the best with a jumpstart to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle! Tea is fine no sweeteners. Hang in there, nobody including myself ever says dieting is easy.

But keep in mind how well you feel on this diet, then eat this way after but more balanced of course. I have used zero salt or pepper or anything but I see that many use it, is it allowed? Also I am getting lots of headaches.

Could i have plain non-salted crackers with the salad? Yes use salt and pepper. NO cheese and never on crackers. Also you can use pepper,s spices, etc…. Anyone know any brands that Walmart or Publix has? Can I hav soup with little salt and peeper instead of raw veggy can I have 5 day plan after this gm diet can I hav ma regular food. I added soup powder to my soup on day2 I am on day3 today. I feel like I got rounder. On day 1 I felt slimmer. Today is my third day of gm diet.

Morning i checked my weight.. But in the afternoon.. Can anyone pleseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me…. Hi, Tomorrow is my 4th day, please let me know, is it big bananas or just the small ones we are supposed to eat? And exactly how Many cups of milk can I have for the entire day? Kindly reply soon as tomorrow is my 4th day. And for tomorrow do we have any substitute for banana… as it has lot of calories in it.. Stick to the plan it actually works. Why are you skipping stuff.

Other fruits not much better tan bananas, bananas are on there for a reason. You had not fat on your potato, this is NOT a non-fat diet, you have to follow the plan. That fat was so important. No change at all Start 90 Today end of day 3 still 90 Following Deit instruction in totality Any reason why no effect? Hi 1 Can I hv semi skimmed milk with bananas? I m working …hv to walk a lot….

Hi my mother is on this diet and she refuses to take any fat vegetables she is 42 and is on the second days almost ending please help on showing her if it is really important to not have any Intake of fatty vegetables.

Well I can tell you with no fat, this fat free or low fat craze causes weight gain in most, gallbladder issues and more. Your body needs goo fat, animal fats, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. I am on day 3 now, have lost 3 lbs so far. Looking forward to loose more. Had melons and water in breakfast today. Please let me know if I can have vegetable soup on Day How many bananas can be taken on day 4? Is 4 big bananas ok? Kindly reply urgently as tomorrow is my 4th day.

Hi Guys… Sharing my GM diet experience. Today is day 3 of my 5th week of GM diet. It all started when i was After 1st week my weight dropped to I kept on doing this for 4 weeks giving a break of days between each gm diet week.

At the end of 4 weeks i was a good Now lot of people here are having a lot of doubts as to how to follow the plan correctly. Well let me share my way of doing it. Im not claiming that im doing it right or everybody should follow me. Im just sharing my experience. I normally start my week on a monday and end on a sunday. Day 1 Just water melon and sweet melon for breakfast, lunch dinner. Additionally half a glass of honey and lemon juice in warm water early morning. Day 2 -2 potatoes for breakfast… Here it says u can have baked potatoes with a pat of butter.

Well i improvised and boiled 2 potatoes and then light fried them in a pat of butter with salt, pepper n garlic. Day 3 — Breakfast: Watermelon and sweet melon — Lunch: Day 4 Toughest for me. I almost give up this day -Breakfast: Day 5 — Breakfast- Chicken soup with green veggies. I myself make my patty at home using minced meat which is readily available in cold storages. I am just sharing my experience. Broccoli, celery, red and yellow bell pepper, cabbage, corns, salt and pepper — Lunch: Chicken kebab with a tomatoe and cucumber… Just take chunks of chicken, red and yellow bell pepper, some garlic.

Day 7 — Breakfast: Brown rice with chicken stew. Now i read some comments saying do not follow GM diet as u tend to gain weight much faster after u quit. In any case if you lose kgs per week and then take weeks to gain those 5 kgs back, i think its pretty much ok. Additional benefits 1 i personally experienced my blood pressure lowering to from a constant plus initially. Rechecked times to confirm. He always had swollen toes due to high sugar levels.

After doing this diet times he found the swelling to reduce. Again im not claiming or recommending any one to follow this diet but simply sharing my experience.

Am i going in the right way? Where was that potato on day 2? That is a huge miss, you really needed that. By the looks of it you seem like you think eating less is better, it is not, please stick to the plan. Yes i had tea without sweetener and yeah I had potato as well with a pat of butter on Day 2. Day4 till lunch 1 glass milk 3 bananas 1 big bowl of soup tomato,peas,beans,onion. Beans are a huge mistake in your soup!

This is not our daily soup. Keep that in mind, can really throw you possibly. Other than that not bad. Day 4 post lunch 2 bananas and 1 glass milk. Please note bananas i ate were small sized. My day went very refreshing… Day 5 plan. Half Roasted chicken Will Have 4 tomatoes in Entire day. Hello all looks good. The beans are fine after diet, just not during on veg days, soya chunks are up to each person, there is just nothing healthy about soy. Had 1 small bowl of soup 1 bowl of mixed vegetables onion ,tomato,cucumber,capsicum,carrot 1 bowl of boiled black eyed pea lobia.

Hi author, me and my brother have consumed potatoes on day 3, only came to know that no potatoes are allowed on day 3. All also pls share receipe for wonder soup cos somewhere in comments i saw tomatoes should not be there in soup whereas in wonder soup receipe its included.

I was unable to weigh myself in the morning.. I have weighed myself and quite happy to see the scale has touched All the hunger pangs, all the temptations, all distractions have moved out from the way of determination.. Today not even a single deviation from the Diet plan.

LemonJuice with Ginger Fruits — Mango, Orange, Kiwi, Grapes, water melon, sweet melon n loads of water n green tea Vegetables — in sauté — baby corn, cucumber, baby carrot, asparagus, capsicum.. Not forgetting to say, my multivitamin tablets, as I have hairfall issue… today I have added one extra hair-nail-skin tablet to meet with my vitamin needs. Yesterday was my second day, I had wonder soup. I modified it bit pls let me know is this ok.

Bolied onion 2 ,tomato 2 ,garlic 1 , coriander leaves instead of cerely Step2: Grinded all together Step2: Morning had one guava… Yet to check my weight..

Please answer me wat I can have in the noon…. In plan for 4th day noon we are suppose to take soup…but i will be in office can so i cannot have it….: You can have soup on day 4, the soup is there for when you are hungry. I have completed my diet plan but not weighed myself.

I dont know whether I could loose any weight or not. Best to wait at least 2 weeks. In between that time follow a healthy diet, you will be amazed at how well you feel. WOW, at quick glance you are not eating enough food at all.

This is not a fasting diet, less is worse. There has to be balance. Pls let me know what i can take on day 5 pls.. Ya b4 i use…. Cucumber is good, any other veg you can have? Follow what we laid out, then use these veg we we call for nay veg. Make a simple soup from tomato and cauliflower, add whatever spices you like. It can be normal, when you cut processed foods, wheat, sugar, etc your body will let ya know for a few days.

Most people end up totally energized afterwards. Can we cook vegs like peas, lady finger in olive oil for our meal like we saute green pepper and onions for wonder soup. I started on 18th June i weighed I am in obese category. I was currently weighing Today i am having all the vegetables.

Later on somewhere I read that beans are not good for Gm diet. Started this morning with weight at 92 Kg… Followed the plan with some deviation of having 2 cups of regular Tea without sugar … and some wonder soup when I felt hungry. I have consumed fruits with the condition of unlimited supply …: Important change that I noticed: Will check the weight tomorrow and am all excited to see the result. Starting the Day 3…… on a jubilant note….

And it works to keep you happy, which I think is important to keep you stress free… y. Well define stress free? That cheat, that sugar is short lived pleasure asking you to come back for more and more. I can assure everyone here, stress free is doing what it takes to get you life back on the right track.

However this is a personal decision, I had a sweet tooth and could eat a pound of organic dried mangoes in a day, and it only ended up causing me stress in the end. Could someone please tell me why that is? This time last year, I was Now though, no diet seems to work — my body seems to have become immune to weight loss.

Could anyone share any insights on this? What is you diet like on a normal day? I do have wheat occasionally — when the diet demands it, but none on the GM diet so far. I do use sweetener in my tea. To me, the only thing that worked for me was cutting all sugar, eating balanced meals like I posted the example diet in the forum, cutting junk vegetable oils Use coconut, palm or olive , cut too many snacks and never eat processed foods.

Think nutrient dense and never eat gluten. Many thanks, please could you also suggest a beef substitute for day 5? It would be so helpful if you could list all 3 meals with a substitute for day 5. And another question — tomorrow is day 6 for me,which means chicken and vegetables. No brown rice is allowed on this day right?

I ask as the Chinese stir fry recipe listed on the website says that the chicken stir fry should be served on a bed of brown rice. But there is no mention of brown rice for day6otherwise. I put them w my lettuce day 2. My starting weight was After completing this diet, I weigh 69kgs. This diet is great! Tried almost anything but without success. For the exercise, I did the jillian michaels level1 30day shred every other day and 7minute scientific exercise everyday.

My target weight is 60kgs. I will do this again after 2weeks. Try a plan like this afterwards, balanced and you may find more weight loss. I never recommend corn, technically a grain, a high allergen food, normally heavily genetically modified and nutrient dead. So for at least this plan, no corn. Today is my 3rd day and in morning i was feeling so weak. Is this i am feeling weak because i am taking too much watery soup and not whole plain raw veggies?

Add as many spices as you like to your food. Weakness the first couple of days can be normal, take a cup of herbal tea no sweetener or coconut water to help some. The soup should help you with electrolyte issues, over drinking water can cause you to be weak, flushes out minerals needed. The soup or coconut water can help with that. When i started this diet my weight was Can i know the reason for this. I have to reduce my intake as much as?

In 4th cycle day 2 my weight Very wrong, a minimum of 2 weeks in between rounds, preferably more. Here are some plans you can follow, top 2 posts, in between rounds, you may be shocked if you stick with them how well you might do. To me a lifestyle change is best, maybe a nutritionist can test you and find what is best for your body.

Personal choice, I recommend though you research how negatively wheat affects you health. You will gain weight likely if you start it again. Unless you can find sprouted organic pure old style corn. Was that a mistake, were the veggies supposed to be eaten only raw? Does that apply also to day 3? I started my first day of diet with 1 apple and 2 guavas then in lunch 1 cup Sun melon and then in dinner I had 1 Cup papaya, 1Apple, 1 guava.

Then on 2 day i had one bolied potato in breakfast , 2 carrots and 2 cucumbers in lunch, then in dinner 1 small bowl pulses. Hope it would work. Now i will not eat pUlses again. Please suggest diet for Day3. Did you have any fat on the potato, day butter or olive oil? We have laid out sample days for you under each section.

Blood was in it? Please see a doc. Not sure why eating fruits and veg would cause that. Please get help if you need it. NO, corn is technically a grain. Pickles would be fine if they are a pure type, that does not have chemicals and bad oils in them. Pickles are called cucumbers in brine. Ingredients are selected cucumbers salt spices water acidulants are they ok? I know what pickles are, I actually ferment my own. Acidulants, scary they will not say which ones, trust me you likely do not want to know.

Keep in mind natural is better, pickles do not need those ingredients. Sorry I was just writing what it said on the jar. Just wanted to make sure all ingredients are known. Thanx for the reply.

Hello i am presently on my day 3 of the gm diet, i feel better, but my question is on the days can i substitute meat for fish? NO red chana, it can replace meat. You cannot have legumes when you like on this program. They have carbs and protein and will throw off the balance of it. What i will do now? May i skip this diet plan. You can continue, but you cannot only eat corn and carrots as a veg.

Corn is technically a grain and nutrient dead. Folks always go for corn, peas and carrots for veg. However keep going if you like. Carrots are also higher in carbs, we do not say eat carrots. They made me feel soooooo much better, and gave me an energy that i needed to deal with small children.

Then it became about staying well and being able to function. My pain is much better than before so i dont need opiates to be able to deal with my pain any longer. I have been using them for a lonnnnng time for many reasons other than the pain.

I still have zero energy or motivation. I am sorry to ramble or complain. I am just sincerely disappointed at the lack of progress, despite my very best efforts. Any idea when the fog horn anxiety will stop? I wish I could say it would only be another week or something like that but I can't say for sure. You have been experiencing the withdrawls for longer than most people at least with opiate withdrawl anyway. It will get better soon though, I can promise you that.

May I suggest some herbal remedies for the insomnia and anxiety. Try melatonin for sleep and valerian root for anxiety. It can't hurt and may well be the help you need to get through this. Check it out at the grocery or pharmacy tomorrow.

Hang in there and send me a message anytime. I'll friend you and you can private message me if you want. We share the same thoughts regarding the length of wd that i have been experiencing. That was back in August I never got over it, hence my starting to use again. If this ignorant anxiety would go away, the rest is cake. Thats what im looking for. A little energy would be nice too. I always have seen, through my exp as a drug counselor, that energy is the last to return.

Thank God i have a patient husband. I am going to try to watch some tv and hopefully get some sleep. But, know this, you have done your good deed for today and helped so much. However, the day after, i promise to go for a short walk, and maybe tomorrow i will get the valerian root and the melatonin.

Very good, sound, easy to obtain answers. I keep thinking that there must be something physically wrong with me Ive not experienced this type of anxiety, ever! I know the feeling of anxiety that is associate with wd, and it feels the same. I just had all kinds of blood work done, urinalysis etc. The only thing wrong was a UTI. I'll pray that you have sweet dreams and keep in touch. BTW I would love to learn more about the different types of opoids: I've so much to learn.

I don't know that there is anything physically wrong with you like an infection or whatever. Your body and brain just need time to adjust. When you said it had been 3 weeks of withdrawl and the anxiety was the biggest symptom now, I did think to myself, "I wonder if she has an underlying mental illness like bipolar or anxiety disorder. I posted a list of opioid agonists vs. It is up for approval from the site managers.

I got the list from wikipedia alot of medical terms and hard for a non dr. However, google it if you are interested. I am blessed to know what happens in the brain when we take these meds.

However, i, like you, have much to learn. I dont know how long this will take but im getting really tired of it I guess if we really want this we have to hang in there If it has been two weeks since you took any opiates then you are through the worst of the withdrawls.

It will gradually get better from here on out. Hang in there and you will be an opiate free, feeling good person soon. This has helped me. It's been about3 months and some days it feels like the2nd. I take a piece of buke every now and than but I have 0 energy and the mental a foggy mind and some of the pther symptoms.

I just want to feel normal again. Ive eaten most of my lining i think but no insurance and cant work long enough before my benefits kick in. I feel like a failure plus I suffer with mental health and a allergy to gluten. I wake up in horrible panic attacks in my sleep it feels like it stops i jump out of my sleep than restless leg syndrome.

I was hoping that someone would say give it 1 mpre day. I have been around them but the thought of withdrawal is enough for me. I just want to be an active parent wife and a better me. I have health problems but i wish I never enjoyed that first time. I hate my life it has no meaning.. I have no friends at all and an abusive husband who loves to see me suffer God help me someone help me! I don't Evan have the tools to go to a detox I'm already thinking what will I do tomorrow..

Hey, It is the drugs talking. Your life has meaning whether your husband says so or not. Not sure how to help you, but im willing to listen. Passion flower is good to take. Drink plenty of water. You should also have a banana everyday or pineapplejuice since it has potassium which you need to help with body aches. Take hot showers or take baths in epsom salts which helps with the aches tremendously!

But you know nothing about me. You are very lucky. I have been pill sick for two years. I cannot even go to the mailbox. I cannot eat,sleep nothing for two years. My back is now damaged for laying in bed for two years. I was doing ten milligrams of Methodone,that's all. And to pay two years for that is not a fair trade at all. My life is this ceiling and bed of two years. The truth is that one can be pill sick between seven days and twenty years,somewhere in there you will be able to get out of bed.

If people knew the truth,no one would quit using. I lost my house,not because of money,but because I had no energy to pay the bills. I have been in bed for two years because of ten milligrams a day for a few years. I can help you. My tongue swelled huge and my throat started to close. It took several hours before the selling subsided.

Also sucks because I love avocado. I have done this twice. I still am too scared to eat a larger quantity, but am testing the waters.

Today I boiled two for about 10 min. I ate about 1 tablespoon. I am going to take a benadryl and I will post back. Random Something — Sounds like she has a the allergy. I am only allergic to avocado and not the other associated fruits. Each time I eat avocado my lips begin to hurt, then blister and swell, then my gums and tongue burn and my throat itches for hours.

Fortunately it goes away in less than 10 minutes. But this berly started in my adulthood. I have never had a reaction to avocado until today from eating one last night. I only have skin problems, painful burning and huge red scaly patches on my face and neck. I get the same reactions from mangoes which just started a year ago, and certain wines, which started about five years ago.

It is so strange that they just pop up out of the blue. I usually eat them pretty regularly. I noticed a few of them were super dark in color instead of green. I asked my mother if I should still use them, she said yes. Nobody could physically see it, but I felt like it was huge! I grew up in Texas eating Tex-Mex so guacamole was practically a whole food group by itself lol. I always loved guac and never had a problem with it until a few years ago. I also tend to feel hot and break out in a sweat during an attack.

Interestingly, I have been taking Benadryl since before you could get it OTC, when you still needed a prescription for it. One time Mom let me run out of the elixir and I had a bad reaction in the middle of the night, so she had to go running all over town looking for a hour pharmacy!

That sure sucked as a kid!! Thank God for sites like this! I would never have believed a person could actually be allergic to avocados until I experienced it myself and found this site. The only thing that gives me an anaphylactic-type reaction throat swelling closed, etc. After I had my fourth child via C-section the nurse wanted to give me ibuprofen for the pain but I told her I was allergic.

Apologies for the long post but this sure seems to be the place to let it out lol!! I am thankful that I found this site — I usually eat Avocados about once a week, and have done for years, but tonight I ate one which was a little under-ripe, and within half an hour, the whole right side of my face swelled up, especially inside my mouth.

I have taken an antihistamine tablet and held some ice-cold water in my mouth for a minute, and I think it may be helping to take the swelling down.

I have never had any reaction to Avocados before, and I hope I never do again! When I was 16 I ate kiwi fruit for the first time and developed a very tight, closed in throat which only died down a few hours later. I ate one late wensday night and another at lunch the next day. By thurs night, I had a slightly constricted throat and lungs, dizziness, and a harsh pain in my lower back. I naturally thought it was some bug I picked up and was nursed through it til Sat evening It went away.

The symptoms returned, and I put two and two together. I break out in a sweat. I also get stomach pain with Cashews and recently with a pear. I thought it was due to no gall bladder. I have not had a problem with the latex as of yet.

I do have a problem with certain pillows. No allergy up until age I use to eat avo banana and popo a lot but since about 5 years ago I started a alergic reaction first banana and then avo and then popo my eyes swell looks like I have been beaten up and throaght feels thick and then nothing else helps with it not even a allergec so people who havent gone through this wont know how it feels.

To william at the top of the comment page; If people cannot be allergic to avocados, then why the heck do I get severe stomach cramping, diarrhea, an bloating every time I eat avacados?!

I am SO relieved reading these posts. I just had an avocado and experienced some of the worst pain I had ever had. I vomited, and immediately felt better. Thanks for taking the time everybody! My reaction has become worse each time. Anyone with the Avocado allergy that has had problems with Pomegranates???

Having multiple blood test and feel foolish…Truly believe its the avocados Inexpensive, delicious and in season and having them every day…Been having fatigue, flu-like symtoms and swollen tongue and burning tongue, will lay off a few days, take Bensdryl and see.

I have been diagnosed before with Epstein Barr so is confusing. I am so glad my search for Kiwi allergy led me to this site re: I KNOW that horrible abdominal pain! It feels like I am about to give birth to a 20 lb. I used to love kiwis and never had a reaction until 2 days ago. Love avocados but have been allergic for years.

Now my lips are swollen and blistered and my inner-ears are itchy. Terrible price to pay for one of my favorite foods. I have similar though less severe reaction to tomatoes, kiwis and some melons. I get sluggish afterwards and a headache sometimes and oh yeah brain fog pretty bad… sucks because i like em so much and they are cheap.. The next day when they removed the IV they also removed a 1. Im 22 weeks pregnant. I ate a whole bunch of guacamole last night before I went to bed. Woke up in the middle of the night and thought I was going into labor.

I almost called an ambulance. Drank some sugary juice to make sure baby was kicking. Finally, used a heating pad and the pain went away after an hour. This morning, I smelled the guacamole and started dry heaving. Ha, I found this site after I started feeling a bit itchy in and around just one side of my mouth after a snack just earlier what was the snack you say? Well lo and behold, firm sliced bananas with lightly salted avocado mash!!

I didnt have these itchy sensations before when I ate them separate; today was the first time I combined them weird combo but super yum and I got curious. I also have itchiness with kiwi, and slightly more crazy irritation around my lips with certain mangos which they say is derived from mango skin contact versus the flesh itself. Now, my face and part of my skin on my arms is itching prolly because I spread it by touching.

Ack, its soooo annoying!! Esp since I found such a yummy new snack that was making me happy; I guess its my body saying, woah! I am in my thirties and discovered I was allergic to avocado a few years ago. Before that, I used to love it but only ate it periodically. I was at a Mexican restaurant and happened to have a large amount of guacamole on my flautas. I had my mom rush me to the store for some liquid Benadryl. I have several allergies and a shot of this usually does the trick pretty quickly.

I thought there was a cross contamination with shrimp but the cooks assured me that they are prepared separately. I recently discovered I am allergic to either jicama or bananas…totally different reaction and I have to wonder if bananas purchased from different stores did it since it comes from a different country. Also allergic to anything with fur, seasonal allergies, iodine, aspirin.

Thought about going to the allergist but worried that I will be allergic to everything and not be able to eat! She can rarely eat at restaurants now! My Mom has had an avacado allergy since birth, and is also allergic to latex.

Her symtoms are different though; Rash and where the avacado touches her, swells up. I like the benedryl idea, it also sooths the effects of sulfur on swimmers at hot spring pools, when itching and burning start, works in about 10 minutes and last all day.

I developed an allergy to them at age 40 or so. I get bad itchy hives all over my body. It feels like my skin is coming off, just horrible. I decided years ago to try two benadryl, wait one hour, then I can safely eat avacadoes but the benadryl makes me so sleepy.

Bye the way, I have now been lab tested and have a severe latex allergy as well. I was a banana a day kid for years. Thankfully, I am not bothered by the many other related fruits: I would get sick for years whenever I ate nachos that had guac.

No more avocados for me after terrible digestive upset, throwing up, etc. Second time now so will have to strike this yummy food off my diet. The pain lasted for about three hours. Today I bought a sandwich from the cafe at work and it seems they cut it with a knife that had some avocado residue on it or it was on the cutting board and now, five hours after eating my lunch, the pain is slowly starting to subside.

The exposure also makes me vomit. I have seasonal allergies which I get shots for including birch , as well as a celery allergy.

Good luck to everyone who is a part of this unfortunate group. Unfortunately I will not be eating them again. This is my 2nd reaction in a week. I thought the first one was because the avacado was bad.

I had severe cramping, vomiting, and diarrhea. This lasted for several hours. Had some avacado tonight on a sandwich about 45 minutes later began having severe stomach pains. About 5 hrs into it I began vomiting. I have been eating a lot of avacado lately. Too much of a good thing? For those of you who have commented that avocados cannot cause an allergic reaction — you are completely misguided. I found this site because I just ate avocado in my salad and my tongue is starting to tingle and itch, along with my throat, and the small area where I bit the inside of my lip is now swollen and sore.

This also happens to me when I eat bananas and cantaloupe. I continue to eat said things because the symptoms are not bothersome enough to quit. Fortunately, within an hour after eating the allergic reaction subsides. For those of you who suffer the same allergic reactions — you are not the only one!

I actually have noticed that Beano works really well with my avacdo problem. Whenever I eat one my stumch starts hurting really bad and the pain pushed into my back. Just recently kiwi has started to do the same thing. But if I take a Beano Meltaway before I eat the stuff it really helps me. I have the second one, I am so highly allergic to avacado that if someone uses the same knife to cut my onion that they used and CLEANED from cutting an avacado, I suffer horrid itching and inflammation from head to toe.

I am also have a severe allergic reaction to latex. I have to be careful of the ink pens I use because my skin will crack and bleed. When I was about 17, I started getting severe stomach pains but would always attribute it to other things I was eating it with, like shrimp. However, one time image avocado toast and that same, unmistakable pain came. The pain and weird feeling in my stomach takes about two days to go away.

It is completely incapacitating for the first 8 hours. I really hope more research is done to help us all out. I had one bite of guacamole today and have been extreme pain for 7 hours.

I feel so helpless! I get severe stomach pains shortly after I eat even a very small amount of avocado. I recently went out for Japanese food and half way through my meal I was keeled over in pain and sweating like crazy even though I was very careful not to eat anything with avocados. Turns out they cooked with avocado oils! The pain was so bad it required an emergency room visit. Would an epi pen help with stomach cramps too or is it just swelling? I knew that I cannot eat avocados at all, bananas as a first meal of a day, but magoes are new… Just had a mango with yoghurt for a breakfast and suffering from nasty stomachache, the same I was used to get after eating avos.

So I had a look online and found out that I have an allergy. After my son was born 38 I began developing food allergies. I got the referal to an allergist who was quite concerned. She said they are all allergies to proteins related to tree pollens. The little pre-peeled ones are fine unless they have the end nub. Good doc says the proteins are concentrated in the skin. I take Citirazine Zyrtec and it works great. I am allergic to fresh bananas, avocado, mango, cantelope, sweet apples, kiwi, strawberries, oranges, nectarines, honey dew, cherries, walnuts, watermelon, plums.

When I was a kid I ate all these things. The more the better. My mom kept the house stocked. But during my freshman year of college, I developed a rash that had the doctors at the school infirmary baffled. They came from surrounding counties to look at it. Finally my mom took me home and made me soak in Aveeno Oatmeal Bath. After the rash went away, my allergies came. How do I get my fruit servings in?

I almost died 2 years ago from avocados. I had been eating them pretty regularly. One night I made my awesome guacamole dip and I got some under my nail. It itched like crazy.. I then had one chip with guacamole and 30min. I took 2 benedryls and set a timer for 20 min. After 10 I had to rush to the ER. I do have this allergy. Now I have an epipen…yahoo. Onyx Rein, the same is true for me. My mouth, lips and throat get all itchy, but only if I eat plain avocado.

No problem with guacamole. I have a severe allergy to Avocado. My mother has the same allergy, as do my sister and one of my daughters. I have the worst and have in my opinion come close to anaphylaxic shock.

All the stomach symptoms, extreme difficulty breathing, rapid heart rate, sweating and lots of pain. If by accident I eat even just a bit… I go to the emergency room. I do have an epi pen.. I have had about four terrible reactions… each one has been worse than the last.

This is all interesting to read…. Like another poster, I also am 22 weeks pregnant. I love avocados and to be honest they were one of the few foods I could keep down during my morning sickness.

An hour later I was stuck to the toilet and forced myself to puke just to try to get rid of whatever was bugging me. Then just last nite, I had one straight just as a snack, same thing happened, only quicker and more intense, and I was vomitting involuntarily this time. I was in excruciating pain both times for at least hours, and honestly thought I was going into preterm labor both times.

This is my third baby, so I know what labor feels like, and it was right up there for pain. I found this thread this morning, and am now thinking it was the avocados. I am not experiencing these symptoms with anything else, including latex! Thanks for all the info everyone!! I have eaten avocados 4 times in my life an each time I feel like I am dying….

Karen, an epi pen would help with all symptoms, including the cramping. I just found out I am allergic to avocados also. It feels like I am having an avocado baby every time I ate them. Keep your allergy meds near by — pills, epi-pen, water to take pills — just in case. If a food is ok, great! If not, write down what your reaction is, and include how long it took to kick in, how nasty it got. This info can help you if you start feeling ill — what did I eat, when?

It can also help your doctor help you. For me the Zyrtec daily lets me eat the cherries, avocados, carrots, bananas, kiwis, etc. For me the peel on carrots is the problem. You might wish to try some of your milder reaction foods without their peels. Sometimes cooked versions of foods help so things like apple sauce or fruit rolls might work out.

Only one new food, in one form each day. Air is your friend. If pills help you eat, great, but keep in mind you may forget a pill lots of babies in the world attest to that or run out. Putting a medical info note with your licence would be smart, as would a med-alert bracelet. Please be sure to READ your epi-pen instructions from time to time before you ever might need it.

This allergy is definitely real. I am allergic to every kind of pollen and I used to get allergy shots when I was a kid. I ended up in an ambulance with my tongue swollen up, my blood pressure so high they said I could have had a heart attack if I had used my inhaler, and when they took a chest X-ray it turns out I had pneumonia too- all brought on by the allergic reaction! It never causes diarrhea. I have had rashes from lotions and oils with avocado in them, but that was fairly minor, and I just check the labels of things I buy.

Which is followed my at itchy sensation all around my face, which is usually followed by redness, general over-sensitivity, and flaky skin around my mouth and nose for several days. It took me years to figure it out. I also experience the same symptoms when i eat honeydew melon, cantelope, or too much banana one banana is ok. I also recently 2years ago developed a similar allergy to latex.

Now I can no longer eat bananas and tomatoes for sure. Now I know it was ALL food allergy related! Would have saved me thousands of dollars and bankruptcy if anyone would have even bothered testing for allergies! Having a dr give you antidepressants when all you needed was an allergy test was like a punch in the face!

Alot of medicines are coated with latex to hold them together and are not labeled as containing latex. I have to spend more buying underware and other clothing because of latex in the elastic. I cant even use disposible feminine hygiene products anymore because of the severity of my allergy. Once you gain one food allergy, you will gain more, due to cross reactions! For those that are having strange symptoms like I was, severe abdominal pain, panic attacks, throat closing, lip numbness, and just random issues, get an allergy test!

I even had endoscopy and hida scans because they were SURE it was gallbladder problems! My lips dont swell and I rarely get hives, just immediate throat closure and of course panic! I also wear a medical bracelet that lists all allergies and have a sticker on my car that lets emergency personel to look for a paper in my glovebox with medical info on it. If you are looking for a good medical bracelet thats latex free and not cheap metal, try one from a company called Id on me.

It has a paper insert that can hold a long list of info when a regular bracelet wont cut it! Great to find this site this morning. Last night I ate an avocado on my Turkey sandwich that I made myself, immediately had burning on my outermost lip and tongue.

Like most of you, I have eaten it my whole life. So glad I found this site! My symptoms are only severe abdominal pain, no itching or swelling. Same pains come about with melons and pears. Thanks to fellow posters for making me feel not crazy!! I have had a mild allergy to avocados for the last few years. I absolutely love them, so I would usually just try to ignore the symptoms as much as possible, which were relatively minor some itching in the back of my throat and sometimes my tongue , until last week.

Last week in addition to the itching, I developed terrible stomach cramps and a horrible, unending headache. I waited three days before I ate any avocado again three pain-free, itch-free days.

On the third day I had just a small amount of avocado, and almost immediately my stomach cramps came back with diarrhea this time, yay , and my head was pounding within 20 minutes. As it turns out, I do also have sensitivities to bananas and latex that I had never connected until now. I also recently developed a severe allergy to peanuts in my late twenties. You may have a latex allergy.

I have all the problems you have re: There are numerous foods that will cross-react. They all share a common protein. William …you are a dumb ass!!! Yesterday for lunch I had avocados with chicken on a biscuit and really enjoyed it — only for about half an hour was I ok and then I had shocking nausea and pains in the stomach — later had gastro symptoms — so sick I felt like I could die — same reaction that I had years ago with avocado but thought it was a one off — never never again am I eating one.

Finally found this after three consecutive nights of avocado pain, and one more tonight. I have noticed for many years now 50 that i have an allergies to the following: Both of my sons at a young age complained of similar symptoms after getting hot dogs a the baseball park.

I still eat shrimp but only if cook thoughout. Last night my throat and esophogis swelled so much from the guacamole appetizer that I could not swollow my dinner. About an hour ago I was given the wrong sandwich order. It had avocado in the lettuce…I ate half of the sandwich before I realized. I took a Benadryl right away. I had a little itching and tongue swelling, but nothing severe. It went straight to my stomach. Always check your food before you eat if you have food allergies…they do hide.

So thankful for this info. Everytime I eat avocados my stomach hurts so bad!!!! I became aware of my banana allergy when I was about 18, I have recently noticed my allergy to avocados.

I experience severe stomach pains for both, sometimes migraines lasting up to 12 hrs. I am so grateful for this site and reading the similar stories. I took benedryl yesterday thanks to the suggestion of an earlier poster and it worked for me too.

My husband has severe environmental allergies … so far 2 of our children have allergies. One to nuts and the other environmental and house dust. The times I have found allergies have been with hormones out of sorts. Found my egg allergy while pregnant, and found the avocado allergy night before I got my period…so the hormone comment sounds right for me.

People with this same allergy are allergic to other foods like bananas, melons, mango, chestnuts, and kiwis. I not supposed to eat those either. No one believes me!!! I used to eat avocado a few days a week with lunch and then when I was 20 I stopped eating it for about two months.

Then when I ate it again I got stomach cramps and nausea. Thought it was bad chicken. Next day same thing but a bit worse. So I started having the same sandwich every day but remove a different thing each day to determine by process of elimination. Thought I was delusional so I stopped eating it from there.

Went somewhere else and had baked avocado. I was in so much damn pain I was writhing on the floor. So from then I avoided avocado for a few years. I was in intense horrible writhing pain for 18 hours. The first attack was only an hour or so. Each one got a little longer. That last one has scred me off avocado for life. Sucks coz i love it. I developed an Avocado allergy 30 years ago after giving birth to my first child.

The abdominal pain, vomiting, etc. I missed avocados and guacamole, but every time i tried to eat it i suffered. Stayed away for about 10 years. Have had a dreadful episode today. Feels like the lining of my stomach is on fire. The pain in my stomach is intense. Headache has now started, 6. Will not touch the bloody things again. Tonight I had a severe allergic reaction to a natural facial lotion which has Avocado in it.

I have a known allergy to bananas and adhesives latex and I suspect walnuts, too. Google also brought me to this site. I am shocked that I am this allergic! I entered this lotion in the Safe Cosmetics data base and it came up with the best lowest toxicity rating. I am writing down other similar allergies others have noted, just in case. I thought I was crazy! Now I make it once or twice a year. A few months ago I made a flax-avocado shake from an inflammation book… My stomach was slightly queasy after that, but I let it go.

And the common denominator is avocado. Will be on alert re the other fruits listed above… Thanks for all the helpful comments. I find this interesting. For as long as I can remember I have had issues when I eat avocados or bananas. I feel like my throat starts closing up but I can breathe fine its just a weird pressurized feeling and when I eat bananas I feel it more in my back.

Everyone has always laughed at me when I tell them about it but this would make sense. The avocado allergy for me started as occasional vomiting before 12 years old, after 12 I ate it sporadically without any vomiting.

After 40 consistently eating it daily causes feelings of vomiting and flushed skin after the third day. I have experienced the same reaction to eating some ripe bananas. I eat kiwis a lot and have not gotten that reaction except for the ones that may be grown with some type of pesticides, Kiwis from NZ, New Zealand or Italy do not cause any reaction.

When organic, Kiwis, bananas or avocados have been eaten none of the symptoms I am feeling today, occur. Put avocado oil on my face to soothe dry skin due to low humidity. Went for a short walk outdoors without sunblock or hat because I was out of my routine and I had some slight redness on my nose and forehead.

That went away in days, but what happened 48 hrs later and is still lasting about 1 month later was sheer hell. My skin felt hot and I had a constant weird feeling in my skin tightness. Dermatologist says my condition is interesting: I can eat avocados without any problems and love avocado shakes 1 liter of milk: So if being allergic to avacados is a myth perpetrated by the ignorant, then why does goucomole or anything containing Avacado destroy my stomach.

I eat all foods and nothing bothers me but anything with avacado renders me helpless, Laying in fetal position with really bad abdominal pains. I love avocados but they destroy me any input? I have been lactose intolerant all my life. Now I need to add avacados to the growing number of foods I cannot eat which also includes honeydew melon, cantaloupe, and eggs.

Allergic to shellfish, tree nuts, and mustard by skin test, sensitive to latex—my reaction to avocado is the same as my reaction to cashews. Indigestion, no pain, with increased, irregular heartbeat from vagus nerve response. Cashew reaction is much more intense, but very ripe avocado produces similar feeling for hours after ingestion. I thought I was a freak for ages.. I certainly would never have dreamt in a million years that avocodos would be an allergen trigger…until last night!

About 45 minutes after eating a bunch of it…all hell broke loose!!!