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How it all began, and what is wrong with the Singapore system

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I created this reference page to refute claims you may have encountered that there is no evidence to support the safety and effectiveness of drinking water fluoridation as a method to enhance community dental health. Increased impact on oral health-related quality of life OHRQoL was related to the severity of cavitated dentine lesions, but fluorosis resulting from combined fluoride exposure from early ages was not of concern for the adolescents. Dems would never do that to Starbucks!! Affected dogs drink excessively, urinate excessively, and even may develop incontinence. Check the levels of the fluoride ion in your drinking water. How to Read the Signs for Your Body's Water Needs Once your body has lost between one to two percent of its total water content, it will signal its needs by making you feel thirsty. Fluoridation is being challenged in Massachusetts and nationwide because a vocal minority has been adept at confusing and scaring the public on the safety and effectiveness of fluoridation.

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Really getting on my nerves. There are several issues to be considered here. To ensure that certain actions that would cause harm to others do not take place?

A general definition, but useful for this purpose. What is the harm here, percieved or otherwise? Littering, pungent odours from food affecting the other passengers. That seems to be the rationale of that law. However, in this case this does not seem to be happening, which leads us to:. Should every law be enforced to the letter?

Like the article mentioned, the enforcement tactics put common sense and human decency, not to mention basic human rights on suspension. Must it take a blanket approach?

Surely issues like not littering and being kind and considerate to your fellow human beings are in the realm of basic manners and courtesy. If the law has to transgress this area, does it want to take responsibility for the way each and everyone of us is being brought up?

If we need a video to tell us how to be considerate, it really speaks volumes about Singapore as a Gracious Society. Are we as Singaporeans going to hand over the responsibility of behaving ourselves in public to a higher order? Is that the best way to ensure decent behaviour in public? It appears that SMRT does not feel a need to clarify this situation, and this lack of response implies that the management is supportive of this action.

The problem is that we do not have a choice in public transportation, or do we? Though a small gesture, in my own small way, it was made to protest against a company which shows a total lack of care for fellow human beings.

As the officer said, if they give in to one excuse where will the line be drawn. Once you have lived outside of Singapore, you will learn to appreciate This Fine City. At best this argument is patronizing, at worst is it offensively arrogant — so what if YOU have lived outside of Singapore? That has nothing to do with this situation right now.

There is no logical causation about living outside of Singapore and appreciating a situation like this. If the LTA officer, in view of the camera, had not issued the fine, he would probably get some repercussion from his superiors. What we have here is a deeply embedded fear of authority that has overtaken any courage to show compassion for a fellow human with human needs.

Sorry to say the woman was unlucky, I have seen people drinking and eating in train, where the so -called officers to catch these people. So a sweet can help make a nauseous person feel better, stop a bad cough momentarily, prevent vomit or even faint, but smrt is saying no. While the intention is good, officers should assess it accordingly, not just blindly following orders. Many people only think it is just a sweet. In short, the rules are there because it is impossible to have all commuters who are civil minded.

These rules are to deal with such people. What has worked well, keep it unless the similar action taken by the officer Roger Foo, we still have dirty MRT then it is time for a re-think.

Ignoring the spirit of the law: How it all began, and what is wrong with the Singapore system The crackdown by SMRT officers on commuters who eat and drink aboard trains is due to the recent spate of videos posted on STOMP showing youngsters blatantly flouting the rules by eating burgers and drinking soft drinks in the MRT.

Sweets should be alright. But fines need to be given if littering of wrapper is seen. However, in this case this does not seem to be happening, which leads us to: We are after all your paying customers, LTA, please give us a better explanation. The future is here! Such as clairvoyant abilities, do you feel more one with the universe?

Before your daughter fasts, you and she must read about water fasting. I am certain in the health benefits of fasting, no matter the age of the person, but the person who is fasting needs to understand all about it so she understands. In fact, its not difficult at all to fast. But what do you recommend to drink on days like that. I hope you can help me because i really want to clean my body and just finally feel good about myself. You will know its time to end your fast when your hunger returns.

After the first 4 days, it is very easy to do a water fast …. Remember — whatever you put in your body will be stored as fat if you do not burn the calories. If you eat 4, calories through the day and do zero physical activity, of course it will be stored as fat and you will become heavier.

But i do a lot of exercise and physical activity, much more than most people, so that probably helps me becasue i am burning a lot of calories. Surely, if i did no physcial activity, i would have gained more weight faster. I recently did a dry fast for three days of not eating and drinking but more for spiritual reasons. Was tough but I made it. I want to do the 21 day water fast for health reasons and for energy and because of your encouraging blog.

There are people who say that they eat and drink nothing and live perfectly well. I am so fascinated you shared your experiences with the 30 day fast. I, myself, have been on the line about a 30 day fast, and I want to do it now since you gave me inspiration.

How much water did you consume in a day? Okay first of all this is all bull. By not eating for a long period of time, this can actually cause serious health problems. Trust me, I would know. Anyways, this article is very optionated and not based on any facts whatsoever.

Before you write an article like this, you need facts to back up your side so it even makes it worth the read and worth the argument. Hi Scott, I was wondering is it good for a 14 year old who really wants to loose weight try this method or is it a bad idea.

Alan Goldhammer he is an expert read about, understand it and what fasting and detoxing does to the body … then later in a few years or so, try it. Hi Scott, I have been water only fasting for 14 days. I had surgery 3wks. Ago and am in a cast. I can not put any weight on my leg so I sit and go to the restroom all day. I have to take my pain meds. I started off over lbs. What do you think. I am very healthy and had a physical right before my surgery.

My goal is to do 40 days. BUT i have no idea on the meds you take and how it works. I just watched The Science of Fasting and found it quite fascinating. The hardest part is the 2nd, 3rd and somewhat the 4th day … after that your hunger will be gone and its easy. BUT you need to want to do this, and have a clear goal of why you are doing it. I am 2 days away from achieving my goal of 40 days and 40 nights water fast.

But even 20 or 30 day water fast is great achievement. I wish i felt this great when i ate!! My goal is actually a couple of weeks. Just a couple more days and hopefully it will be smoother. I worked out a little yesterday and I felt good.

I love when the sugar leaves my body because my joints no longer hurt. Sugar does slowly kill you. What do you normally eat when you first come off of fasting? Congrats on your 40 days!! Thank you for this post. I finally gave it and felt terrible after I ate and all I had was a salad. In fact, I felt so bad that I went back to fasting and feel much better. Your article is much needed when there is so much negativity abounding when it comes to fasting.

It might have taken me a few google pages to find you but it was worth it! Hello, I just read your post, and as a doctor, I am quite concerned about your health. Seriously concerned about the 40 day fast you plan in the future.. By chance, this time, I met two doctors a day and two days after this fast.

I have gained 10 lbs since the fast and everything seems ok. I have read all of your posts on your fasts and I even have bought and read the book of recommendation. And find your experience one that I wish to experience. Thank you for the reply! I fast as well. You get insomnia because your body prioritizes finding food over sleeping. My question is what foods do you eat immediately after the fast ends and how much do you eat. I presume you gradually increase the amounts over the following days.

Thanks in advance for your reply. I am fasting again for 20 days i fast 4 times a year, every 3 months and when i break this fast, i will eat only fruit and focus on a fruitarina, vegan diet.

I AM NOT a fasting expert … however, I have read a lot on fasting, and fast every few months so have a lot of experience in water fasting. The first week might be tough, but if your mind is focused on your goal, you will easily get through … if you are overweight, you will have stronger sugar withdrawal symptoms for the first week … but after the first week, you will be fine.

My most recent fast, i did 40 days and rowed on a rowing machine 36 out of the 40 days for minutes a day and I walked at least 60 minutes every day during the 40 days, later in that fast i walked several hours a day and i felt great. Example — organize to do the fast when you have a break from school and ensure you surround yourself with people who support this … and do not listen to all the people who say its not good for you.

But one of the pillar of Islam, is to fast in the month of Ramadan which is fasting for 30 days. Since the months are based on the lunar calendar, the dawn and sunset time changes each year. So God knows our weakness and what is good for us so God prescribed it as a mandatory action and made a pillar of the religion.

Again guidance will come only to those who are willing to accept it. May God provide me and all of you a true guidance. So remove all the biases and news and get a copy of Quran online and read it yourself.

Maybe wait a few years. Hey Scott, How did you first start out fasting? Hello, I want to go on a trial 7 day water fast, then work up to 30 if I enjoy how I feel. I do have some concerns. Does your digestive system shut down? Are you taking vitamins to ensure proper nutrition, or will your body be ok for 30 days off just the fat? Thank you in advance! I saw that you suggested to drink water during the fast, but would it be just as affective to drink tea and black coffee?

Also, does fasting eliminate cravings?

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